How The Trudeau Government Are Using ATLANTIC CANADA For “Communist- Oriented” Social Experiments

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Recognizing and exposing the trickery of the Trudeau government of Canada is a bit of a CAP “specialty.”

Since the day Justin Trudeau “stole a page” from his Papa Pierre’s quasi-socialist experimentations, our present-day PM has been “gunning like the devil” to transform our nation into an entity no one ever asked for.

Like father Pierre— Canada’s prototype globalist assassin— Mr. Justin isn’t satisfied with overseeing the fundamentals of society.

In a classic case of shared narcissism, Justin has also seized control of the consciousness of Canadian society. Naturally, this involves social manipulation of our general citizenship.

It is from this root of pseudo-socialism that CAP espouse the following political theory.

We begin with one simple fact— the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan hate Justin Trudeau. The man captures a grand total of ZERO seats in the past federal election.

Half of British Columbia, and half of Manitoba agree. So what to do?

How about focus on Ontario and Quebec? Yes, for certain—when it comes to capturing MP seats by way of 3rd World immigration, and its logical result— the election of 3rd World politicians.

Indeed, these are “precious commodities” for Justin Trudeau, as well as his posse of demographic destroyers. Current Liberal Immigration Minister, MP Marco Mendicino, for one.  Ex-Liberal Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen, for two.

What remains? Atlantic CanadaNova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island—to be exact.

It is in these “low-key” provinces that an alarming Trudeau government trend has occurred.

See both Justin Trudeau and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh fly to New Brunswick in an attempt to strong-arm the province into accepting mass abortion. As it happens, NB is probably the province with the highest percentage of “Old Stock” Canadians within our borders.

CAP put forth a point to the NB government, as well as federal Liberals. If you are going to knock off Canadian babies, Mr. Singh—why don’t you begin in Brampton, Ontario where Sikhs like yourself dominate the population?

Darn good question, darn typical answer— there was none.

Is CAP morphing into their hyper-paranoid state-of-mind once again? If so, consider this piece of reality:

The provincial government of New Brunswick have submitted a decree which informs parents that if their children do not get injected with a Covid-19 related inoculation, they cannot attend elementary school.

Was this draconian, KGB-style social experiment also forced upon, let’s say, Richmond, British Columbia or Markham, Ontario?

Not at all. Turns out both these ridings are thin on Anglo-Canadians, at FAT on 3rd World, Muslim and Chinese immigrants.

BURIED BY MEDIA– Post-Modern Nation: Law Suit Launched Against Covid-19 CHARTER RIGHTS Violation

CAP Response: If you want to hit up Canadian children with an unproven inoculation with unknown contents, why not do it in Markham  or Richmond?

Once again, a Liberal-Globalist “social experiment” takes place in “white Canada.”

See where CAP is leading with this? What to compare it to?

Here it is: communist-style government behaviour. Which nations specialize in this? Try the former U.S.S.R., China and various other despotic nations.

Did You Know? Pierre Trudeau’s second child—Alexandre Trudeau— carries the nickname of “Sascha”— which PET took from a senior communist official in the former government of the USSR.

All three Trudeau boys— current PM Justin Trudeau, brother Alexandre, as well as Pierre Trudeau before them— adore communist China.

Anything astute patriots can glean from this? Possibly it is what CAP believe— the ruling Liberal government of Canada are trans-itioning our nation from democracy to dictatorship.

“Insane!” cry National Post. “What will that ignorant bigot Salzberg come up with next?”  bellow Globe & Mail and Toronto Star.

Yet, in true obstinate style, we stick with our belief system—and why shouldn’t we?

Do you see even a modicum of flexibility in Justin’s Liberalism? 3rd World Canada’s push toward social control? Geo-political Islam’s approach to Ramadan in Canada?

Of course not. Guess what—

According to Liberal Government media partners, CBC News—all COVID-19 cases in New Brunswick have recovered, said a news release from the Department of Health on Saturday.

Seeing as this is reality, why would the government of New Brunswick insist upon shooting up all their school children with a vaccine of which the exact contents are not publicly exposed by Health Authorities?

In other words—who knows “what the heck” is included in this magic Covid-19 “elixir.”

Caveat #1— the global death virus originated in China. The communist government are heavily invested in Covid— in typical communist fashion—they play “both sides” of the coin(Justin has learned well).

China is both the source, and the “solution” for the international pandemic remedy.

Do you as a thinking Canadian TRUST this scenario? Hands up Canadian patriots who take the government of China “at their word.”

Naturally, Liberals like Federal Health Minister MP Patty Hadju does. Ditto for her “snowflake” followers— blind bats that they are.

For CAP, we say “no-go.” Number of Canadian citizens we recommend indulge in Covid-19 vaccinations?

ZERO—that’s the magic number. Forget China-loving Justin Trudeau and his China-derived “queen of Corona,” Dr. Teresa Tam.

Sensible Canadians know better. And just to think, if CBC, CTV, Toronto Star and Globe & Mail were not pushing the Covid 19 inoculation agenda, 90% of Canadians may feel the exact same way.


15 thoughts on “How The Trudeau Government Are Using ATLANTIC CANADA For “Communist- Oriented” Social Experiments”

  1. This all sounds like a bad relationship that has been going on for over 200 years, yet you are blaming the current situation, that took many PM’s and MP’s decades to create, on Justin Trudeau, as though he is that smart.

    Personally, I think the constant exposing, complaining and revelations are getting a bit old.

    What is the purpose of continuously going on and on about all the corruption, moral and ethical bankruptcy without anytime providing a solution that is not another ‘party’ and that is based on the reality of the situation…there is no democracy and no Canada.

    There are only soveriegn provinces whose people are laser focused on Trudeau, just as the Chinese and Islamists want us to be, while our country is being taken over in the background.

      • Yes, they are very smart. They have studied our character as a group and know that we will protest, yell, complain endlessly but in the end just put up with it. They know that we will never give up the Party system to create a system for the People such as a Constitutional Republic that actually works – the conditioning over 200 years has worked marvellously.

        Even though Harper (Conservative) contributed massively to the demise of Canadian soverignty, all that is talked about are the Trudeaus, when all they did respectively was to start the ball rolling and then 50 years later, wrap it all up and hand it over.

        We are attacking the captain as the ship is sinking. Meanwhile, a rescue ship is pulling up to save the captain and to watch all sink with the ship they could have saved if they had ignored the captain and fixed the ship. There is more than one way to skin a cat, or bring justice to a corrupt captain, but they want us focussed on the captain as though that’s going to change anything.

        I see that you are a prolific and very excellent writer and obviously very intelligent. Yet, you keep promoting a ‘party’ when it is impossible to insert another party into the corporate system that is not part of the ‘system. To govern under the present system, your CAP Party would have to swear allegiance to the corporate Queen/Crown even if Canada was federated, which it is not and never has been.

        The only hope we have and it is fading fast, is to build and install a Constitutional Republic with a Constitution written and accepted by the People. No more parties, and no more elected representatives swearing allegiance to a corporation, but instead to their electorate.

        Since every province is a soverign nation, the start line has to be in a province. That’s why I wanted to start in Ontario, because as Ontario does, usually so do the rest of the provinces.

        If anyone out there wants to put their energies toward something proven to work, please contact me . We’ve done 14 years of detailed research and know that a Constitutional Republic of New Ontario is the only hope the entire landmass has left. Everyone has some skill that they can contribute.

        • thanks for the insight and contact information. In my opinion, Canada will morph into a socialist, islamic dominated nation within 50 years. The main parties responsible are Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party of Canada, UNited Nations, Islam, China and George Soros global banking/open border cabal.

          Justin Trudeau is a SLAVE to all of them–Brad

          • Given what they have accomplished in 3 months, I think you must mean 5 years, not 50 years. The job is already half done.

          • CAP tend to go with conservative estimates. The “fake news” dynamic calls for this, imo–Brad

    • I am from NB but lived away and I can tell you most of the Maritimes is Conservative some vote Liberal only because they get more help for hospitals but they despite them.

  2. Being an older VET, and retired BC Logger; I’m finding it exceedingly difficult to refrain from using every derogatory logger term I am able to conjure to describe my utter gut upheaval putrid disgust for these sons of bitches, – trudork and the asshole with laundry on his head absolutely running roughshod over MY CANADA with absolute impunity. Disgust on the verge of out and out fucking hatred for these communist bastards is all I am allowed to vent.

    • Feel free to vent. When people swear excessively or spout violent type comments they msu not be approved–otherwise good to go–Brad

  3. Okay then, Brad, set out a plan of action that you see as viable, effective, and worthy of “Old Stock Canadians” because most of us are so bewildered by Central and Eastern Canada’s acceptance of the Trudeau regime’s rapid attack that we aren’t sure where to start. Please don’t be shy. We’d like to hear something effective from somebody. By the way, this is not sarcasm or anything close, but a need for a leader who an gel the supporters of traditional society!

    • Me? Be shy? Not unless it snows in Tripoli on a hot summer day. CAP stand for political organization of Anglophone and European Canadians. Fair to say we have done more in this area than any other political organization in Canada.

      It’s action that counts– political organization in the style of Wexit Party of Canada. Covid has put damper on this, but we are far from done. –Brad

    • Here you are — a blueprint:
      (a) first understand the true facts: there is no confederation, no Canada, only corporations doing business and pretending to be working for the People. EVERY province and territory is a soverign nation with a right to self-governance.
      (b) no corporation ever installs a Constitution that works for the People, ever. If you read the Canadian Constitution Act carefully, it never mentions humans. All politicians work for the corporation.
      (c) there is a huge difference between CANADA the corporation and Canada the landmass. Even the Supreme Court of Canada has confirmed that. CANADA the corporation would like us to believe that it owns all of Canada the landmass…it doesn’t. it doesn’t own any of it. The inhabitants own the landmass.
      (d) particularly since 1931 when CANADA went bankrupt and had to put us up as collateral to the World Bank (Birth Certificates are securities with CUSIP numbers), the People were entitled to their own style of government, but did not know this as it was hidden from them.
      (e) the Statute of Westminster, 1931 further turned us loose to self-determine re our landmass, but Jesuit educators (Vatican) made sure we didn’t know that either.
      (f) The Charter was the latest means of removing all human rights by first dissolving them and then telling us we have to go before a corporation-appointed Judge to get to exercise them, making them nothing but a very expensive privilege.
      (g) The UN has colonized our landmass, thanks to PM Brian Mulroney who as head of the CANADA corporation sold our lands to the UN, a privately-held corporation controlled by the Vatican.
      (h) The UN and the Chinese government work hand-in-hand to install World government/communism, Chinese-style. The Chinese now have a standing army in Canada and are getting in position to attack the USA. We are in the middle and will have no choice because China is installing the Social Credit System of 100% control of all inhabitants as it has in China.

      We can make a non-violent change:

      Let us take Ontario, where I am working to saving my soverign province: there are 14.5 million people, with 9.5 million eligible to vote. But there are only corrupt, corporate actors to vote for. Few people vote now, but all are looking to be rescued from their misery, contrary to MSM’s claims that Ontario is a place to ‘grow’.

      We are entitled to establish a Constitutional Republic of New Ontario, complete with elected Judges, Sheriffs, legislative representatives and a Governor — no more political parties, period. We would have a Constitution written by the People and proclaimed by the People, not by a fictitious Queen (head of corporation). We would have referendums and recalls and We the People would decide all major Statutes and have full say in every major decision that affects the people and the landmass of New Ontario.

      What keeps us from acting now before it is really too late, when there are only about 4,000 sycophants working for the UN and another hundred thousand Chinese military installed in Canada to protect the massive Chinese investment (theft of our resources)? Our ignorance, fears, complacency and preference for complaining instead of acting.

      I think if I have to read one more blog post with nothing but complaints of Trudeau and our ‘government’, as though all this came about only during their reign, I will be sick. Millions complain, and no one wants to actually do anything about their situation, yet the laws are there to enforce–yes the very laws that the government has systematically disregarded for over 100 years are there for us to enforce.

      The corporation has abolished common-law courts and given itself full immunity, so why stay with such a system? Once the Constitutional Republic of New Ontario restores common-law courts, people like Ford, Trudeau, Dowdeswell (yes, the LG is a UN appointee and runs things), Mayor of Toronto, Kathleen Wynne etc can face justice and prison for betrayal of the People and theft of property.

      Again, if anyone actually wants what they say they want, then contact me at NO ONE will get free unless we all get free. The unfortunate thing about democracy is that a bunch of fearful snowflakes can take patriots down with them, because fear is contagious.

  4. Right wing nut job hate, exaggeration, distortion in POV and misinformation, never mind misspelling and misuse of apostrophes.. “Most of Manitoba and half of British Columbia despise PM Justin Trudeau” – hardly. The kids can always home school if they’re not vaccinated, they’re just not welcome to infect the rest of their classmates and their parents. Wen I was travelling around the world 50 years ago you needed your shots current to cross most borders outside of North America and Europe. None of this diatribe relates to Marx-Engels’ communism. Calling these folk racist isn’t correct, they are religiously intolerant though, perhaps there’s justification since their peace and quiet has been affected – but isn’t ours, with their attitude? Back again “Old Stock Canadians” (see Stephen Harper). WTF is this rubbish – ” Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh pushed for an implementation of mass abortion legislation in New Brunswick”. After failing to spell “Sikh” properly, the writer then goes on to advocate aborting babies of NDPers and Bramptonians. SMH. The last paragraph wraps it up well. I came to my own conclusions. They involve disavowing myself of any of these hateful bigots who would, if given a chance, destroy the best of the country that we all love. “Post-democracy? Freedom of conscience? We shall leave to readers to decide for themselves what all this really means.”


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