How “Multiculturalism” Trans-Formed Canada Into An ANTI-CHRISTIAN Nation

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In 2014, religious freedom ambassador Andrew Bennett was appointed by Conservative  PM Stephen Harper to head up Canada’s Office Of Religious Freedoms.

In 2016, Justin Trudeau’s ruling Liberal government made a decision to shut down the office. Bennett announced in March that he’d accepted a position as a senior fellow at Cardus, a Christian research group that focuses on faith in Canada.

Additionally, a national charity that works to save old buildings estimates that 9,000 Christian religious spaces in Canada will be lost in the next decade, roughly one-third of all faith-owned buildings in the country.

“Neighbourhoods are going to have multiple churches closing,” Pajot said. “Some people qualify this as a crisis, and I kind of agree. It is going to hit everybody.”

Really, Mr. Pajot? How does this prognostication end up affecting “everybody?” Sound to CAP like it is an exclusive– namely, toward the erosion of the Christian faith and heritage in Canada.

It is most interesting to witness Liberal-Globalist media spin on the deterioration of Christianity in Canada. Every article on the topic features the same sentiment: Canada is transitioning from a Christian nation to a secular nation.

Not one writer has ever pointed out a pertinent side-effect of this situation– while the Christian faith is dissolving into thin air, the Islamic religion is growing like “wildfire.”

CAP Salient Question Of The Day: Is this social development a natural, organic phenomenon–or is it a calculated, pre-meditated societal development?

Call CAP paranoid–thousands have–but we go with the latter. Here is why:

Firstly, the individual who functioned as the catalyst: Former Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau. It was this man–a communist enthusiast, anti-democratic leader of our nation– who unilaterally(no public approval) forced “multiculturalism” upon Canadian society.

It was this globalist ideological weapon which kick-started Canada in terms of changing its historical trajectory. Suddenly, Anglophone Canada became a form of “nemesis” community.

These people stole the land, enslaved Aboriginals, persecuted Sikhs, hates Chinese, as well as Homosexuals, Jews and Muslims. Quite the trans-sition, eh?

Interesting that no one— government, media, our Marxist academic world– ever made a single statement to this effect. From day one,  multiculturalism was rendered immutable, becoming 100% sacrosanct within society.

Yet, in reality, it was not only white Canada— it is also Christian Canada–another aspect completely overlooked and BURIED within Canadian media, and society in general.

Now, we move forward in time, and what do we find? Within contemporary Canada, our ruling Liberal government just spent four years running down–as well as oppressing-Christian Canada.

Apologies by King Trudeau to the Jews, Sikhs, Islam, First Nations, Gays all took place during Justin’s first four year term. Tranz-lation? Whitey is a racist, bigoted gang of xenophobes.

Now, let us flip to the “b-side”— the all-encompassing, corresponding rise of Justin Trudeau’s Third World Canada. Fact: Anglophone Canada–therefore Christian Canada– are heading for minority status by way of immigration policy. Two specific religions, Sikhism and Islam, are in serious growth mode–by way of immigration and birth-rates.

Speciously stated, white Canadian are not having children these days. They cannot afford it– Trudeau taxation has made it so much more difficult to afford children. For CAP, this is one main reason for Justin’s globalist taxation assault upon Canada.

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Now for the punitive measures– enforced mass abortion. Euthanasia. Transgenderism. All three are anti-Christian to the core, all three vehemently enforced by King Justin. Churches, Bible Camps and other Christian organizations are BARRED from receiving government funding if they do not sign on the dotted line that they fully support abortion at any stage of a woman’s pregnancy.

Serious stuff, no? So Christian Canadian populations are rapidly shrinking, thousands of churches are closing, and our ruling government are punishing Christian churches and related institutions.

What country are we talking about here. China? Pakistan? Nope–we are referring to the fading “Great White North.”  Let us focus on three specifics in this regard: China, Islam, and LGBT.

Do tell, fellow Canadian patriots–what is one main commonality between all three of these? Correct– all three are anti-Christian to the max. Which of these does Justin Trudeau fund, support, advance and indemnify?

Simple– all three of them. CAP Conclusion: The Trudeau government is anti-Christian. No doubt about it in CAP’s mind. As for the minds of 95% of the Canadian people, this is where CBC and establishment media enter the picture.

Media in Canada are instructed to cover-up this entire scenario. Ever read an article on any of the points contained herein? How about a CBC piece on the incredible growth the Nation of Islam has experienced in Canada since Trudeau took over? Remember that fascinating CTV News story about Muslim growth in Canada– Third World birth-rates relative to “Old Stock” Canadians?

How about that insightful news report on which element of society are most on the receiving end of abortion, same-sex marriage, euthanasia and transgenderism?

How interesting to finally understand that the number one identifiable community in terms of these “life-impeding” social policies are white Canadians, as well as secular and religious Christians. Muslim transgenderism? Not exactly “number one on the charts” now is it? Ditto for abortion and euthanasia–their populations are much younger than ours in general.

See how our people have been set-up for a fall? Pierre Trudeau may have been the catalyst for eventual demise of Christian Canada, but there is no force on earth who has advanced the program as much as Justin Trudeau.

Then, he attends a Remembrance Day event, crosses himself, and declares himself to be “practicing” Christian. If true, then  Osama bin Laden should have been appointed Pope.




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