Ibrahim Ali-Marissa Shen Murder The Canadian Trial Of The Century

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“I did not kill,” Ibrahim Ali tells court at murder trial.

Nearly six years after the death of a Canadian teen, the man accused of her murder is presently standing trial in a Vancouver, B.C. courtroom.
 Marissa Shen was a 13-year-old Canadian girl whose body was found in a wooded area in Central Park in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, After a 14-month impasse from the date of the murder on September 7, 2018, RCMP arrested Ibrahim Ali (born in 1990 in Syria) as a primary suspect for the murder of Marrisa Shen. According to media Ali had come to Canada just months before the murder of the schoolgirl took place.
 “Ali’s status as a recent Syrian Refugee raised questions about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s immigration policy.”
 What Media Are Not Telling Canadians:
 What is on trial here is not merely alleged rape and murder of a 13-year old Canadian girl. The macro version carries a weight which extends beyond the horrific destruction of a Canadian child.
 Defendant: Immigration And Refugee Board of Canada.
 In CAP’s estimation, what concerns PM Trudeau and his Liberal-Globalist government is found in the symbolism related to the trial. Far above the life and death of Marissa Shen stands the integrity of our  Liberal government’s immigration policy.
 What will it say about government if the Liberals are found guilty of importing a child-killer by way of Justin Trudeau’s uber-hyped Syrian refugee intake policy?
 Sunny ways are here to stay, bellowed a freshly-minted PM Justin Trudeau upon election victory in late 2015. To kick-off the celebrations, the Liberals announced an immediate intake of 35,000 refugees from war-torn Syria.
 Positioned as symbolic of an establishment of Trudeau’s “post-modern” nation, refugee advocates began jumping for joy at the idea of the re-birth of Canadian society. In an instant, non-Canadians became glorified as the epitome of the meaning of national identity.
 Then came the murder of young Ms. Shen, allegedly at the hands of one of PM Justin Trudeau’s chosen refugees.
 Six years have passed since the day of the killing. Why the delay? Lay-people like Cultural Action Party are not privy to the answer. Yet, we will go all-in on a particular concept: whatever caused the delay is to the benefit of the accused.
 Interesting to note that throughout the six-year delay, not a single sentence has come from Shen’s parents regarding the murder of their daughter. Suspicious regarding the motivation, CAP guess that the parents have been instructed to keep their mouths shut.
 “It’s the best for all involved,” being our hypothetical guess as to government’s messaging to the distressed parents. Distilling these ideas down to their essence, CAP emerge with a binary thought regarding the murder trial:
 Is it the Syrian Refugee who is on trial? Or rather, it the defendant the Immigration-Refugee policy of the Liberal government of Canada. If the latter–which we believe it is– this trial is not accurately positioned by CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest of Trudeau’s paid-off media pundits.
The entire dynamic spins on its axis. The Ibrahim Ali-Marissa Shen murder trial transitions to the political. Want to know when establishment media will offer this salient concept to news consumers in Canada.
 Begin on the 12th of NEVER, and don’t stop till you get enough. They will never do so–validating the concept that the relationship of government and media in Canada has transitioned to the format found in communist China.
 PM Justin Trudeau:
 “In the years to come, Canadians will look back with enormous pride on the contributions made by Syrian Refugees and how they have made our country even better.”
 What to do, oh woke prophet of the globalist revolution?
 “On January 10, 2017, Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen, refugee from Somalia and current half-citizen of Canada was appointed Minister of Immigration by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.”
We put this in its proper context: With a half-Somalian citizen as Immigration Minister, Ibrahim Ali was permitted to enter Canada as a refugee, as was Mr. Hussen when he first arrived. Canada’s first Muslim Cabinet Minister held the immigration portfolio at the same time Syrian-Muslim Ibrahim Ali was permitted to enter Canada, and also at the time of the killing.

Statement From MP Ahmed Hussen on the murder of Marissa Shen: blink, and you missed it– because it never happened. Bossman Justin Trudeau followed in his footsteps.

Upon announcement of the Syrian refugee intake, Mr. Trudeau issued a statement that he would take responsibility for the 35,000 refugees he and Hussen imported to Canada.

It never worked out that way. In a situation of absurdist irony, Trudeau was asked about the Shen murder by a CTV journalist. His response–get this– was to let out a nervous chuckle, and state that he “trusted the law to do their job.”

Such commitment from Trudeau, Hussen and the rest of the Liberal caucus in terms of delivering justice for the grieving parents of Marissa Shen. Fair to say government doesn’t give a damn?

Today, Ms. Shen would have likely been a 19-year old student studying at a Canadian university. In the month of September, 2018, her life was destroyed, allegedly by a Syrian-Muslim refugee to Canada permitted under the auspices of the Trudeau government.

Justice for the deceased to follow? Don’t count on it, say CAP. There is far more on trial here than a 34-year old non-Canadian accused of the rape and murder of a Canadian school girl.

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  1. Prayers for Marissa Shen. It is clear what minorities are preferred. Disgusting that Big Chief Spendy McBlackface Hairdo gets away with his sociopathic comments. The world isn’t flat or round, it’s fucked.

  2. “In the years to come, Canadians will look back with enormous pride on the contributions made by Syrian Refugees and how they have made our country even better.” Izzatso? (1) These vacuous words should be typed on half a sheet of paper. (2) Placed on the end of a pointed knife. (3) Trudeau gets the Gadaffi treatment. His/her/him/ze will have the paper inserted, and twisted; where the sun don’t shine.

    In related news: “[Paul] Schmidt, 37, went with his fiancée and daughter to the Starbucks coffee shop on the evening of March 26. While waiting outside on the patio as his fiancée went inside to order, Schmidt asked a man not to vape near his daughter, the victim’s family told media. After a brief altercation, the man produced a knife and stabbed him.

    Inderdeep Singh Gosal, 32, has been charged with second-degree murder. Police say it doesn’t appear the victim and suspect knew each other. The circumstances leading up to the murder are under investigation and police are looking for more witnesses.” We shall see (or likely not) how this one turns out. Source: https://peckford42.wordpress.com/2023/04/06/breakdown-of-society-evident-in-vancouver-stabbing-where-bystanders-did-nothing-experts/

    A quote from one of Trudope’s spiritual seed: (From the linked article.) “After facing backlash for a lack of empathy or taking action to help, the TikToker—a young man named Alex Bodger—posted a video explaining his reaction.

    He was uncomfortable and shocked, he said, and added that he’s sorry. But, ultimately, he said, “It doesn’t faze me too much because … I’ll just say, human life to me—the way I look at it, if I don’t know you, it’s meaningless.” This speaks for itself. Way to go Turdo.

    • Jurors in Canada are instructed to consider unconscious racial prejudices when considering cases involving Trudeau’s chosen imported communities.

  3. Hussen is the organic byproduct of another one of turdo’s anti-Canadian political bowel movements. The the liberal poster boy for all things anti Canadian, anti Christian, anti White conservative Old Stock founders of what was once a great nation. He is the epitome of a self entitled racist ingrate that should have his ass kicked out of Canada permantly.


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