How Pierre Trudeau’s Charter of Rights And Freedoms DESTROYS English Canada

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Did he–or didn’t he? This question nags at the heart of Cultural Action Party of Canada, our nation’s only pro-Anglophone political/media outlet.

Did Pierre Trudeau have the decimation of English Canada on his mind when he personally cancelled bi-cultural English & French-Canadian identity and forced “multiculturalism” upon an unsuspecting nation?

Yet, this may be too specious an approach. What really set our people up for cultural wipe-out was a combination of political decisions by Papa Pierre— none more pertinent than his Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Talk about a slam-dunk. Not only did Trudeau Sr. create the Charter--he went one step further and entrenched the thing within the Canadian Constitution. How difficult is this to retract relative to a government statute(piece of legislation)?

Answer– infinitely more difficult–which is exactly why he did this.

The Charter is a most interesting piece of writing. CAP consider it to be “proto-typically” Liberal-Globalist in nature. Why do we make this claim? Because on the surface it suggests one thing, and in reality it means something entirely different-— a Trudeau Dynasty approach if there ever was one.

Cruising through the Charter, we find verbiage which ostensibly promotes equal rights for all Canadians. This is not the problem. The issue is the application of the Charter--its general utilization over the past four decades in terms of social equality.

The first thing to recognize is there is nothing equal about this situation at all. The Charter has consistently been used to run-down the Canadian majority. The democratic concept of the “will of the majority” is rendered meaningless. For Anglophone Canada, this spells GIANT trouble.

For CAP, the Charter is a constitutional vehicle to steal away Canada from its rightful owners. Post-Charter, everything comes down to individual rights. Therefore, small groups of individuals are empowered far beyond what is deserved.

CAP has worked hard to expose the relationship between government and powerful not-for-profit organizations in Canada– the thousands of non-profit organizations which have promoted foreign culture, identity and language for the past four decades.

National Council Of Canadian Muslims. SUCCESS Immigrant Services. Mosaic-– there are so many no one can possible keep track. In total, billions of Canadian tax-dollars have been handed to these groups for the purpose of advancing foreign culture in Canada. Media say nothing about it–they never have.

Some Charter particulars: How about this one–under the Charter, a new arrival to Canada cannot be told where to live. You cannot, for example, say to an illegal refugee they must live for two years in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Then, after you prove yourself to be a good Canadian, you can move anywhere else you like.

Outcome? Urban ghettos. And worse– bulk voting blocks within urban ridings. For context, check this out:

Within Canada’ urban/multicultural political powerhouse of the Greater Toronto area district(GTA), Justin Trudeau’s Liberals won in 45 out of 50 ridings.

Drilling down to specific regions and ridings, here are the the election results from Brampton, Ontario:

Brampton West: Liberal Kamal Khera

Brampton South: Liberal Sonia Sidhu

Brampton North: Liberal Ruby Sahota

Brampton Centre: Liberal  Ramesh Sangha

Brampton East: Liberal Maninder Sidhu

Every riding was captured by a Sikh-Canadian Liberal MP. How “multicultural” this is?Nothing, zero, zilch. Nothing but Sikh mono-culturalism.  See how Pierre’s Charter affects this situation? CAP do. “It’s a win for globalism!” says MP Omar Alghabra.

What else? Try this one. By way of Pierre Trudeau, Charter rights do not only apply to Canadian citizens. Rather, these human rights belong to ANYONE standing upon Canadian soil.

Is this not the most bone-headed move you have ever heard of? What trans-pires as a result? Every foreign criminal who gains an awareness of this fact will flock to Canada.

ISIS killer? Al-Queda radical? Come one, come allPierre Trudeau’s Canada says you qualify for Canadian human rights support immediately after passing through customs on a flight from Baghdad.

Terrific, isn’t it? What has gone down as a result is forty years of serving as a welfare check depot for foreign criminals and killers. Nice work, Pierre Trudeau. Then, they name an airport after him.

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CAP Scorecard:

Foreigners, terrorists, illegal refugees, Third World criminals– 1

Old Stock Canadians, Anglophones, Christians, Conservative– 0

This is it, fellow patriots–your post-Pierre Trudeau Canada. Then, forty years on, what trans-pires? The son of a gun, that’s what. Justin Trudeau becomes “King of Canada.”

What is his approach to these contentious social issues(they would be if media didn’t bury it all)? Simple- total, absolute adherence to every aspect of Charter and Multicultural rights–to the extent that in 2019 our various identifiable communities are at each other’s throats like never before.

And now for something completely different. What CBC and the rest will never tell you:

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms(PET-created), in tandem with the Multicultural Act of 1988( Mulroney government but founded by Pierre), is destroying English Canada.

Was this Pierre Trudeau’s original intention?  Truly, we do not know. But to what degree does this really matter? Either English Canada dies, or it does not die.

Whichever, one thing is cast-in-stone for CAP— The family of Pierre Trudeau– Justin, as well as commie-brother-in-the-shadows Alexandre –– have done the greatest disservice to Anglophone Canadians in the history of our nation.

These two are a veritable tag-team of national destruction. Then, son Justin wins a second term as prime minister of Canada.

Curious, eh?







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