How Liberal-Globalist Propaganda Teaches Canadians To HATE Their Own Nation

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The first point to make regarding Canada’s degeneration into a nation of snowflake Liberal-Anglophone self-haters is that it is no coincidence.

Rather, this is a long-term, pre-meditated program of complex coordination. The agenda is based on a singular methodology– an agenda of comprehensive communist-rooted propaganda.

CAP has a term for this monstrosity of globalist assault– the “three-headed hydra of cultural assassination’– government, media, academia-along with a dose of corporate big business.

Here is Canada’s problem in this regard: our nation is a giant land mass with a relatively tiny population. In order the accumulate power on a global basis, our population must double or triple, say  globalist “recruiters”  like McKinney Institute--a leading globalist assassin not-for-profit who serve as “advisors” to Justin Trudeau.

These people tell King Justin of Canada that in order to be “globally competitive,” our country needs to increase its population to 100 million people by the year 2075.

Yet, what is never discussed is the effect a scenario of this nature would have upon English Canada, Anglophone Canada and Francophone Canada. When we say “never discussed” we really mean purposefully buried from the awareness of 37.5 million Canadian citizens.

Who does the burying? CBC, CTV, Global News, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, National Post, and every other establishment media organization in Canada.

Okay–so Old Stock Canada is already down on its luck in this regard. Our people are headed for inevitable minority status-CBC and the rest have uttered not a single sentence in this regard.

Now, let’s move to another element of the attack upon English Canada– the phenomenon of self-loathing among Canadian liberals, multicult-pushers, social justice warriors and our giant “Snowflake” community.

This self-hatred trip doesn’t come from nowhere. In a nut-shell, here is how it rolls. In 1968, Pierre Trudeau becomes prime minister. In 1982, Trudeau pushes the Third World empowering Charter of Rights and Freedoms upon Canada. In 1988, a government statute is created for the purpose of trans-ferring billions of dollars every year from the pockets of Old Stock tax-payers into the pockets of ethnocentric Third World and so-called “multicultural” organizations.

Old School Canada is dead-– but Old Stock Canada has no awareness of this axiomatic social transformation. It is fair to state this social condition still exists in 2019.

What trans-pires in the wake of these developments? Canadian educational institutions transition into anti-Anglophone institutions. Did you know? At McGill, U of T, Ryerson, York, Concordia and the rest, social science programs of loaded to the hilt with anti-Anglophone rhetoric.

Okay, so at this point in time–say the late 1980’s— Canada’s academic world turns anti- Anglophone. What do media do to expose this? You got it–nothing at all.

Speaking of media– the monolith which is Canada’s media make-up–begin to trash white Canada as well. Momentum is building. Anglophone Canadians are on their way to becoming Canada’s “malevolent ones.” McGill teaches that Canada is a racist nation, a country of bigots, and a giant group of xenophobes.

Fast-forward several decades, and what comes along to drive the agenda to its pre-determined conclusion? Another member of the Trudeau family–spawn Justin.

Upon election in 2015, the anti-Anglo program goes into over-drive. Trudeau issues a series of apologies to every special interest group and so-called “minority”(retire this term it is globalist weapon) he can muster up.

Sikhs, First Nations, Muslims, Jews, Gays, Transgendered, Chinese. Head Taxes. Komogata Maru(boatload of terrorists), the “St. Louis,” Aboriginal genocide–the whole nine yards.

What does this accomplish–other than vote-buying? It so effectively demonizes Canadians of European origin. See how this rolls? Of course, there is more.

So now, this is the set-up– the people of English Canada— Anglophones and Christians– are hereby Canada’s designated nemesis community.

This is taught in the Toronto Peel District Public School System. It is taught at Dalhousie in Halifax, and UBC on Canada’s west coast. It is drilled into the brains of our children.

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Please do tell–how would this impact the “self-esteem” of white Canadians? How much PRIDE would emanate from these communities on this basis?

You got it, fellow patriots–nothing, nada, zilch. This is the exact outcome required. This self-loathing scenario is the “apple-of-the-eye” of the Trudeau-Liberal-Globalist Government of Canada.

Next, consider the topic of “Pride” within 3rd World Canadian communities. 100% sanctioned, and ready-to-rumble. No impediments, no accusations of racism.

But just try and develop these sentiments among Anglo-Canadians, and watch what trans-pires. This is racist, this is bigoted, and these white meatheads are uneducated fools.

What a trap! Isaac Hayes in “Shaft” couldn’t railroad a community as effectively as this.

CAP Conclusion: White Canadians are down-in-the-mouth in a major way. We cannot maintain community pride, our populations are declining, we struggle to pay the bills more than ever, and have accumulated more personal and family debt than at any point on modern history.

Then what happens? “You people have ‘white privilege’ says a Hijab-covered Muslima given an oped feature in the Globe & Mail to deliver this globalist lie.  What a trap this is–it is positively despicable.

CAP Math Equation: Government + Media + Academia = Anglophone Canadian self-loathing.

For what purpose? Simply, actually–this is the singular most effective way for Canada to be stolen away from the descendants of those who founded our nation in 1867.

Chief ArchitectPierre Trudeau. Contemporary Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.

Then they name an airport after Papa, and we elect his son Justin for a second-term as prime minister of Canada. Unusual, isn’t it?

Have you heard of this self-loathing dynamic making a splash in China? Is national self-hatred intrinsic to Iranian society? Pakistani, Saudi Arabian, or within any other of Justin Trudeau preferred nations?

Of course not–the program is unique to Canada, and therefore as unnatural as appointing Osama bin Laden head of the Vatican.







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