How “Unlimited Term” Policy For A Prime Minister Puts Democracy AT RISK In Canada

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For Cultural Action Party of Canada, what is stated above is in 2020 society akin to a political time-bomb.

It wasn’t always this way. From an historical perspective, our nation has shifted back and forth within a two-party federal dynamic for at least the past 50 years.

The problem here–one obfuscated by mainstream Canadian media--is that the Canada of 2020 has little in common with Canada during the years of 1980-2020.

Many buzzwords surround this profound transformation. Some arrived via current Liberal Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau: a “No Core Identity” Canada, as well as the world’s “first post-modern nation.” Others such as a New World Order and the Great Reset,  are more international in origin.

One thing patriots and the globalists can agree upon– Canada has changed in a dramatic fashion. One trend which demarcates this transition can be found in the topic of term limits for prime ministers. There are none. More and more, this has become a critical issue within Canada’s political spectrum. Less and less, establishment media speak of it– if indeed they ever did.

The problem inherent in this structure is not rocket science. It is very simple in application: if there are no term limits for a national leader, then there is nothing to stop said leader from ruling over Canada indefinitely–as in, for decades in succession.

Why has CBC omitted this fact from their political reporting? Why has this never been articulated by, for example, the Globe & Mail. No surprise, CAP has well-formed opinion on this.

To summarize, the reason is because on this basis, our nation maintains an ability to morph into a “pseudo- dictatorship.” At the risk of coming across as fatalistic, this is what we believe is occurring at this very moment.

The days of democratic governance in the former “Great White North” may well be a thing of the past. It does appear that no matter how much PM Justin Trudeau screws up society, he is perpetually leading in the polls.

To lend credence, check out the following from mainstream media:

“It may well be the last big political win the pandemic will afford the prime minister. Because, undeniably, the worst health tragedy in a century to so indiscriminately strike Canadians, to take their loved ones and livelihoods away, has also been a political boon to Trudeau.”

CAP consider this a lie.  Unprecedented tragedy resulting in a major boost in the polls. Sound like political surrealism to you?  What this really shows is that media in Canada are today fully immersed in the Propaganda business.

Even worse, what should be considered a sham of a statement on the condition of domestic politics will not raise even an eyebrow in the “Great Reset” Canada of 2020.

As far as the unlimited term phenomenon goes, it is far from limited to Justin Trudeau. Within the Liberal powerhouse stronghold of the Greater Toronto Area(GTA), mystery abounds.

In an earlier CAP article entitled “The Sketchy Case of Political Victory For MP Iqra Khalid In Mississauga,” the following is revealed:

“According to her statement, incumbent MP Iqra  Khalid received some 50,000 pieces of ‘hate mail’ in her submittal of the M103 motion to quell anti-Islamic sentiment in Canada.”

According to Elections Canada, Ms. Khalid won her GTA seat victory by 13,000 votes over the second place-finishing candidate.  This was her second term victory.

Another big-time GTA winner is MP Omar Alghabra, appointed Deputy Foreign Minister of Canada by Justin Trudeau in 2015. At present, Liberal MP Alghabra serves as PM Trudeau’s Parliamentary Secretary. Mr. Omar has won three terms in a row in Mississauga. His “popularity” shows no signs of abating in terms of the future fourth term victory.

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Is a “no term” limit federal structure an impediment in terms of authentic democratic governance in Canada? CAP go  “all-in” on this one. What are the ramifications  of this within Justin Trudeau’s Great Reset society?

Here is our guess: nothing at all. Not only will the dynamic remain, CBC and corporate media will continue to toss aside this critical element of “post-modern” Canada.

Pourquoi? Because this is what the Liberal Party of Canada desire. How unfortunate it is for this to exist as a core component of Canada’s transition from democracy to dictatorship.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)





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