How Justin Trudeau’s “Multiculturalism” Promotes National DISUNITY In Canada

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“Diversity is our strength” bellowed Justin Trudeau upon his ascension to the throne of Canada on October 19th, 2015. To this day, he has never wavered on this brazen belief.

But is Justin correct? Can it be justified–concretely or ideologically– that Mr. Trudeau is correct? CAP say not a chance–not even close. Rather, we maintain that multiculturalism in Canada is an entirely divisive social force, and here is why:

The first point to make relates to the contents of the Multicultural Act of 1988. Meaning how this government statute affects Canadian society–socially as well as economically.

The next point is a general, decades-old obfuscation by media of what this so-called “diversity” program is all about. What does it accomplish? What is the fundamental mandate? Notice that over in the past three decades or more, these issues have never once been articulated  by CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, and every other liberal-biased media outlet in Canada.

CAP can see why. The Multicultural Act mandates that hundreds of millions– meaning  billions of Canadian tax-payer dollars have been  taken from Old Stock Canada for 30 years–  and transferred into the hands of National Council of Canadians Muslims, Mosaic, SUCCESS Immigrant Services, and hundreds of “multicultural ” organizations for the purpose of promoting Third World culture, religion and identity in Canada.

Now, let us flip to the “b-side”— also 100% buried by media. When Anglophone, Christian and so-called “traditional” Canadians–those of European heritage-– attempt to emulate this “multicult” promotion of identity, pride and solidarity, what trans-pires?

Why, it is accusations of racism, bigotry and xenophobia. For white Canadians to do this is strictly taboo in Canada. CAP conclusion: Multiculturalism equates with prejudice against Anglophone and Christian Canadians. Once again, media say nothing about the dynamic.

Therefore, there is no media narrative on the long-term impact of this economic transfer of tax payer dollars. Consider this idea: after more than three decades of this situation, a major shift in power has occurred within Canadian society.

It’s really very basic in theory–the more power accumulated by Third World Canada on this basis– 90% of which is either Sikh, Muslim or Chinese, the greater a degree of disempowerment results for “Old Stock” Canada. CBC breathe not a word about this slow and steady change-up of which social forces have moved “up the ladder,” and which have been downgraded to the bottom of the “totem poll.”

Now, we will add another key element– the belief that “multiculturalism” is in no way “multi.”  First of all, the program is dominated by two ethnicities in particular– Sikh Canada, and Muslim Canada. Chinese folk have also been empowered.

So this makes three communities who receive the lion’s share of the benefit. For CAP, this is “tri-cultural”— not multicultural at all. Where do we see this manifest within Canada’s so-called diverse society? Here is it:

Here are the the election results from Brampton, Ontario:

Brampton West: Liberal Kamal Khera

Brampton South: Liberal Sonia Sidhu

Brampton North: Liberal Ruby Sahota

Brampton Centre: Liberal  Ramesh Sangha

Brampton East: Liberal Maninder Sidhu

Notice anything unusual here? CAP sure do– every riding was captured by a Sikh-Canadian Liberal MP. How “multicultural” this is- not!

You see, in truth, this scenario is multiculturalism in Canada– a mono-community monopoly within the white-minority riding of Brampton, ON. Ever read anything along these lines in the Toronto Star or National Post? Of course not.

More so-called “multicult” jive: if this policy was truly multi–would it not be inclusive of European-derived ethnic Canadian communities? It is not. In fact, these communities serve as punching bag for the diversity-mongers working to run down English and European Canadians.

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Did you know? The Chinese- Canadian and Italian-Canadian populations both sit at approximately 1.4 million respectively. Now, compare the hoopla over Chinese New Year relative to any form of Italian-Canadian celebratory event.

There is no comparison at all–particularly if you live in the west coast city of Vancouver. Although this has cooled off of late, for the past thirty years the cymbals have crashed at parades, and the Chinese flags are unfurled in our fair city. Advertisements in Mandarin script in the Vancouver Sun, as well as provincial and municipal funding support.

Italian Canada? There is a small community celebration once a year, and that’s about it. Now, let’s consider how Islamic Canada is treated. Ramadan celebration last 30 days. It is prominent in Canadian media. The same for the Eid Celebration. Islamic Heritage Month is officially celebrated in Ontario--another 30 day feature–despite the fact that Canada has no Islamic heritage to speak of.

Welcome to British-Canada Day. Please join in for Christian Heritage Month. Thank heaven for German-Canadian Day and Ukrainian Heritage Week. Not. These cultural equivalents simply do not exist–or if they do, government budgets are so low that the events pass by with little fanfare.

What shall a Canadian patriot conclude? That diversity is our strength? Hardly. A more salient conclusion is that multicultural policy– never more so than unde pseudo-dictator Justin Trudeau— is a weapon of cultural destruction. It is the exact opposite of what our Liberal-Globalist leader says it is.

Who invented multiculturalism in Canada? Why it was a Trudeau-family member–Pierre Trudeau. Who drove the agenda so hard it trans-itioned to a vehicle of vilification of Anglophone Canadians? Justin Trudeau. Is either person of Anglophone heritage? N, they are not.

Bingo-there’s the set-up, brother and sisters. What  does leading  Anglophone journalist/social critic Andre Coyne of CBC have to say about this affair? Nothing at all.

Are common sense Canadians(those of us who are not white snowflakes) to believe erudite Andrew Coyne lacks the cognitive ability to understand this situation?

Of course he does– he simply will not, or is not permitted, to write about it. When government and media work together in collusion, then an aspect of communism has permeated a society. The preferred from of governance for both Pierre & Justin Trudeau?

Communism. Multiculturalism in Canada is pseudo-communism that is punitive in nature. Diversity is racism against Anglophone Canada–and nothing less.









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