How Pierre Trudeau Set Up The Fall Of English Canada

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In the spring of the year 2000, a small book with significant political implications was published. Co-authored by Canadian academics F.L. Morton and Rainer Knopff, the ‘Charter Revolution and The Court Party’ stands in direct contrast to traditional thought on Charter Rights in Canada.

“The Charter of Rights has transformed Canadian politics. The Supreme Court has used the Charter to change government policy on an ever-expanding list of controversial issues-abortion, aboriginal rights, gay rights, bilingualism, criminal law enforcement, and prisoner-voting.”

Controversy over the Charter is tricky business. Ostensibly for  purposes of advancing civil rights, it’s subtext has never been properly exposed to mainstream society.

It was in 1982 that former PM Pierre Trudeau conceded to Canadian Premiers dubious of the Charter’s social implications. For the purpose of appeasement, Trudeau approved an addition of Section 33, also known as the “Notwithstanding Clause.” Functioning as a five-year buffer to override its contents, Canada’s liberal-leftist contingent have been running its inclusion for the past 50 years.

Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] can understand why. Implicit in the Charter is the foundation alluded to in the world “revolution.” Integrated into our constitution in 1982, Charter Rights held the potential to turn Canada “inside out.” That mainstream media has never alluded to the concept cannot be considered a surprise.

In basic terms, The Charter is a legal weapon of political empowerment. He who most effectively utilizes its essence wins. For a half-century, Charter Rights have served as the impetus for a tidal wave of leftist political power in Canada.

“The Court has made itself the second most powerful institution in Canadian politics after the Federal Cabinet.”

“Morton and Knopff demonstrate that the Court is not so much the cause as the means by which the Charter Revolution has been achieved.”

Ever wonder, for example, why Transgenderism has moved to the forefront of political issues in Canada? The Charter is one reason why the LGBT industry wields so much political power in our country.

Or how a father from the Sikh-Canadian community, comprising a mere two percent of our population, managed to gain approval for his son to carry a kirpan(knife) while attending high school in Ontario?

The Charter is the reason why. Its contents transferred socio-political power out of the hands of the majority– a staple of democracy– toward circumstances in which the minority have an ability to push around the majority.

This business is pure Pierre Trudeau. More than any historical political figure, it was this prototype globalist who threw society off its organic axis.

How he did so is poorly understood. PET played a major role in opening the doors to mass immigration from 3rd world countries. So much so that within one generation from now, Anglophones in Canada will transition to a minority community.

Trudeau Sr. founded Canadian Multiculturalism, a game-changer if there ever was one. Unilaterally cancelling our bi-cultural English and French-Canadian identity,  Trudeau created a path for so-called “minorities” to gain political power traditionally held by our founding settler communities.

One must keep in mind the “long game.” We note how legacy media consistently shy away from such activities. What will the demographic composition of Canada look like in 2044? How much time is it going to take for white Canadians to take their place as one of a plethora of “minority” communities?

Total silence from media–for a reason. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star— they’re in on the game, as funded by our current Liberal government by the billions.

“Our primary objection to the Charter Revolution is that it is deeply and fundamentally undemocratic, not just in the simple and obvious sense of being anti-majoritarian, but also in the more serious sense of eroding the habits and temperament of representative democracy.”

Witness as Morton and Knopff knocked the democratic ball out of the park. “Anti-majoritarian” being the bat by which to do so. It’s exactly what the Charter is, in spades.

Another fundamental these academics speak of is no less crucial: a calculated transition of power away from Parliament and its 338 MP’s, as transferred to court judges, lawyers, and special interest not-for-profit groups.

“Behind the judges is a well orchestrated network of state-funded interest groups that use litigation and the media to achieve what they can’t win through democratic elections.”

Exactly as the woke liberal doctor ordered. Fifty-years on, these special interest groups are more powerful than the general voting public. Organizations such as National Council of Muslim Canadians enjoy the privilege of a connection to the PMO that no collective of citizens could ever gain.

They’re lawyers are a powerful bunch as well. By way of Charter Rights, leftist lawyer Pierre Trudeau went ahead and empowered “his kind.”  The leftist orientation of our legal system became super-charged. Billable hours for lawyers went through the roof.

Examples of Charter-Related Cases

R. v. Big M Drug Mart, [1985] 1 SCR 295

“Big M Drug Mart was a store in Calgary that did not close on Sundays. The police charged the store for violating the Lord’s Day Act, which stated that selling goods or conducting business on Sundays was unlawful. The act reflected the Christian tradition of reserving Sunday as a day of rest.”

“The Supreme Court decided that the act violated the fundamental freedoms of religion protected by the Charter. This is because the act forced everyone in Canada to observe the rules of one religion (Christianity), which limited the freedom of religion of those who did not share the same beliefs or practices.”

A Jew, Muslim and a Non-Believer File Lawsuit In 1985 Under The Charter of Rights

“Philip Zylberberg and two other Sudbury parents won a decision saying the reciting of the prayer — and non-Christian children opting out by sitting in the hallway — violated the Charter of Rights.”

“Three years later, in September 1988, they won a decision against the Sudbury school board which had the Lord’s Prayer removed from all Ontario public schools.”

We stand witness as the majority religion in Canada gets pushed aside via Charter Rights. Upon which we offer a caveat. The point here is not about one particular religion being superior to others. What we are driving at is a tangible example of how lawyers utilize Charter Rights to empower the minority, and disempower the majority.

Expanding our examples to general society, we come to understand the reason why so-called “minorities” wield the power they do. We comprehend how the LGBT movement came to prominence. How transgenderism transitioned to a core social issue.

Add to it the phenomenon of “Islamophobia,” and the empowerment of a community representing less than 4% of our population. Abortion-mongering?  See Trudeau, Pierre and his Charter. Euthanasia-pushing? Check Justin Trudeau, founder of institutionalized assisted dying in Canada.

But for our money, the biggest injustice of all is found in the Charter’s role in the marginalization of English Canada, and its Anglophone population. Pierre Trudeau was Quebecois. What did he care about an erosion of society outside of Quebec? Not a shred is our take on the matter.

Decades later, along comes another Quebecois PM, Justin Trudeau, who even more extreme than so-called father regarding the fate of English Canada. Branded racist by PM Justin Trudeau, white Canadians are on a one-way path toward socio-political disempowerment.

The weaponry being a Trudeau-family specialty. Mass immigration, Multiculturalism, Charter Rights and the “Court Party” that followed in its wake.

Fifty years on from its implementation, not once has establishment media breathed a word regarding the Charter’s negative impact on “traditional” Canada.

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  1. how can you write the same blog pieces over and over again? its redundant, i’m not saying i’m desensitized but could you write something new? holy crap

    • Media consultants understand the importance of repetition in communicating ideas to the public. if you don’t, thats fine. We care not.

  2. Brad, you’ve been saying what I’ve been thinking for years. Like we’ve said many times before, Canada’s downfall began with the election of Canada’s father of communism, Pierre Trudeau.
    Keep up the good work!


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