How Trudeau Transitioned Racism In Canada From Social Condition to Political Weapon

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A wide variety of circumstances exist which affect influence how a given society functions. Generally, factors such as government decision-making, as well as introduction of new legislation and laws, serve as the primary driver.

Yet, there is something “outside the box” about this dynamic within modern Canada. A clue can be found in an often-referenced statement from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

“Canada is a post-modern society,”  Trudeau stated in 2016. One condition in this regard strikes Cultural Action Party as a serious anomaly: the manner in which the issue of racism functions within society.

It with irony that a salient observation is made. While PM Trudeau claims diversity is Canada’s strength, social consternation resulting from race-oriented issues are at an all-time high.

How to reconcile this situation? Here’s how CAP see things: racism has transitioned into a political tool. And a powerful weapon it is. Want to crush the political competition? Simply play the race-card, and you are on your way.

Of course, a certain degree of coordination must exist. In this capacity, Justin Trudeau has establishment media available to do his will. Erin O’Toole and the Conservatives getting a bit too close in the polls for your liking?

Throw the racist tag at them, and watch them drop in the polls. And yet, in many ways this element pales when compared to a larger societal issue at hand.

What Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” society has on its hands is a government-media coordinated assault upon an identifiable community– Anglophone Canadians.

Seems everyone’s doing it these days. Government, CBC, Globe & Mail, and in particular, Canada’s “multicultural industry”— a hidden political powerhouse of influence within our nation.

Try this on for size– in “celebration” of British Columbia’s 150th anniversary, Sharanjit Kaur Sandhra of the Sikh Heritage Museum has this to say:

This book offers a bold, honest, historical correction to the false narrative that Canada is exempt from white supremacy and racist nation state formations.”

What a direct hit to the soul of white Canadians this is. But what sticks in the craw even more is the fact that these multicult assassins never make a distinction between historical racism, and present-day society.

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What naturally manifests from this?  Something CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star never speak of– this lumps together all Anglophone Canadians–living and dead.

Consider this hypothetical idea: mainstream media outlet XYZ publishes an article which fails to distinguish between Osama bin Laden and Muslims in 2021 regarding responsibility for the World Trade Centre bombings.

What would transpire as a result? You know as well as CAP–all hell would break loose as a monumental case of “Islamophobia” was unleashed upon the world.

A double-standard at play– or what? Of course it is–yet this dynamic is nothing short of everyday life in contemporary Canada. The fact that Old Stock Canadians are on the receiving end of systemic attacks is bad enough. What makes matters worse is that our communities have no vehicle to fight back.

This, in CAP’s opinion, was strategically “cut off at the pass” by institutionalized branding of white Canadians as perpetual racists. In other words, the Great Reset globalists “thought of everything” when it comes to protecting their nefarious long term goals.

Is one of these goals the permanent vilification of Anglophone Canadians?  Success by way of government, media and multicultural industry suggests the  program has thus far been a near work of perfection.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

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