How Trudeau Is USING 3rd World Migration To End Democracy In Canada

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Sad to say, but the nefarious agenda of the ruling government of Canada seems all-but unstoppable.

At the present time— August 20th, 2020— Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has officially “proroged” the Canadian government.

At least, this is the terminology employed by Mr. Trudeau’s team of propagandists over at CBC Central. Talk about an example of Orwellian “wordspeak.”

What CBC are trying to say in a way that the least number of Canadians comprehend is that Justin Trudeau has officially suspended democracy in Canada

Canadian media appear to think this to be as natural as rain in North Vancouver. Nothing can be further away from the truth. This shut-down is everything the power players at the United Nations- in particular China, Iran, Saudi Arabia— want it to be.

It is, in reality, a cancellation of democratic process in Canada. A the risk of bragging, CAP maintained this would be the exact outcome of Trudeau’s time as PM.

It takes myriad variables to achieve the task Mr. Trudeau has been assigned. Lucky for the U.N., our PM is fanatically dedicated to the end of freedom and democracy in Canada.

Yet, there has to be a “method to the madness.” How does Trudeau accomplish these globalist missions so successfully time and time again?

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One answer is to be found in Canadian immigration policy. CAP believe the agenda is one of importing so many 3rd World migrants that all 338 seats in Parliament will eventually be controlled by the Liberal Party Of Canada.

Despite CBC-style obfuscation, the methodology is already entrenched within society. In 2020, the silver bullet is found in the political landscape of the Greater Toronto Area(GTA).

It here that 3rd World Canada dominate the political area. Sikh-Canadian and Muslim-Canadians virtually own the GTA. At present, PM Trudeau is starting to replicate this program in RURAL Canada. If successful, 95% of federal ridings will be Liberal-controlled by 2028.

What is the need for elections from this point forward?  There is none. There you have it, fellow patriots—PM Trudeau’s decimation of democracy for all-time.

In other words, the premise within is not that Sikh, Chinese and Muslim-Canadians are by default bad citizens, or bad people. Rather, it is that an agenda exists to USE these voters to accomplish exactly what Justin Trudeau has been tasked with: the transition of Canada into a 3rd World-dominated socialist nation.

Now, as readers who follow international  politics in a serious manner understand, a neo-communist society has definite ideas about which communities are acceptable, and those who are not acceptable.

Here is where CAP get deep— who are the “rubber-stamped” identifiable communities of post-democratic Canada?

See how far removed all this is from the narrative found in the Globe & Mail, National Post, Toronto Star and the rest of the media puppets?

Predicted Approved Communities Of Post-Modern Society: 3rd World Canada, Sikh Canada, Muslim Canada, Homosexual Canada, Chinese Canada, Somalian Canada.

Predicted Maligned Communities of Post- Modern Society: Anglophone Canada, Francophone Canada, Christian Canada, First Nations Canada.

In other words, a GIANT about-face in terms of which communities meet the favour of Canada’s “neo-government.”

Media say nothing. Do they not get this? Or is it that CBC is prevented from dwelling in the “land of the patriots?”

Either way, the future spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E for Canadians of European Derivation.  Our people are being set up as a pending “Second Nations” Canada— justified by our “stealing” of Canada in the first place.

This is the destiny for Anglophone Canadian society— for as long as Justin Trudeau remains prime minister. Yes, the man is that dangerous.

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

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