Liberals Win 52 of 57 Seats In GTA To Extend Trudeau Dictatorship

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The power of the urban/suburban vote. This is how elections are decided in post-modern Canada. It is how the Liberal Party plan to remain government for life.

It is a social and political trend which has managed to escape the media spotlight— for a good reason. Government do not want Canadians to understand the fine details. The crux of the dynamic being a relationship between immigration policy and federal politics.

While the usual suspects are perpetually rolled out— an aging population and workforce— a “back-end” component alludes the general public. Immigration wins elections. Not for the Conservative Party, and not for the NDP Party.

In 2021 it is an exclusive for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. Decades in the making, much 0f the strategy is based on the relationship between “majority-minority” ridings(a globalist-media term–not ours).

In terms of specifics, there are today 41 out of 338 federal ridings which qualify as minority white. Not a word springs forth from media on this tid-bit. Shying away from this leads to the results Team Trudeau most admire– a lack of comprehension by the public.

Such as it is that the Liberals killed it in the GTA. All the usual suspects are back in office–save one. After championing the Taliban, Trudeau sweetheart Maryam Monsef lost her Peterborough-Kanata seat.

Not so for others. Omar Alghabra is now a four-term winner. A dual Syrian-Canadian citizen, Alghabra was last found holding a position in the Liberal Cabinet. Ethnocentric MP’s Ahmed Hussen and Iqra Khalid are now three-term winners.

In the 3rd World powerhouse riding of Brampton, Ontario, deja vu occurred all over again. All five ridings have been captured by Sikh-Canadian Liberals. In the critical riding of Ottawa Centre, Yasir Naqvi takes over from high profile Liberal Cabinet Minister Catherine McKenna.

How’s this for Liberal voter dedication: despite being previously charged with sexual assault, Liberal MP Ken Vuong won in Spadina-Fort York. Additional “cult-like” Liberal dedication is found in the fact that Maryam Monsef–an MP that Justin Trudeau appointed to four different federal portfolio’s– only lost by some 3000 seats. Over 19,000 votes went to the ex-MP of unknown origin, who prefers to call the Taliban her “brothers.”

All told, the Liberals won 91% of seats in the GTA. Seeing as media eschewed this piece of the election puzzle, they free from  revealing a significant truth:

All of this can only go up, up, up from here. Newly elected PM Justin Trudeau has committed Canada to the highest immigrant quota intake in history. One doesn’t have to be Prof. Stephen Hawking to see why.

It wins elections for the Liberal Party. So much so, CAP hereby bet dollars-to-donuts that the Liberals never again lose a federal election.

Some may refer to this as democracy. That “some” being establishment media, so-called “experts” in academia, and every other pro-globalist force tweaking the trajectory of our nation.

And what of the future? What will Trudeau’s “no core identity” nation have on its hands in 50 years time? CAP go all-in on the concept that lingers at the heart of the entire affair.

The disempowerment of “Old Stock” Canada, and a transition to “New Canadian” social domination. In truth– the deepest dream of third-term election winner Justin Trudeau.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(Est. 2016)

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  1. Andrew Cohen is a back pocket Puppet for the Criminster and he can go to hell with his opinion and he,s not journalists. Anyone who bends over for money has no right to anything….Honesty is always the best policy, no matter what your position is!!!


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