Buried By Media: How The Ethnic Vote Keeps Trudeau In Power

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How often it is that media perspectives from beyond a nation’s borders speak of the reality of a circumstance eschewed by domestic media.

Such is the phenomenon that has gone through the roof since Justin Trudeau became prime minister of Canada in 2015. Steeped in a form of neo-communism, Trudeau’s backroom strategists understand that to control the public a government must control a nation’s media.

The most comprehensive media pay-off in Canadian history from the Trudeau government attest to the circumstances. The result being monolithic media presentation dedicated to obfuscation of socio-political reality.

CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star: all are working to keep the Liberals in office for a basic reason– that’s where the funding is. A transition to a federal Conservative Party government means a loss of billions in government funding.

American Thinker has some thoughts on Canadian politics never espoused by mainstream media in Canada:

“Once Multiculturalism became king, the winning political party is the one that knows how to play the ethnic card.”

Never to be indulged in by the Canadian press. If our citizenship understood the power of the ethnic vote, our society would be perceived in a different light.

“The Liberal Party of Canada must have some good anthropologists advising them for that is what they have been doing for decades.”

It’s not anthropologists, but rather Liberal backroom strategists. These people comprehend what average Canadians do not– political control of Canada is found in winning the ethnic vote.

The Feds tell us that the motive for maintaining the highest per-capita immigration quotas in the world is due to an “aging population and workforce.” Never do they advance the idea that, in general terms, new arrivals to Canadian equate with votes for the Liberal Party.

The goal inherent in this dynamic has for decades alluded Canadians: those who controls the ethnic vote control the future of Canada. Thus, the power inherent in the 3rd World vote: Chinese, Sikh, Muslim in the main.

“Multiculturalism facilitated the Liberals in Ottawa by funding every ethnic newspaper, dance group, senior’s group, and organization in the GTA and elsewhere to buy votes.”

“This policy was so successful that it allowed Pierre Trudeau to hold on to power in 1971 when he made a coalition with the NDP.”

Sound familiar, fellow patriots? Fast forward half a century to discover the same situation inherent in Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government.

An independent media company has released previously undisclosed information regarding the relationship between the Liberal government and media organizations in Canada. The names of the news media who took part in a $61 million dollar pre-election pay-off have been published as a .pdf document.

As reported by Canadaland.com, publications such as Maclean’s, Postmedia, Black Press and Epoch Times received funds as part of a $595 million dollar Liberal government payout to media in 2020.

A list of media recipients totals nearly 1500 media companies in Canada. The list is comprehensive–  a model of media diversity.

In 2022, the Liberals created a “coalition” with the New Democratic Party(NDP) under the guise of a “supply and confidence” agreement signed by party leader Jagmeet Singh.

Degree to which media reference the parallels? Begin at nothing, and don’t stop till you get enough. Absolute silence, which applies to every ideological affinity shared by so-called father and son.

“Over the next two years, therefore, it became a national strategy whereby the Liberals retribalized Canadians into voting blocs based on their nationality of origin and bought them off with cash and policies that they liked.”

Fifty years later, the situation is infinitely more extreme. Justin Trudeau is the darling of the Sikh-Muslim voter community, and they are, in return, his disciples.

Just ask an organization called The Canadian Muslim Vote:

“In the 2021 federal election, there are over 100 ridings across Canada (approx. 1/3rd of all ridings) in which the total number of potential Muslim voters exceeds the predicted margin of victory.”

“What does this mean? Canadian Muslims are in a unique position this election to decide which party will govern and whether they will form a majority or minority government.” 

Proud and powerful they are. So too is Sikh Canada. Jagmeet Singh’s crowd are the most over-represented identifiable community within Canada’s political realm.

As of 2021, Canadian Sikhs number nearly 800,000 people and account for 2.1% of Canada’s population. In immigrant rich Brampton, Ontario, whites form a minority community. Brampton maintains a total of five MP positions.

They are: Ruby Sahota, Liberal. Maninder Sidhu, Liberal. Sonia Sidhu, Liberal. Shafqat Ali, Liberal. Kamal Khera, Liberal.

Not a white in sight. Media say nothing. Not once has our press referenced a most critical aspect of Canadian politics: the power of the immigrant vote, and the leveraging of those votes by the Liberals to maintain political control.

“In 1974, the Liberals opened citizenship offices in the GTA, like the one at the nearby Dufferin Mall in Toronto. After that, the party that could corral the most ethnic votes in the GTA and other urban centers, including Quebecers, was the winning one.”

If the ethnic vote wielded that kind of power in 1974, imagine the powerhouse that is the 3rd World vote in 2023. Media stay mum– not once have they articulated this dynamic for the people of Canada to understand.

The ethnic power-play buried, Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] turn to what media substitute in lieu of of the Liberal Party-3rd World community collaboration:

Suffering. Every day we here about it. In 2018, half-Pakistani Liberal MP Iqra Khalid made it official. M103, the Liberal’s “Islamophobia” motion, became a social standard.

No community is more hard-done by, say special interest multicultural organizations. Barely a day goes by without legacy media hyping the suffering of Canada’s “racialized” communities.

Which is it– power, or suffering? “Go ask your mother,” say the Board of Directors at the CBC.

Pride. Now there’s a topic worth speaking of. According to Trudeau and Singh, Anglophone Canadians are a collection of bigoted racists. Our PM spent at least five years running down “Old Stock” Canadians, transforming our communities into pariah peoples whose brains are infused with what is laughingly termed “subconscious” racism.

Why? How about for the purpose of cultivating voter apathy. Low opinion of country, low degree of patriotism, low voter turn-out.

As opposed to Sikhs and Muslims, who maintain organizations like The Canadian Muslim Vote. Organized and motivated, bus loads of ethnic voters are delivered en masse to local voting stations.

We begin to understand the game-plan at hand. Together, the Liberal Party and 3rd World communities are arguably Canada’s most powerful political force. Positioned by media as perpetual sufferers, the Canadian-born fail to comprehend this political reality.

Fooled by government and media into believing a fabrication, government’s racist-sufferer dialectic rules the day. For Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, it’s the path to permanent power in a dying Great White North.

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