How The Canadian “Self-Loathing” Phenomenon Overtook Society

A creation of political transformation within a western nation is no easy task. Take a country such as Canada, which for our first 150 years maintained a reputation as a free and democratic society.

Too bad  our country got “hi-jacked” along the way. This has been a slow and steady seduction of a nation–  one which CAP consider to be entirely pre-conceived.

For the first 100 years of Canadian history, our country was safe, clean, and relatively crime-free.

Unfortunately, this status was not good enough for certain global interests. One of these was ex-Liberal prime minister Pierre Trudeau, whose worldly sophistication resulted in an opinion  that Canada was too colloquial a country for his “refined tastes.”

This began the transformation of Canada for all-time. Much of the impetus was to be found in a transformation to a “points system” for immigration intake approval. In 1968, the change was made as Pierre Trudeau was taking over  as prime minister from Liberal leader Lester B. Pearson.

For CAP, all nations should maintain the right to decide which countries are to serve as source nations for immigration. Such is our inherent right as a sovereign nation.

Unfortunately for millions of us, national sovereignty was anathema to Trudeau Sr.’s “progressive” way of thinking. Devoid of buy-in from Canadian citizens, Pierre Trudeau  transitioned Canada into his vision of  “worldly” commodity.

The prototype for Canada’s  globalist ethos was born. The agenda took on myriad forms. One critical element involved a morphing of our citizenship into what  may be labelled  a nation of “self-haters.”

In the year 2020, it is arguable this collection of self-loathers are more effective in eroding cultural values than the personal beliefs of  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

How did this unnatural, non-organic social development come together?  One  stimulus is found in Canadian academia-– our universities, as well as our public school system. Here, Canadian children are taught the following:

Canada is a racist nation. We always have been, and have continued to indulge in “systemic racism” until this very day.

— Old Stock communities of the Anglophone and Francophones variety are intrinsically racist and bigoted.

— These Canadians have a history of hatred toward 3rd World immigrants and therefore deserve to be punished. 

Generally speaking, the products of our education system believe it. A sub-set of graduates– in particular those of the  journalism and law school variety– have for decades perpetuated this social viewpoint.  

Over an extended period of time, Canadians developed a perpetual “chip on our shoulders.” Is this deserving? Not in the least, say CAP. For one thing, historical forms of prejudice were committed by people who are now dead. Why should living Canadians be saddled with fault for incidents which occurred before they were born?

Interesting how government and media never allude to this simplistic concept.  PM Trudeau’s plethora of community apologies form 2015-2019 never once touched upon this idea. Nor is there a comment from media that when comparing racial oppression between Canada and our 3rd World source nations, the latter are infinitely more racist toward their minority communities.

The result is that a giant portion of our population are conditioned toward hatred of their own society. Is such a phenomenon replicated within migrant source nations such as China, India, Pakistan and Iran? Of course not.

Beyond this, a salient question arises: Why is self-loathing among immigrant communities  non-existent in Canada, while self-loathing for Old Stock Canadians is one of society’s most “distinctive” features?

On a sociological basis, to what degree is such a phenomenon a natural, organic condition?  It’s not really a complicated question. It doesn’t take familiarity with the collected writings of Margaret Mead  to figure out the answer.

One quick consideration of human history tells us this dynamic is 100% unnatural. Therefore, it must be a product of a pre-conceived social agenda.

Whatever the circumstances, the time has arrived for the this unique brand of national self-loathing to be retired for all-time.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)


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