How Justin Trudeau’s “Woke Saviour” Complex Is Damaging Canada

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“Some people are just born that way” is a well-known description of a troubled person’s behaviour. After witnessing six-years of Justin Trudeau as prime minister, it is difficult to find a more appropriate summation.

A duality exists: there is the “public” Justin Trudeau, and the mental thought processes driving his decision-making. As such, a psychological profile of a three-time PM is called for.

As it is with all of us, the seeds of his cognition reside in childhood and family upbringing. Much of our PM’s mental condition is to be found in family dysfunction. Throughout the lifetime of Pierre Trudeau, Justin remained a serious under-achiever. During his early years, young Justin functioned as what can be described as a “good-time-Charlie.” Hence, his costume years, which found our PM prancing about in East Indian garments, complete with pointy satin shoes one sees in Bollywood films.

Unusual behaviour? Of course it is. Upon victory in 2015, Mr. Trudeau had plenty to prove. A serial non-achiever, it didn’t take long for Justin to develop a “saviour-of-the-world” complex. Inherited from mother, a streak of mental mania fuelled Trudeau’s political decision-making. Instantaneously, our freshly-minted “King of Kings” created a spectacle out of importing 35,000 Syrians. His next project– one likely to bring national sovereignty to an end– was an attempt at a free trade agreement with China. Fortunately, he failed.

Another gem was obfuscated by media. After receiving his Canadian crown, PM Trudeau sold Canada’s gold industry to China. Trudeau’s decision to dump all Canadian gold holdings came just months after his election as PM in 2015.

As reported by CBC News, “the government of Canada has wound down its gold reserves to basically nothing after a multi-year strategy of selling them off in favour of hoarding other countries’ currencies instead.”

All of it pointing to what should have been a common perception: Justin Trudeau is not a very deep thinker. The man is impressionable. When others whisper in his ear, he buys what they are selling– particularly when influencers express how a move will make him shine upon the world stage. Speaking of this stage, we come to the “tweet that changed the world.” We reference Trudeau’s spontaneous message to refugees of the world that they are free to rush the Canadian border. While technically illegal, the PM baited the globalist hook with promises of free money and accomodation.

What does all this speak of on a psychological level? Does a common thread of mental mania not rise to the surface? Has Justin Trudeau inherited a half-life of manic depression from mother Margaret? Evidence for Mrs. Trudeau’s mental illness comes not from critics, but rather from the lady herself:

“I had to rebuild myself. I had an intervention. I had the police take me to the hospital  strapped down because I was so resistant and so ill.”

Why is it that the psychological breakdown of Margaret Trudeau has never been a cause for concern? Media has for decades presented her mental issues with jocularity— it is all one big joke.

Without question, Pierre Trudeau served as a source of mental aberration found in his supposed first-born. It is here that a serious dose of malevolency entered the picture. There was one area which Pierre Trudeau would never shake— an animus toward English Canada, colonialism, and “white privilege” he believed to be endemic in society.

The result was an angry child with a chip on his shoulder regarding the state of our nation. If Trudeau Jr. was ever to gain a position of power, he would set all this straight. Then, once his insatiable need for power had been fulfilled, it was time for vengeance. His target was English Canada, Anglophones and the damage to  society he would blame them for.

Justin Trudeau has never had an interest in being a “conventional” national leader. Nor has he desired to be a prime minister for all Canadians. His narcissism has driven him to pursue something far more lofty– he would become a woke globalist saviour of the world.

Thus, the “saviour complex” of a prime minister– a classic symptom of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  Bent out-of-shape from decades of under-achievement, family scandals, superiority complexes and parental humiliations, these are the elements which guide PM Trudeau’s political behaviour.  

What are some some of the repercussions? In terms of the mental condition of Megalomania, history reveals what happens when national leaders fall into this category. All other issues fall by the wayside. The largest deficit in history? Not a problem. The greatest degree of personal debt? Record-setting inflation? Not a priority.

What Justin Trudeau cares about is not management of our country– it is transformation of our country. The creation of a woke utopian society as fueled by World Economic Forum ideology, and other global players who whisper in his ear.

PM Trudeau cannot see the forest through the trees. His keepers have him locked in a cocoon. Continually fuelling his narcissism, Trudeau is convinced he is doing the right thing. The man has no relationship with the Canadian people. In his mind, those who oppose him constitute a tiny fringe of trouble-makers. He can do no wrong, never has, and never will.

We witness parallels with similar characters of political history. In all cases, a point is reached where the house of cards come tumbling down. In the end, Justin Trudeau’s animosity toward our country, its history and our “Old Stock” communities will be his undoing.

8 thoughts on “How Justin Trudeau’s “Woke Saviour” Complex Is Damaging Canada”

    • All that keeps Sunny Ways propped up are the psychologicaly blinded fools that bought this complete con job hook line and sinker… In the end, he will make Hitler look like a boyscout…

  1. You know what we’ve been saying this for a long time that he is mentally unbalanced and that’s how he’s going to walk away from everything he’s done oh I’m not well and nobody saw it so I didn’t get help really he knows what he’s doing he knows everything is planned out to the t and the eye oh and there’s one thing you did forget that he was charged back in 1999 or 2001 it was somewhere in that little block there but when he was teaching in Vancouver at Gray’s academy or something like that private school apparently he sexually assaulted a minor and this went on for a bit according to the things I found on Wikipedia Google no I’m sure like Canadians don’t know that now if you pay 2.2 million dollars to somebody to be quiet does that not pretty much point the finger that you’re guilty or if you don’t want to go to court you don’t want to names married well if you were found innocent your name wouldn’t be snared no people he’s bringing all these individuals and we don’t know who the hell they are he’s putting them up he’s giving them money but yet we got veterans that are eating cat food because they can’t afford anything else and even that’s going up in price so that what he just wants to k**l off all the old folks.

    Now hopefully this is going to go through for me you have to excuse the long sentence my tablet does not work properly anymore I’m going to leave it at that however he looks terrorists stay in the country and pays him to stay so what is this individual done for him you know and then he sits there and he just says no it’s on tape right out of his mouth and all the cabinet thought it was funny and he goes no I’m serious or I mean it or something of that point we’re not his playground and furthermore I think that we need to start changing some of the politicians rules and what they can do and get away with because quite frankly this is freaking ridiculous okay if he wants to sell off all our gold to China because he thinks China is the greatest place where was the cabinet where was the liberal cabinet to step in and say no this does not work so he’s supposed to have exchanged our gold mines for whatever currency that country had.

    If this all b******* goes through we’re not going to have currency anymore so what good is that we would have been better off with the goal that’s what I’m saying he shouldn’t have no not one person should have the right to sit there and say this is what I’m doing and nobody can stand up to him about it you know he thinks that if you’re unvaccinated you just a waste of space and a waste of air what is it what the hell does that mean no like what’s in those needles that he is so hell-bent about and now he’s built some freaking building that’s just going to produce that alone why why does he he know something that we don’t know obviously and I’m being polite we got to wake up Canada seriously there’s like 2 million people waiting to get in the country 2 million now my idea of what I’ve heard people talking about is when people lost their jobs and their livelihoods and so forth and so on that’s his whole idea that’s what he wanted that’s the results you wanted because he’s got people lined up to come in from other countries that have money and they’re just going to step right into these ready-made businesses all they got to do is pay him money to be there not great not nice you work your entire life your family comes to Canada years and years ago they’re the ones that help build the country but yet everything gets taken away in a blink of an eye and like we got to stop being bleeding heart Canadians and just say you know enough enough is enough he’s got to go he’s got to be investigated and put in jail none of those b******* that all he could do what he wants and he can walk like him swearing in Parliament and saying he never said it well if you know people that can lip read he said it so does he apologize to those people because he did say it he can’t say he said it’ll fiddle faddle or whatever everybody in his caucus should be charged and in spected that’s not the word I want but investigated and not by the RCMP cuz they’re f****** joke.

    I’m sorry RCMP but you are anybody out in the general public and see what Trudeau is doing but you guys just oh there’s nothing there we can charge them with seriously so who who in that organization’s getting the Bucks we know the papers getting big money so you know it’s disgusting Canada has been a country that’s always had respect from other countries I cannot recall time and my all my years of living in Canada that I heard anything different and now it’s like whoa and all these it’s just not right anyway I’ve written a novel here and I do apologize but I have a tendency to get a lot off my chest when I’m on this and there is something you can comment on but I’ll send that to you in another message okay

  2. Justeen Trudope: “I had to [reimagine] myself. I had an intervention. I had the police take me to the hospital strapped down because I was so resistant and so ill.” We can only wish.

    Selling our gold reserves for worthless currencies. What an asinine; bone-headed move. The price/ounce of gold is shooting through the roof; with even higher long term gains predicted. But hey–No personal loss for twinkle toes. Easy come; easy go. Anything for China.

  3. Uneducated , unqualified , narsisstic , low or dull normal IQ , lying , criminal , who believes he is supior . He isn’t what is scary . The people who voted for this stepson of Pierre Trudeau , that is very much a concern . Elect a fool , you will be well represented .


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