How Will White Canadians Be Treated After Reaching MINORITY Status In Canada?

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In CAP’s opinion, this question is one of the most critical issues in Canadian history. Also, in our opinion, this is the very reason no one within establishment media will write about it.

By 2036, it is projected that between 44.2% and 49.7% of the population will be first or second generation immigrants. That means that by 2036 almost one of every two Canadian residents will be a first or second generation immigrant.

In 2011, census data showed that a little more than 90% of Canada’s immigrant population was centred in the biggest metropolitan areas, namely Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. By 2036, this concentration is expected to be relatively similar with between 33.6 and 39.1% of immigrants living in Toronto, 13.9 to 14.6% of immigrants living in Montreal, and 12.4% to 13.1% of immigrants living in Vancouver.

StatsCan projected that by 2036 around three of every four individuals in Toronto and Vancouver will be immigrants or born to an immigrant parent. Approximately 77% to 81.4% of Toronto’s population will be first or second generation immigrants, and 69.4% to 74% of Vancouver’s population will be first or second immigrants.

Trans-lation: In less than twenty years, 75% of Toronto and Vancouver residents will be non-Anglophone. Enter, minority status. Statistics Canada projects that the two ethnic groups most impacted by this change will be those of European descent, and those of Asian descent.

Then, Old Stock Canadian, journalist Andrew Coyne, wrote an op-ed piece about this. Not quite, actually. By 2036, the percentage(Third World-born) is expected to increase to between 55.7% and 57.9%. On the other hand, in 2011, 31.6% of the immigrant population in Canada were European-born.

By 2036, European-born Canadians are expected to decrease to between 15.4% and 17.8%. So CBC News informs us-not!

In 2011, 9% of Canada’s population identified with a non-Christian faith. By 2036, this number is expected to increase to between 13% and 16% of the population. In particular, projections see between 5.6% and 7.2% of the Canadian population identifying as Muslim.

In addition to this growth within non-Christian faith-based populations, the population of those who are unaffiliated with any faith-based group is also expected to increase. Projections see between 28.2% and 34.6% of the Canadian population having no religious affiliation by 2036.

Therefore, nearly half of Canada will be non-Christian by 2036. Anyone see that evocative media piece from Toronto Star on this development? Blink, and you missed it–because it has never appeared in the Star, nor any other government-controlled media publication.

What’s this all about? Do editors, writers, publishers and various media pundits NOT believe these statistics are relevant within society?  Are you telling CAP that Canadian university-educated media people do not have the intelligence to recognize and report on the relevancy of this information?

Naturally, this has nothing to do with the reasoning. The true purpose is to facilitate a demographic trans-formation inherent in these statistics. Now WHY would Andrew, Coyne, Christine Blatchford, Chantal Hebert and John Ibbitson want to do that? Are these leading journalists not part of the communities headed for minority status? Yes–there are. So why on earth don’t they prepare their fellow Canadians for their pending fate as minority communities?

It’s all so damn strange. CAP Salient Question Of The Moment: Once our transformation becomes official, what will be the state-of-the-nation for Old Stock Canada?

This is where it gets mighty interesting. Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms was entrenched into the Canadian constitution by Pierre Trudeau in 1982. As is typical for a Trudeau family politician, the general public had no say in its contents.

Since 1982, our nations “multicult” institutions– immigration and diversity not-for- profit groups– have leveraged the Charter to the hilt. Boss says I can’t wear a turban at work? Hit ’em up with a healthy dose of the Charter. “I wanna cover my face during my citizenship ceremony!” bellows a fundamentalist female migrant. Done– the Charter gives you the right to contravene a policy in place since Canada was founded in 1867.

This dynamic has been in play for decades for our “official” minority communities– all of them rooted in the Third World. Now, after decades of enforced immigration, white Canadians become a minority.

Do these folks then trans-ition to official minority status? Are they welcomed into our politically correct “sanctioned” oppressed communities? Are they free to push for rights based upon their ethnic identity?

Not in a million frackin’ years, say CAP. In fact, despite the monumental demographic transition, we maintain NOTHING changes for Anglophone Canada. We will still be branded the nemesis community of Canada. The responsibility for the oppression of First Nations, Sikhs, Chinese, Muslims and Gays will still be ours to own

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See where this is leading? Consider the state of First Nations of Canada. Fair to say they  are a traditionally oppressed Canadian minority. The oppressors are Anglophone and Christian Canadians.

So, lacking minority rights, what is to stop Anglo-Canada from becoming a NEW oppressed minority? Questions begin to go off like rockets– is this, in fact, a pre-meditated agenda? Is this why Canada has the most bizarre decision-maker in history as prime minister?

Is this why Trudeau selected a religious supremacist from Somalia as immigration minister? What the heck is going on here? Media are muzzled. Decades pass. The transition is complete. Anglophone-Christian Canadians take their place as SECOND NATIONS Canadians.

To be sure, this is CAP theory. We advocate that this agenda is taking place before our very eyes–yet we are  being blinded by the light of mainstream media. This is Justin Trudeau. It is Liberal-Globalism. It is the Nation of Islam as a mighty force, abortion as population control, and transgenderism as a method of male sterilization.

Fact: Our prime minister follows the entire agenda to the letter. Trudeau advisor, communist Gerald Butts, is the architect. Ahmed Hussen is in charge of demographics. CBC handle government propaganda, while the LGBT lobby consolidates power.

All Justin Trudeau-endorsed behaviour- every DAMN BIT of it. Hey Old Stock folks– want a “dead’ Canada on your hands? Feel like having  your national heritage destroyed? Go-to-go with the decimation of Canadian values and identity? Sick n tired of freedom and democracy?

Then vote for King Justin Trudeau, and all your prayers shall  be answered.




12 thoughts on “How Will White Canadians Be Treated After Reaching MINORITY Status In Canada?”

  1. Oh tsk tsk. What kind of epiphany are you coming to? Aga Khan controlls Canada, and has advancing his Islamic caliphate through Justin and has been for years. Say “Jihad, Hijrah, Taqiyya” .. why are all the babies named Muhammad? .. or “Run along little girl, have a nice life.”

  2. Canada’s population has been evolving with the arrival of waves of immigration.
    I dont see why the lament for the so called (and undefined) “old stock” Canadians when there was none for first nations etc. Intermarriages are taking place and a new population is emerging and thankfully a race based notion of Canada is disappearing. Scientifically, there is no such thing as race, but social sciences use these when differentiating economic and social achievements.

    • spoken like a indoctrinated leftest that has no clue except what he or she was spoon fed in university by his marxist prof. by the way since my family has been here since 1750 how about yours why do i ask because you believe that a stamp in your passport makes you a Canadian, maybe a paper Canadian or a hyphenated one with split loyalties based on your response you have no connection to the land and to be honest i’m rather tired of new Canadians judging a country they have given nothing for , frankly most immigrants today exploit this nation but hey if it doesn’t work out i’ll just go home well this is my home i know no other country how about you .

    • So you advocate that Anglophone Canada marry 3rd World Canada as all citizens ride off into a utopian globalist destiny?

      • Whites are 87 different cultures and languages in Canada for over 400 years and have been intermarrying for a long time at least since the 1950s. My family is: French, Irish, Migmaq and we married into: Italian, Scottish, and Ukranian 25 years ago. So many minorities don’t even know this since they never make a white friend or bother to learn our culture they are only here for ‘their people’.

  3. all the white nations are being swamped by groups that are already over populating this planet why destroy our way of life to “reward” them. I believe it’s established the majority of of us want a moratorium on this matter and none of the parties are saying they will recognize that. I will not vote for any of the weasels till then.

  4. We are still 50% white and 70% Christian. It will not change our history that these minorities are so jealous of us lol. Merry Christmas.

  5. How will we whites be treated when we reach the minority?, probably facing the same treatment or something close to what the black slaves faced during the 18th and 19th centuries.

  6. The only people white Canadians should be concerned about helping are First Nations. Otherwise, Canada should always be a white majority country. We have a right to a homeland just like anyone else, but woke, failed, self-hating, white liberals are blind to the fact all the evils we are blamed for were committed to a much greater degree throughout all of history by non-whites. Homosapians are now said to have been around for over 300,000 years but white people have only existed for about 8000 years. Most of the violence, slavery, bloodshed, and injustice throughout history was committed by non-whites. White people have obviously done some bad things, but the modern world and mist social progress were also built and created by whites. STOP mass immigration and STOP multiculturalism!


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