How Liberals From French Canada Are Working To DESTROY English Canada

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For Cultural Action Party of Canada, a registered political party in the province of British Columbia, a covert political agenda is at play within Canadian society. In fact, this has been the case for decades.

This journey began in the year 1968--the day ex-Liberal Pierre Trudeau became prime minister of Canada. Since this point in time, our nation has been walked down a path that the majority of Canadians do not comprehend.

In  no way does this suggest Canadians are unintelligent or unperceptive. Rather, this multi-decade deception has been strategically positioned to elicit the least about of public push-back possible.

We begin with Pierre Trudeau:

It is this man who kick-started English Canada’s path toward community erosion, demographic minority status, as well as the branding of Anglophones as racist bigots. It was Trudeau Sr. who forced multiculturalism upon Canadian society. At the time, “Old Stock” Canadians had little idea of what was to trans-pire in the following decades.

In 1982, Pierre Trudeau forced the Charter of Rights and Freedoms upon Canada. One school of thought states that the impetus of the Charter is actually found in communist tenants of the former U.S.S.R.

Whatever its political roots, the outcome of the Charter was to throw Canada off its axis as an egalitarian society. In reality, this piece of the Canadian Constitution has served as a mechanism to empower non-Anglophone Canada while impeding power for Anglophone Canada.

In 1988, Pierre’s enforced multiculturalism became legislated. The result has been a payout over the decades of approximately $40 Billion Dollars to Third World immigration and multicultural not-for-profit organizations. In turn, several of these communities have skyrocketed in terms of both demographics, and political power within Canada.

What else did Papa Pierre “gift” to Canada? Try communist China. Without question, it was Pierre who opened the door for the Chinese government to get its economic and social hooks into Canadian society.

Speaking of China, which prime minister opened the door for the behemoth nation to buy up Alberta Oil Sands companies? Why, it was another Liberal PM from Quebec–Jean Chretien. Who created the Canada-China Business Council, one of the most powerful globalist lobby groups in Canada?

This would be the French Canadian families of the Trudeau’s along with the billionaire Desmarais(Power Corp) family. As it happens, the Multicultural Act was passed in 1988 under the government of Conservative PM Brian Mulroney.

Was this a partisan aberration on the part of Mulroney? Not quite, actually. Mulroney was born Baie-Comeau, Quebec, a remote and isolated town in the eastern part of the province. When called upon as PM, Mr. Mulroney was skilled at playing his “Quebecois” card. He was, of course, one of the founding fathers of “NAFTA”— in retrospect a pioneering piece of economic globalism.

The point so far: Here we see a connection between Eastern Canadian Liberal politics, and the ever-growing globalist agenda in Canada. The early catalysts– Trudeau, Chretien, as well as Mulroney-– are decidedly from the “Laurentian Mountain Liberal” elite class of Quebec.

Fast forward to 2015. Pierre Trudeau’s offspring Justin becomes prime minister. With China “in the bag,” Trudeau Jr. begins to focus on another fast-growing ethnic community–Sikh Canada.

Within the Greater Toronto Area(GTA), Sikh demographics and political power has grown by leaps and bounds since Justin seized his Canadian crown. Did you know? In the Sikh-entrenched riding of Brampton, Ontario, every elected MP in office is a Liberal-Sikh MP.

What created this political Liberal lock-down? Simple– Liberal immigration policy. Justin Trudeau has established the highest immigration intake levels in over 100 years. The reason is basic– to “lock down” as many of Canada’s 338 ridings with Liberal MP’s as possible.

Here are some of the GTA winners:

Liberal MP’s Kamal Khera, Liberal MP Sonia Sidhu, Liberal MP Ruby Sahota, Liberal MP Ramesh Sangha, Liberal MP Kamal Khera, Liberal MP Maninder Sidhu, Liberal MP Navdeep Bains.

Liberals MP’s Harjit Singh,   Bardish Chagger, Yasmin Ratansi,  Randeep Sarai, Raj Sahani, Jag Sahota,   Anju Dhillon, and Anita Anand.

Look like Sikh-Canada busted a move in the 2019 election to you? Damn straight they did. Considering this outcome when Sikh Canadians make-up a mere 1.6% of the national demographic speaks volumes. Or at least, it would–if CBC and other mainstream media outlets exposed the truth behind this Third World political extravaganza.

So now we understand the relationship between Quebec Liberalism, and the political power-grab for both China and Sikhism. Now we move to the third component–the Nation of Islam in Canada.

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It is entirely irrefutable that it is Justin Trudeau who is most responsible for Islam’s massive growth within Canadian politics. No other Canadian dead or alive surpasses Trudeau Jr. The examples are, in fact, endless–the main reason why CTV, Toronto Star and National Post breathe not a single word regarding the agenda.

Within King Justin’s “no core identity” Canada, the Nation of Islam is today “the belle of the ball.” Never before has our nation witnessed such a lighting-fast accumulation of political power for a  single identifiable Canadian community.

Indeed, it is fair to say that under Mr. Trudeau, Canada has trans-sitioned from a western democracy-supporting country to an Islamic-supporting globalist nation-state.

Media say nothing. CBC are mute as the lambs. Meanwhile, tens of millions of dollars are paid out to terrorists like Omar Khadr, citizenship for ISIS terrorists is reinstated, illegal refugee intake encouraged, and Islamic community MP’s are empowered like never before.

Additionally, Justin Trudeau is trans-fering billions of Canadian tax payer dollars to Islamic nations.  some of which have the fastest-growing economies and populations on earth. For example, in 2018 alone, the Trudeau government gave $133 Million to Iraq, $120 Million to Syria, and $254 Million Dollars to Afghanistan.

Enter Canadian media–not! Not only does the CBC hide this information from Canadians, they also hide the fact that many Third World/Islamic/African  nations are doing extremely well economically. Add to this the concept of “Phantom Aid”— the fact that much of these billion dollar donations never reach the intended recipients–the actual poor of Africa.

China. Sikhism. Islam. All three advanced and funded by a Liberal government by way of our tax-dollars. An immigration policy which is marginalizing English Canada by way of overwhelming our demographic with Third World immigration. Liberal Third MP lockdown on dozens of(gasp) white minority ridings.

Who suffers as a result? Media say the sufferers are Muslims. CAP say bollocks to this. The true “sufferers” — as in the true victims–are Anglophone and Christian Canadians.

As a result of  Liberal-Quebecois-Third World political power consolidation, white Canada are headed for minority status in demographic terms. We have no political power as a community. Our birth-rates are completely minor relative to Third World birthrates.

It is our people whose babies get aborted, and whose elderly fall to Trudeau’s fascist-like Euthanasia program. In post-modern Canada, only one form of racism exists–white against non-white racism. According to Justin Trudeau, Anglophone Canada is a collection of racists, bigots and xenophobes.

End Game: The decimation of English Canada at the hands of a Liberal- Quebecois-Globalist political cabal. The goal is the destruction of English Canada— not to mention a transformation of the former “Great White North” from democracy to dictatorship.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.






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  1. WOW! Now this, is a proper article.
    Thank you.
    Im ashamed of my Québec born héritage.
    I watched racism, bigotly, sexual discrimination, homophobia and i could go on. I’m 58 as of december 2022.
    At 16, i moved to ontario and speak my mother tongue as little as possible. Id rather not be associated.

    Again, thank you for an incredibly well researched FACTS.


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