How Media Transferred Conservatives From Good Citizens To Racist Thugs

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Believe it or not, there was a time when being a conservative in Canada was fair and reasonable. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago. It was during the twelve year period that Conservative Stephen Harper served as prime minister that a line of demarcation¬† appeared.

Toward the end of Harper’s tenure, Canadian media began to play the “race card.” One catalyst involved a new arrival to Canada who demanded to cover her face during her citizenship ceremony. General society objected to the idea of Islamic Law overruling 145 years of Canadian tradition. PM Stephen Harper agreed.

An association between conservative politics and “Islamophobia” was born. To this day, mainstream media has clung to the concept. As years passed, a notion of conservatives as racist– both the party and the public– has solidified into a common social perception.

A pertinent question emerges: was this process intentional? Is it an act of slander on the part of media to prop up the Liberal Party, resulting in a run of success under the rule of woke warrior Justin Trudeau?

Smart money says it is the simple truth. Those of us who qualify as Old Stock citizens are likely to recognize the dynamic. Justin Trudeau’s preferred “new Canadians”– not so much. This being one in a plethora of reasons our PM prefers one community over the other.

It is with irony that we point out a piece of reality: the first ruling government in Canada to introduce legislated human rights was a federal Conservative government. In 1957, PM John Diefenbaker advocated for the adoption of a bill of rights. In 1960, as prime minister, Diefenbaker introduced the Canadian Bill of Rights, enacted by Parliament in the same year.

Degree to which CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star give a damn? Begin at zero, and go forth from there. For Canada’s woke media, this may as well have occurred in the Stone Age. The only element of national history mainstream media has an interest in is the kind which brands Canadian history bigoted.

Let us recognize a profound truth: it’s not that Conservatives have changed. Rather, the transformation is found in media’s presentation of Conservative Canadians. In 2022, legacy media are intentionally and with malice portraying big “C” and little “c” citizens as malevolent racists.

Pourquoi? How obvious the answer is. Because the ruling Liberal government are paying them to promote undeserved prejudice against these people. Why? To assist Team Trudeau with their goal of remaining in power forever.

What a wicked game they play. Anyone else notice this singular fact? Since the day Justin Trudeau became prime minister, racism has risen in priority to become Canada’s number one social issue. A random occurrence? Only the most naive– in addition to Liberal snowflakes– would draw this conclusion.

Fully calculated it is. All hail the power of the race card! So omnipotent that it can move Canadian mountains. Or at the least, corral a segment of society into a bullpen of stereotyping as hate-filled bigots.

It is not that Conservatives have changed. It is everything around them. Including a calculated Liberal-Media agenda to ship these people beyond the borders of the cult of Woke Liberalism.

6 thoughts on “How Media Transferred Conservatives From Good Citizens To Racist Thugs”

  1. Unless one is asleep, drunk, stoned, or a member of a cult and incapable of individual thought, what is taking place has been planned for many, many moons. Canada has been a bastion of freedom, physically, religiously, socially, and individually since it became a country,

    The world knew that and that was the reason so many immigrants arrived looking for a newer and fresher life in a country where, as long as they obeyed the laws, they could live their lives free of government overreach. They arrived and could practice their own religions as they wished, as could natural-born Canadians. Animosity was seldom raised its ugly head and the religions practiced were left to their own. It worked well and social peace reigned. Governments at all levels also respected those religions and did not interfere or demonstrate favoritism. Canada rapidly became the ‘apple n the eye’ of thousands around the globe.

    Immigration under the rules of the Office of Immigration proceeded virtually without any problems. Then along came the “Treasonous Trudeaus” and our country started to get warts, for lack of a better term, socially, educationally, and politically. The mindset of both Trudeaus was to disrupt our standards and replace them with ‘their’ standards. standards based on disrespect for not only the country and its social norms, but disrespect to anything whatever Canadians stood for. And, they were proud of their treasonous acts. And since the moment Trudeau Traitor 1 became our P.M., our internal problems not only arrived but were exacerbated, and the FLQ became a problem that caused the death of one person and altered the social standards of the country, faithfully pursued by the Trudeaus — forever.

    As we now know, a great deal, if not all of this social unrest, was a part of a plan hatched by outside entities. At the time we did not see that, but now that worldwide communication is possible, it is common knowledge, as are a number of those orchestrating the overthrow of our country — as well as other countries around the globe. The immediate effect is confusion as to what to do since we have never in our history had to face such an enemy. There can no longer be any debate about why we are where we are, as not only us, but the world is well aware of the ‘treasonous Trudeaus’.

    I have continually stated that time is not our friend right now and I repeat the comment here and hope my comments might well impact those loyal Canadians who are of the age and have the capability of bringing this mess to an immediate halt.

  2. The Trudeau Liberal Woke organization has created a divided society and a hateful one. Pitting beliefs, race and religions, against one another. And not to disregard the lies and misinformation brought forth by the Liberal Government along with the set aside illegal activity by Trudeau himself. (Not to discount others in the Liberal Party.)
    Remove Trudeau…by force if necessary.

  3. Many of our political problems today stem from an inexplicable problem within the Canadian social structure. That problem has been visible for years and years and has left us open to the mismanagement of the country that we live in today. That problem stems from a willful indifference to politics.

    Canadians wanted to remain politically ignorant, innocent, and indifferent, an attitude that has brought us, as a country, to the brink of disaster and which, in my view, is nothing short of despicable. We have, in our misguided ignorance of politics and power, allowed another proud “Trudeau traitor” to be in charge — a person who was proud to state that “White old stock Canadians” offended him.

    If ever, in the history of politics a country was warned of the danger that lay ahead, such as Canadians were, I would appreciate knowing what that country was. We stand on the brink of disaster, a disaster that need not have happened, because of our indifference to “politics and power.” I wonder what our offspring will think when they see the mess we will be leaving for them to spend their lives in.

    • Imo, Canadian indifference has been cultivated. Government and media running down our country as racist is intentional. The goal being no self-pride among anyone who is not racialized. It’s a neo-communist plot, imo.


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