How Justin Trudeau’s Pursuit Of The “World Stage” Damaged Old Stock Canadians

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One area that is unique to Cultural Action Party’s articles on Canadian politics is found in our focus on the psychological make-up of ruling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

This is, admittedly, something of a labour of love. One particular aspect of his character is worthy of special attention: the concept of “mental mania.”

As articulated by mainstream media, mother Margaret Trudeau was decades go diagnosed as a “manic depressive.” In basic terms, this condition causes a person to go berserk over an obsessive thought, and/or life in general.

This cognitive elevation is generally followed by an episode of severe depression. What generally follows is a complete lack of energy, as well as a gloomy, nihilistic impression of the world around them.

This mental illness has been proven to be hereditary. From what CAP has witnessed, Justin Trudeau has inherited an element of Margaret Trudeau’s manic condition. Often these things will transmit in a form of a “half-life”– the result in the child is not as extreme as the parent the mania is inherited from.

What does this have to do with the manner in which Justin Trudeau manages our nation? To be certain–plenty. Here’s one obsession– the desire to become a hero– perhaps messiah is a more fitting word–upon the world stage.

One manifestation is obvious. Straight out of the gate, PM Trudeau went ballistic over an importation of 35,000 Syrian refugees. This decision was so typically Trudeau— there was no benefit for Canadian citizens involved. This pattern has been fundamental to Mr. Trudeau’s decision-making ever since.

As it transpired, Trudeau’s Syrian Refugee intake agenda served as a microcosm for all that followed in its wake. Rather than emulate the role of twenty-two Canadian prime ministers who preceded him, Trudeau transitioned his role into something not a single Canadian voted for.

Indeed, his manic self created a role unique in history: Trudeau became “saviour-of-the-world.” It was he who would rescue the suffering refugees. As “pied piper” of rights for the underprivileged, Justin Trudeau would become all things to all people of the world.

Except for one specific community– those CAP refer to as “Old Stock” Canadians. As a result of our PM’s attempt to “capture the world stage,” he neglected some 25 million Canadians who comprise our nation’s Anglophone, Francophone and Christian communities.

Suddenly, these millions transition into what may be called a “silent second class” community. Why silent? The answer is simple: Canadian media has buried the entire phenomenon.

BURIED BY MEDIA: Canada Moves Forward On $39 BILLION Currency Swap With Bank Of China

Notice the extent of media focus upon Old Stock Canadians within Trudeau’s post-modern Canada. Pretty easy to deduce–there is none. It is here that government’s partners-in-crime come into play.

CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Calgary Herald, Toronto Star–you show CAP one of these organizations, and we will show you a media entity that has ignored this entire social dynamic.

What a scandal this is. Or would have been, if some 25 million citizens of Old Stock origin became aware of the phenomenon. Perhaps they are–slowly, like the way molasses flows uphill.

Justin Trudeau’s  obsession with the world stage has damaged our communities in a profound manner. Government, of course, say nothing. Ditto for media, as well as Canadian academia.

This third wheel in Canada’s triumvirate of globalism has maligned Canadians of European heritage ever since Pierre Trudeau forced multiculturalism upon  unsuspecting Old Stock communities in the year 1971.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)







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