How Trudeau Uses RACISM ACCUSATIONS To Establish Pseudo-Dictatorship In Canada

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According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word “panacea” is described as a “universal remedy”— for example, an all-encompassing cure for a social malady within a society.

Then, on the opposite side,  there is the idea of a social issue capable of an all-encompassing “road block” for a society which does not agree with the agenda of a government.

Within contemporary Canada, CAP can think of no better example of a ubiquitous “stop-gap” to repel majority opinion on social issues than an accusation of racism.

Who might be the most impactful component of our nation in this regard? Seems like the ruling government would best fit the bill. Such is the case with PM Justin Trudeau, as well as his Liberal cabinet and caucus.

Witness as a Quebec-woman questions Mr. Trudeau on costs related to illegal border-jumpers entering Canada after Trudeau sent a tweet telling tens of thousands of illegal “refugees” to waltz into Canada at will.

That’s “racism,” says the King of Canada. Immigration Minister from Somalia(won’t give up passport) Liberal MP, Ahmed Hussen, concurs.

Just one tiny issue here— 100% eschewed by every mainstream media outfit who wrote on the scenario:  there is nothing racist in what the lady stated.

 These power players have no need for the definition of racism according to Canadian Criminal Code, nor the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

For Justin & Company, racism is the following: whatever Justin & Company say it is.  This is, indeed, an essence of Trudeau-brand “liberalism.”

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  CAP Opinion: Trudeau, Morneau, Butts, Hussen, Freeland base 99% of their public messaging upon human emotion. Looking historically at totalitarian governments of the 20th century, this is also their “modus operandi.”

No question that the category of racism falls into this category. These are highly emotional—as well as highly effective—means of propagandizing a population into buying what a despotic government is trying to selling to “sell them.”

For CAP, this is the essence of Trudeau-Liberalism. The accusation of racist behaviour is the most effective form of “crowd control” when it comes to issues such as immigration, multiculturalism, diversity and refugee status.

It is the most expedient manner in which to corral a community like a herd of cattle, while government works a high-level agenda of social trans-formation.

Again, this is Justin Trudeau, and the Liberal Party of Canada. Got a criticism regarding  Dr. Teresa Tam— appointed by government to oversee Covid-19?

That’s racism. Having difficulty accepting Islamic Ramadan prayers on your way to the grocery store? Again, racism. Dislike the marginalization of Anglophone peoples while they are transitioned into a minority community by way of immigration?

More racism. Blimey—what a most excellent method of control. Just one word—the mighty “R” word— has been successfully utilized to control, subjugate, vilify and stifle the people of “Old Stock” Canada.

Where did all this begin? Regular readers may know the answer— Pierre Trudeau’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

In truth, this is one tricky little “document.” How so? By way of what mainstream media will never tell you:

It is not the wording of the Charter which is the source of the downfall of English Canada—it is its application.


Upon reading this piece of legislation, there really is no obvious malevolency contained within. Yes, it appears to be a source of equal rights for all.

It isn’t. This is how the Charter has functioned since its inception by Pierre Trudeau in the year 1982: he who utilizes it best—wins. And without question, the winners have been:

Immigration lawyers. Multicultural not-for-profit organizations. Refugees. Sikh, Chinese and Muslim communities. Family reunification advocates. Organizations such as SUCCESS Immigrant Services, National Council of Canadian Muslims, World Sikh Organization, and literally thousands of related government and NGO organizations.

Remember reading about this in the Globe & Mail? How about the fact that approximately 80% of all this has been paid for by a community of tax-payers which fall outside the spectrum of what qualifies as “multicultural” in Canada.

This would be Old Stock Canadians, Anglophones, Francophones, Canadian-born, and of course the general tax-base.

Degree of exposure from CTV News: nothing— not a single word. Sounds like deception to Cultural Action Party of Canada. Then again, show us a Liberal government—particularly one with a Trudeau at the helm—and we will show you a government steeped in deception from “head to toe.”

In a Liberal-Trudeau dominated society, what is racist? Pretty much any social behaviour that the ruling government do not like.

So what to do? The answer is so simple—yet so very difficult for Canadians to overcome. Forget all about the accusations, and move forward. The Trudeau government are desirous of a dead English Canada.

As committed patriots, one must take a stand. Function as a thin-skinned tool for the establishment of a Liberal pseudo-totalitarian society, or toss aside the branding and get on with it.

The Liberal government are at this moment in the process of destroying democracy in Canada. In its stead comes a facsimile of communist China as propagated by our government, and their media partners.

Please take a stand—before the freedom to do so dies completely within Justin Trudeau’s nascent socialist dictatorship.


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  1. They are experts at the art and scient of emotional blackmail, nothing more, nothing less. They even emotionally blackmail people who know something said was not racists, to say nothing.


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