How Justin Trudeau Funds Saudi Arabia By SIDELINING Alberta Oil

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As federal and provincial politicians pat themselves on the back for their climate change ‘leadership,’ and pipeline opponents gloat about stalling construction of new Canadian pipelines, tanker-loads of foreign oil are delivered regularly to Eastern Canadian refineries, including increasing volumes from Saudi Arabia.

By enduring some short-term pain at US$35 per barrel or lower, the Saudis can sideline the likes of Canada and Venezuela and ensure a long-term command of the global oil market.

Strangely enough, Canada is helping them do it.

The twist to this story comes in the manner in which the Canadian government unwittingly plays into the hands of the Saudis. So proud is the Trudeau government of its action on environmental stewardship and climate change that it essentially does the Saudis’ dirty work for them.

By tightening the screws on domestic Canadian production while seeing an increase in Saudi-originating imports, Canada is helping to accelerate the rate of our own energy-sector’s decline.

How fascinating. Then again, no informed Canadian should be surprised. As our nation progresses into a brand new decade, our citizenship is saddled with the destructive force of Justin Trudeau’s ‘post-modern’ government.

This form of governance includes a curious social inversion-– the Liberals work for every non-Canadian entity they can find. Well, perhaps not “any”–but rather, they work for their priority nations: Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, Somalia, Ethiopia. All are despotic, non-democratic nations.

According to an article published by the Toronto Sun, the Trudeau government’s relationship with Saudi Oil is chock full of mystery and intrigue:

“How come in the middle of a trade spat with the Saudis, Ottawa isn’t even imposing the same taxes and regulations on Saudi oil that it imposes on Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland oil?”

CAP Interpretation: Winner, Justin Trudeau favourite entity on earth–the Nation of Islam. Loser, the Nation of Canada. Always the way, forever and a day.

The second part– perhaps an even bigger puzzle: If the Liberals are so intent on cutting Canadians’ emissions by imposing a carbon tax and by creating impossible new environmental standards for the approval of new pipelines, how come they let foreign oil enter the country without subjecting it to the same “green” taxes or the same environmental screening processes?

Darn good question. Response from CBC? Nothing at all. How can they respond when they refuse to expose this massive benefit for non-Canadian interests in the first place?

CAP Conclusion: CBC work for Justin Trudeau, who in turn works for the Nation of Islam.

Did you know? According to Statistics Canada,  oil imports from Saudi Arabia have been rising steadily for the past five years. The total volume of Canadian imports from Saudi Arabia has increased by 66 per cent since 2014, with imports rising EVERY YEAR during that period.

You see, this is the kind of guy Justin Trudeau is. The man simply loves to play puppet  for the benefit of those who employ him: United Nations, Nation of Islam, China, the Punjab, as well as the closely-related global banking cabal of Open Doors Foundation, billionaire George Soros.

As for actual Canadian citizens, they can all go jump in Lake Superior. Except, of course, for one specific segment of society–those which will ensure Trudeau becomes Canada’s dictator-for-life, Third World Canada.

Hidden By Media: Justin Trudeau INCREASES Oil Imports From Saudi Arabia 66% Since Taking Office

Sikh-Canada, Muslim Canada, Chinese Canada–these and other 3rd World diaspora communities hold the keys to King Justin’s pseudo-totalitarian grip upon society.

In truth, no community in Canada is more important to our ruling PM. Trudeau is Islam’s man in Ottawa. In exchange for bending to every whim of Third World Canada, these voters will ensure the globalists achieve their ultimate goal:

Win every seat in Parliament. All 338 MP seats to be controlled by the Liberal Party of Canada. What does this mean for the future of our society?

Simple–the very future CBC will never inform 37.7 Million Canadians about. Under the “leadership” of Justin Trudeau, the fading “Great White North” has transitioned to a “One Party State.”

Please listen closely to what is being suggested: the one party state is not something coming at some point in the future. It is in place right here, and right now. In other words, the Conservative Party of Canada will never again form a federal government.

The controllers of Canada in 2020 are not the people of Canada. In fact, one could argue our controllers are not even the government of Canada. The true powers players are found internationally.

Justin Trudeau is simply a conduit for these powers. He is their “man in Canada”– appointed to fulfill the covert, nefarious agenda of trans-forming our nation from democracy to dictatorship.

The messaging media provide in this regard is 100% designed to fool the people of Canada into believing otherwise.







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  1. This is old news , the writing is on the wall for Canadians that can read . You nailed it !
    Canada, is about to change dramatically.


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