How Multiculturalism Trans-itioned Into A Weapon to STEAL CANADA From Its Founding Peoples

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As any CAP supporter will clearly understand, our political party has a plethora of criticism regarding Canadian multiculturalism.

From the inception of ex Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s unilateral enforcement of institutionalized “diversity,” to current PM Justin Trudeau’s marginalization of Old Stock Canadians, CAP conclude that this policy has not resulted in a single benefit for our communities.

What Went Wrong:

In the year 1971, PM Pierre Trudeau met with Chairman Mao Tse Tung of China. It was ten months later that this man forced multiculturalism upon our nation.

The rationale at the time—and through to the Multicultural Act of 1988— was for the purpose of elevating immigrant communities within society. It’s purpose was to create an “equal playing field” for  new arrivals in terms of human rights, social justice, as well as representation within government and private enterprise.

Here is the fundamental problem that Mr. Pierre unleashed upon unsuspecting Canadian-born citizens— the program “has no ceiling.”

Meaning that it was feasible for what we will label “3rd World Canada” to gain equality among our citizenship. What no one appeared to bargain for is that the agenda could go so far as to elevate migrant community power ABOVE everyone else.

Now— why didn’t Pierre Trudeau recognize this potential? After all, if this political and ideological policy has “no boundaries,” what was to prevent “New Canada” from in time becoming more powerful than “Old Canada?”

CAP Response: Nothing at all.

    This is the point Justin Trudeau has now brought society to within the continuum of Canadian history. Degree of analysis by mainstream media? Nothing—not a single sentence which alludes to this concept. Therefore, CBC, CTV and the rest must also be in favour of the downfall of Old Stock Canada.

When government and media function as a “tag-team” of propaganda dissemination, an element of the Trudeau family’s preferred form of governance—communism— has penetrated the walls of society.

Here is the actual point: A “cabal” of globalist-liberal-multicultural power- players are attempting to transition Canada into an Anglophone-hating nation.

Who are these “men of lust, greed and glory?” Rip off the masks and let’s see:

Number one— the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, his Cabinet and caucus.  Close behind, myriad tax-payer funded “multicultural” organizations. Add Canada’s immigration industry. Top that up with the Pierre Trudeau- influenced marxist Canadian academia. Media of course.

And specific members of government— particularly in the Liberal-Globalist-3rd World “powerhouse of the Greater Toronto Area(GTA).

Many of these folks were empowered by PM Justin Trudeau. In fact, it appears a number of his so-called “independent” Senators gained their lofty position based on “who could hate Old Stock Canada the most.”

 CAP Theory: Multiculturalism has been hi-jacked, and the CBC refuse to tell you so. In 2020 Canada, this agenda is anti-Anglophone, anti-European, and anti-Christian. In our opinion PM Trudeau is all these things, and much more.

What Media Will Not DARE To Tell You:

Multiculturalism is in no manner “inclusive”—in fact, it is exclusive as hell. If Canada was truly multicultural, it would be inclusive of Canadians of European Heritage.

MORE FROM CAP: Trudeau Government Working To “CONTROL ALL INTERNET CONTENT”– Media Research Centre

Instead, what Canadian of European heritage have received from PM Trudeau, MP Ahmed Hussen, MP Chrystia Freeland, MP Iqra Khalid and company is the “fine art” of throwing our peoples in a collective trash bin.

We are racists. We hate homo’s. Our people despise Muslims, despise Sikhs and Jews, while committing genocide against Aboriginal Canada.

Who maintains this attitude? Some pink-haired LGBT-pusher at Queen’s Park in Toronto?

No—it is the ruling Liberal government of Canada— Justin Trudeau, prime minister. What’s up with this? Since when did the Canadian populace vote in a national leader who hates the history and heritage of our country?

Simple as cherry pie: When Papa Pierre Trudeau and his multicultural-socialist assault upon Canada occurred. What has driven this Old Stock-bashing agenda forward most since Pierre Trudeau unilaterally(no-vote, no democracy) forced the program upon society.

Why, the answer is son Justin Trudeau. Degree of exposure from Globe & Mail, Toronto Star( uber-globalist pushers—it’s really quite sick), National Post, and Montreal Gazette?

You got it, fellow patriots— ZERO percent. Rather odd, isn’t it? Seems like media are protecting the downfall of English Canada, doesn’t it?

Where does this nefarious piece of covert destruction come from? One answer is immigration—the highest quotas in history have been set by King Justin of Canada.

Notice how CBC and the rest never speak of the future demographic identity of Canada? Know why? Because they do not want you to understand that at a certain point in the future, white Canada will transition to a minority community.

In other words, the day will come when our Anglophone and Christian populations are BOTH a vilified peoples, and also a minority community. This is done by flooding our nation year after year with giant, unneccesary migrants from Asia, Middle East and Africa.

In time, the ridings that have been held by non-Liberal parties will transfer to the Liberals. Let’s say that by 2038, 70% of all federal political ridings are controlled by the Liberal Party.

In 2048, it is 90%. What then is the point of federal elections? Why would the Cons, Green, NDP spent millions to campaign when they don’t have a hope-in-hell of winning?

End Game: Canada transitions to a Liberal Dictatorship. CAP believe this lingers in the mind of Justin Trudeau, advisor Gerald Butts, MP Ahmed Hussen, and the rest of cabinet.

Joining them is: the communist government of China, Sikh nationalists, Islamic fundamentalists, United Nations, Iran, Somalia, Nigeria and dozens of other 3rd world governments.

This is the future of Canada as CAP see it. CBC, Globe & Mail are assisting in the program. Anglo bashers like Shree Paradkar of the Toronto Star are LOVING THIS.

Expect nothing but a 100% commitment to this cause everyday Justin Trudeau remains pseudo-dictator of the dying “Great White North.”




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  1. Id like to run for PM first abd formost Id cut all political leaders pay cheques including mine to morre Realistic pay I would also give farmers a raise as they have never received one ever then I would seriously look into the audits which need to be publicized CANADA is in serious trouble with spewed spending without a conscience mind I would also kickstart this economy for Canada to become self-sufficient I’ll Canadiens have a voice but many have been muffled enough is enough


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