How The Hijab Could Fracture Canadian Society

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The Hijab is worn by Muslim women to maintain modesty and privacy from unrelated males. The head covering is required by law in IranAfghanistan, and other Islamic nations.

In contemporary Canada, it is serving an another purpose. The garment is dividing Canadian citizens from one another.  

The passing of Bill C-21 regulates “the relationship between the state and religions in Québec. The goal is to prohibit individuals who work in the public sector from wearing religious symbols while at work.”

As applicable to all religions, the controversy is being co-opted as an act of “Islamophobia.” Opposition runs the gamut of communities.   Anglophone MP’s are outraged. National Council of Canadians Muslims and World Sikh Organization are tearing their hair out.

One gets the feeling the issue will not disappear until multicultural advocates succeed in repealing the law. Cultural Action Party believe they will succeed–  but not before residual damage has permeated society.

“A teacher in the Canadian province of Quebec has been removed from the classroom because she refused to remove a head covering worn by some Muslim women.”

One woman, one head covering. Result: national chaos. How quintessentially Liberal-Globalist can one get. The irony is palpable. The goal is social equality, the results are inter-community division.

While Canada’s ubiquitous “woke movement” express outrage, reasons for the backsliding of ethnic relations remain unspoken. The number one culprit is immigration policy. It is the government mechanism by which disparate communities are thrown together to adjust to quickly changing social circumstances.

The Canadian-born are left to deal with these demographic transformations. Entire communities have been shifted from majority white to majority “racialized.” Government utter not a single concern about the adaptability of both sides to deal with the results.

With the highest rates of per-capita immigration in the world, adaptability is a mighty task. When the results are less than successful, the response is monolithic. The reason for these problems is that white Canadians are racists.

What else is there? Media do not offer an alternative perspective. The extent to which government recognize the problems inherent in a “too much, too soon” model is zero. Academia continue to be academics–it’s all the white man’s fault.

Is this an accurate assessment? Or rather, could it be that “Old Stock” communities are being railroaded into a situation in which they cannot emerge unscathed. In other words, is all this intentional?

Here we arrive at the basic difference between woke liberals and systemically maligned “racists.” The degree of give-and-take is nil. Comprehension of attitudes beyond the woke bubble are non-existent. It is a purely “black and white” condition.

The result is anger, resentment, social chaos and fragmentation of society– the very antithesis of the multicultural creed. Diversity as a strength? It is demonstrably false.

Multiculturalism remains a poorly understood policy as forced upon society by ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau. 

It’s premise is not one of tolerance, but rather one of promotion. New arrivals are to promote the cultures from which they came, and are alloted huge amounts of tax dollars to do so. As for the question of who is to adapt to whom, it is incumbent upon the Canadian-born to accommodate the new arrival– not the other way round.

Can a piece of cloth divide a nation? It appears it can– because it is doing so. Immigration quotas have been set by government to rise year-over-year. As such, the social problem is set to worsen. Where is PM Justin Trudeau’s solution to the problem? 

It doesn’t exist. A possible reason being that government do not want solutions to exist. All the better for transforming Canada into a “post-modern” society not a single citizen asked for, nor approved.

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  1. One of these days we all will all be required to wear the muslim garb. It will be all too late when we are over taken by these muslims. We have stupid leaders ruling this country starting with Trudeau. When will all those useful idiots wake up. There is no cure for stupids
    so God help us!


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