How Justin Trudeau Perpetuated Racial Conflict In Canada

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“Elephant in the room,” Aphorism.
“In 1814, Ivan Krylov (1769–1844), poet and fabulist, wrote a fable entitled ‘The Inquisitive Man’, which tells of a man who goes to a museum and notices all sorts of tiny things, but fails to notice an elephant.”
If any phrase successfully encapsulates the growth of racial conflict in Canada, this would be the one. In many respects, it’s understandable.
For one thing, why would Canadian media set out to attribute responsibility to “the hand that feeds them?”
 A cool $1.2 billion dollars enter CBC corporate bank accounts every year, in addition to a $600 million shot-in-the-arm in 2018. On this basis, what are the chances that federally-funded media will turn around and stab boss-man in the back?
Moving beyond government-funded media obfuscation, we uncover a truism which all Canadians would do well to understand. The greatest degree of responsibility for racially-based social conflict in our country is found at the top of Canada’s political totem pole.
Our federal government establish immigration quotas. The general public does not. Yet, when blame for inter-community conflict is assigned, it’s always the fault of “the people.”
In particular, we notice this theme among politicians in our Liberal government. Eschewing responsibility, the tired cliches continue to be put forward.
“We need more money for education to promote the Islamic faith in Canada,” says Senator Salma Atullahjan. The Liberals have already thrown huge money toward non-profit groups like National Coalition of Muslim Canadians. Have we witnessed a decline in racism as a result?
We turn back to Canadian media:
“Each day, our streets and the airwaves are filled with disturbing messages that suggest Jewish lives hold little value, that Jews are colonizers, and shockingly, that Hamas terrorists were somehow justified in targeting innocent children, the elderly, and teenagers, solely because of their Jewish identity.”
Thank you, Justin Trudeau. For the past eight years, you have imported, financed, and promoted Islam within Canadian society. Not that Muslim-Canadians aren’t feeling the heat themselves–they certainly are.
Letter To The Editor: “I once thought Canada a tolerant nation. Today, I am unsure.”

There’s little doubt that this sentiment is not shared by Canadians from all walks of life. The situation has progressed to the point where citizens live in fear of physical attack based on ethnic and religious identity.

Within this degenerative social dynamic, a giant void can be found.  No one in media has directly called out PM Trudeau for aggravating this unfortunate state of society.

It could have been different. Early in his tenure, Trudeau had an opportunity to apply the “social equity” ethos to ethno-religious relations. He did no such thing. Running down Christian Canada as bigoted and genocidal, our PM threw a wrench into the delicate balance that is so-called “diversity.”

Some 50 churches are torched. Justin calls it “understandable.” See Justin in Muslim garb down at an Ottawa mosque. He’s calling out “Islamophobia” left-and-right. We stand by while Trudeau approves a Liberal-Muslim Parliamentary Caucus within government. No equivalent exists for Christians or Jews.

“Our Muslim Liberal Parliamentary Caucus is deeply concerned about threats made to a downtown Toronto area mosque and growing far-right extremism.”  

— Liberal MP Salma Zahid, triple citizen, Pakistan, Britain, Canada.

Shifting gears, we return to our letter-writer:

“Few of the Jewish Canadians of my generation experienced the discrimination and anti-semitism that our parents regularly encountered.”

Right–until Justin Trudeau took over as prime minister. Today, we discover articles of this nature in our mainstream press:

WARMINGTON: “Canada Is Starting To Look Like 1930s Germany”

Religion is not the point here. This isn’t about one religious faith being superior to another. Our point is political. What we speak of is government’s role in terms of advancing social harmony, as opposed to social chaos.

“Islamophobia is an acute threat to Canadian Muslims and urgent action is needed,” said committee chair Sen. Salma Ataullahjan

“We must commit to building a more inclusive country and to better promoting our Muslim relatives and friends, neighbours and colleagues,” 

Cultural Action Party has to wonder. When the Senator says “we,” who is she referring to? This part remains ambiguous. Justin Trudeau has for years been committed to better promoting Muslim-Canadian identity in Canada. Do “we” see any improvements?

It’s here that a crucial misnomer is found. “We” the people are not responsible for immigration policy, including the speed at which Canadian society is being transformed as a result.

“We” are a passive political force. Never more so than under a Liberal government tacitly infused with neo-communist ideology. No– we the people “react” to government policy; Trudeau’s Liberals establish government policy.

Not a word about it from 3rd world Liberal politicians and the “multicultural” not-for profit organizations they are representing.

Who can deny it? Within country importing one million non-Canadians per year( 500,000 plus foreign workers, students, et al), government management of ethnic community harmony should be a “core value.”

Instead, a wet-behind-the-ears Justin Trudeau went and screwed it all up. 

Keep blaming the people, and the people become progressively more and more angry. Is this what government want? If it is, they should have never been elected government in the first place.

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  1. politics is just theatre while the hidden hand (call this whatever you want i dont care anymore) continues on, this is such childs play at this point, it’s a show to keep you distracted, just sports.

    you aren’t going to heaven, if you one day figure out whats inside your body. keep praying tho, i’m sure being a martyr will open the gates to paradise. (thats what they want from you, to demand MAID through violent acts of protests)

    “assisted suicide” is not just a needle on an arm in some hospital, it’s also violence in the streets and war. so is smoking cigarettes and drinking yourself to sleep.

    everyone who is angry at their neighbour is voluntarily asking to be removed from the populace, one way or another, doesn’t matter what wing you vote for.


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