How The Internet Broke Open Canada’s Liberal Party-Media Bubble

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If one cares to delve into the history of Canadian media, it makes sense to begin at the beginning. Historically speaking, several individuals are considered to be Canada’s founding fathers.

Sir John A. Macdonald is perceived as the chief architect of Confederation. Academics, journalists and heritage groups have argued for the prominence of other figures, such as George Brown and Sir George-Étienne Cartier.

Original “founding father” of Canada George Brown holds an addition distinction as the founder of the Globe & Mail news publication.

According to Wikipedia, “the predecessor to The Globe and Mail was called The Globe; it was founded in 1844 by Scottish immigrant George Brown, who became a Father of Confederation. Brown’s liberal politics led him to court the support of the Clear Grits, a precursor to the modern Liberal Party of Canada.”

A journey of over one hundred years brought the G & M to its contemporary condition as a bastion of Liberal Party support. Pushed into overdrive with the ascendance of prototype globalist Pierre Trudeau to the PMO, a poorly understood transition in political orientation began to unfold.

The fundamentals of Liberal globalist politics– 3rd World immigration, diversity, multiculturalism, abortion and eventually Euthanasia– have been editorially supported by the publication for decades. By the time Justin Trudeau got his hands on society in 2015, the Globe, along with every other major media publication, had bought the Liberal-infused “woke” globalist ticket in totality.

“At the end of 2010, the Thomson family, through its holding company Woodbridge, re-acquired direct control of The Globe and Mail with an 85-percent stake, through a complicated transaction involving most of the Ontario-based mediasphere.”

As a new decade began to unfold, the influence of billionaire Canadian family Thompson sealed the deal on ubiquitous support of all-things-Liberal. By the time 2020 arrived, the Liberal government would be shipping hundreds of millions of dollars to over one thousand media outlets every year.

This brief historical outline sets the stage for a development which ran concurrently with the morphing of Canadian media into a composite of globalist pretension and propaganda.

The rise of the internet age affected media in myriad ways, none more significant that the breaking of a bubble which previously encompassed the media industry in Canada. No longer could our press publications function within a Liberal-Media cone-of-silence which existed previously to the rise of the internet.

CAP may not be media experts, but we have the right to offer an opinion. There is nothing that has angered the Liberal Party of Canada more than the breaking open of the fragile egg that was government-media coordination in our country.

It’s why they’re always ranting about “disinformation” and “misinformation.” No longer functioning as a cohesive propaganda machine, the press run down every “non-conformist” media publication that dares to deny a status quo enjoyed for decades.

The bubble exploded when the nature of media dissemination began to be altered by the internet and its manifestations. How many times has mainstream media alluded to this dynamic? Try never--for good reason. They don’t want to shoot themselves in the foot.

No one with common sense is going to say that the internet as a whole is devoid of inaccuracy, as well as intentional deception. This is not the point. What is the point is that the age of the internet gave rise to an incredible broadening of ideas, concepts and theories which would be otherwise unavailable.

The Liberals hate this kind of thing. Hypocrisy drips forth as we recognize a fundamental irony. Our Liberal government, and through them media, academia and other core institutions, continuously ramble on about “diversity.”

As in, diversity of peoples. Never, ever do they maintain a similar attitude toward diversity of opinion. With the rise of the world wide web came this very thing. At root level, this is what PM Justin Trudeau and his team of neo-communists despise like crazy.

It’s the reason why, for the past eight years, the Feds have been attempting to censor the internet in Canada. If they had their way(and perhaps one day they will), our internet access would exist as an emulation of the ”Great Firewall of China.”

China being an authoritarian, communist society. What does this make Trudeau and team, one may ask? Are they being authentic in describing themselves as “progressive believers in democracy” and such?

Not in the least. The current incarnation of our Liberal government is a quasi- authoritarian rogue government disguised as advocates of social equality and the rest of the woke jive.

The fact suggest otherwise. Then again, one must understand how government and media partners operate in authoritarian states. Truth is meaningless. What counts is power, and moreover, a maintenance of that power in perpetuity.

This, above all, constitutes the essence of “Liberal” government politics in Canada.

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