How Trudeau, Media MANIPULATE Topic Of Racism To Control Anglophone Canadians

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An issue of magnanimous proportions within Trudeau-Globalist Canada. Therefore, it naturally has received zero attention within government, media and our academic world.

Racism in contemporary Canada is a most curious thing. For starters, the entire situation is a one-way street. Why is it, fellow patriots, that racism against citizens exclusively exists in an  “Anglophone against non-Anglophone” capacity?

Who the heck made up this rule? After all, Third World “saviour-in-office” PM Justin Trudeau doesn’t know of any other form. Based upon this man’s series of apologies to ethnic communities, one would conclude our people are the most hateful, bigoted people on the planet.

Apologies to Sikhs, Muslims, Gays, Transgendered, Jews and First Nations paint a most revealing portrait–the exact reason establishment media in Canada bury the impact of these vote-grabbing, grovelling apologies.

The collective story is one of White Canada–as well as Christian-Canada-– being a motley crew of racist meat-heads and immigrant-haters. Now, we turn to the topic of, as an example, Islamic prejudice against Christians.

Ready? Okay it’s done–the topic simply does not exist in Trudeau’s post-modern Canada. How about another example– Sikh on Hindu prejudice, or vice-versa. What do the “race-relations” curricula at McGill University have to say about these “inversions” of racism within the fading “Great White North?”

Simple-nothing at all. Point being, that within Canadian society the subject of racism is a skewed, biased and propagandistic plot of Liberal-Globalist variety. It is just so “Justin Trudeau.”

And it is very much Immigration Minister of Canada, Somalian Refugee, MP Ahmed Hussen. As with his boss-man, Hussen only knows of one form of racism–the type which demonizes Anglophones as malevolent bigots.

Ever hear M103 “Islamphobia” motion founder speak out regarding racism in Canada? How many times has she spoken about IMAM’s in Canadian mosques preaching hate from the pulpit?

Simple–never. In fact, neither white-bashers Hussen and Khalid has ever uttered a single word of condemnation of any aspect of Islamic ideology and religious practice. Female Genital Mutilation–good to go. Child Marriage–not a problem. Militant Islam, ISIS, Middle Eastern terrorism— not a problem for these “Canadians.”

But just say one word in favour of Quebec’s Bill-C21, the “religious garb legislation” which bans religious symbolism of ALL religions from being displayed in the workplace.

“Islamophobia!” cry National Council of Canadian Muslims-– arguably Canada’s most powerful “multicultural” non-for-profit organization in existence.

See how they roll? Government. Media. Now, let’s move to the third major component of this racist ball game of Anglophone decimation–Canada’s academic world.

McGill, U of T, York, Ryerson, WLU, Concordia, and dozens more. How can one describe their collective approach to the topic of racism?

Blimey–it’s the exact same as the Trudeau government and media– the only form of racism existing in Canada is “white on non-white racism”. The only form of bigotry is Anglo-Christian hatred toward Islam. Nothing else exists.

Consider those “racism round-table” type discussions so common within Canadian universities and other educational institutions. Note the list of topics, and content of the seminars.

Every word is focused– albeit tacitly– on big, bad whitey and his hatred of the foreigner. There isn’t one item on Islamic militancy, or racism as manifested in hundreds of mass murders of innocent non-Muslims by way of Islamic terrorism.

Why? Patriots will get this–snowflakes will not. Because the entire situation is one giant set-up to demonize and disempower Anglophone Canada. Now, why would our nation want to go and do this? Or perhaps more telling, why would the government of Canada–led by the Prime Minister of Canada– bake this hypocritical travesty into our general society?

Simple, really– Trudeau and his Liberal-Globalist Anglo-haters are in the process of stealing Canada away from our people–the descendants of those who founded our nation in the year 1867.

Man, is this ever a bizarre state-of-affairs. The government of Canada is running a comprehensive program of Anglo-decimation. Then again, look who is in charge– a member of the Trudeau family.

Suddenly, it all makes sense. Papa Pierre Trudeau hated English Canada for its “colonial” roots. Justin Trudeau–as well as commie-brother Alexandre Trudeau— are the exact same.

Justin appointed an Anglophone-hating African refugee as immigration minister– another blow to our people. Trudeau approved M103, a “motion” which explicitly elevates the Nation of Islam above Christians, Jews, and all other religious faiths in Canada.

Are we getting the picture here? See what these forces are doing to your people? Then, in pristine Liberal-Globalist fashion, Trudeau media puppets deliver a most profound message to the people of Canada:

White Canadians benefit from “white privilege.”  What a sham this is! Please do tell, MP Omar Alghabra, dual-citizen from Saudi Arabia-– where is the white supremacy in the following:

Statistics Canada informs us that white Canadians will trans-sition to a minority community around the year 2031. Sound like a privilege to you, MP Maryam Monsef, of unknown Middle Eastern origin?

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Now, take this unpleasant reality and combine it with white Canada being the singular racist community in Canada. Mix and shake well–and what do you have?

White Privilege? Come on, fellow patriots–let’s get real here. This is NOT a privilege for our people, it is prejudice against our people!

In other words, this is Liberal-Globalist-Trudeau-Socialist Propaganda-– and this is shot through Canadian government, media and academia–what CAP refer to as the “three headed hydra” of globalist decimation.

Folks, this is Justin Trudeau. It is advisor-commie Gerald Butts, brother-commie Alexandre Trudeau. MP Ahmed Hussen, and every Liberal member of Cabinet and Caucus.

Why so certain of the latter? Because under the iron curtain-like grip of King Trudeau, if an MP does not follow this program to the letter, they are finished in terms of career advancement, and may possibly lose their pensions as a result.

Therefore, Liberal MP’s remain “silent-as-the-lambs” as Trudeau and Butts go about trans-fering Anglo-Canada into a powerless minority.

“White Privilege” screams hijab-covered Muslima Globe & Mail journalist, Sheema Khan. Racism! bellows anti-Anglo academic assassin, Jasmine Zine of Wilfred Laurier University.

Don’t believe the hype, fellow nationalists–it’s a straight-up liberal globalist LIE.



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