How Justin Trudeau’s Third World ELITISM AGENDA Marginalizes “Old Stock” Canadians

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The concept of pre-meditated political transformations within a society did not begin with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Within modern history, a number of countries have undergone this form of national transition. In some cases, nations change from totalitarian-style governance to a democratic model.

Others like Canada, have experienced an opposite effect— the political morphing of a western democracy into something altogether different.

This happens to be Justin Trudeau’s planned concept for the future of Canada. Rule number one regarding the agenda— Canadian media must hide away this transformation from the people of Canada.

This part is now accomplished. From here on, Justin’s agenda will remain two-fold:

Flood Canada with 3rd World migrants to the point where our “Old Stock” are overwhelmed, and thereby become politically ineffective.

Transition 3rd World Canada to the position previously held by Canadians of Anglo-European origin.

How Trudeau Has Done What CBC Cover-Up:

How was all this accomplished so effectively? For CAP, much of the globalist success story in Canada is found in the following agenda:

PM Trudeau has created a cabal of political players which together form what we will describe as a “Liberal-3rd World Elitist” powerhouse which will in due time control every aspect of society.

To expand on the notion, one must add a vital component to the mix: The Quebec-Liberal- “Laurentian Mountain” elite. This crew have been lording it over our country— western Canadians in particular—since before Pierre Trudeau forced our nation to abandon its English-French Canadian bi-cultural identity.

It is here we see a “coming together” of the like-minded. As the decades passed and immigration shifted from 95% European-sourced to 95% Third World sourced, the dynamic began to shift.

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What Justin Trudeau brought to the agenda speaks volumes—unless you follow CBC News—and then it speaks nothing at all.

The globalists have in the year 2020 established a “New Canadian Order.” 

Trudeau has successfully fused Liberalism in Canada with 3rd World-centric politics in Canada. From this results an uber-powerful political force.

What does Liberal ideology and 3rd World political interests have in common, you ask?

Even if you don’t, here is what CAP believe: Trudeau and commie-in-the-shadows advisor Gerald Butts have fused political Liberalism and  3rd World Canada together to take complete control of Canadian society.

How is it done?  For one thing, with assistance from totalitarian ideologies of history. CAP believe the Trudeau government “pick and choose” from history’s “grab-bag” of successful socialist, communist—and even fascist—political ideologies of history.

A bit of Cuba, here, touch of China there, then add some spice with propaganda programs straight out of the former Soviet Union. 

Mixing all of this up into a social “blender,” Trudeau & Co. then proceed with one core component of totalitarianism:

A demonization of a specific community. For CAP, this is Anglophone Canada, as well as our general European-derived citizenship.

We are living in 2020 Canada now— a nation  where Somalian half-citizen Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen gets to push around Old Stock Canada at will. We are in “Justin’s” Canada, where hundreds of “multicultural” organizations are funnelled our tax-payer dollars to promote 3rd World Canada.

Interesting to note how often CBC has mentioned that it is largely 1st World Canadians who are funding the 3rd World Supremacist multiculturalists. What a privileged lot they are, no?

We also reside in a country where 3rd World journalists maintain “poetic license” to brand white Canadians unrighteous racists and belligerent bigots.

All rolls along without incident until the tables turn,  and an Anglo-Canadian person is caught, for example, criticizing Islam. Response? Canada is racist country, and all non-white peoples are victims.

On a more visceral level, it is simply the smugness of these types which grates at the nerves. Trudeau, of course—nobody does it better. Hussen is another one. Add Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino, a Liberal who backs every single piece of globalist propaganda he can find.

Here’s another main offender— an oily little Liberal named Francois Philippe-Champagne. His job? Kiss the behinds of China, Iran, Somalia, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Chad, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso.

This Champagne character is really nothing more than a pint-sized Justin Trudeau. Other curious puppet-boys such as David Lametti and Seamus O’Regan round out the mix. Liberal Cabinet Members Patty Hadju and Christina Freeland?

Hadju says to place full trust in the communist government of China regarding Covid-19. not too much of a commie butt-kisser, eh?

So the “smug ones” have taken control of Canada. Turns out the smug do not like Anglophone Canadians—so folks, kindly watch your backs.

What a tag-team of democratic destruction!  White Liberals who hate English Canada. 3rd World MP power-mongers who agree. A complicit media ready and willing to roll over and play dead while the communities from which they personally derive are railroaded out-of-power within society.

Mayday! Mayday! The anti-Anglophone Liberalism of former PM Pierre Trudeau has within 2020 Canada been successfully fused with the anti-Anglophone 3rd World political interests.

Together, these forces are transitioning Canada into an entity not a single citizen asked for, or agreed with.

And here CBC still has the nerve to refer to our country as a true “democracy.” Don’t believe the hype, folks—those days of innocence are long gone.


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