How Justin Trudeau Has Damaged Our Country More Than Any Canadian In History

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Strange it is how gut feelings can well-up in a person which over time prove to be accurate. In this regard, CAP are thinking of  the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

Much of our PM’s success in transforming Canada away from traditional  governance is that establishment media have facilitated Mr. Trudeau’s agenda since day one. What does the program entail? 

Justin Trudeau became national leader  for the purpose of fulfilling a mission set before him by international forces such as the World Economic Foundation and World Health Organization.

Mr. Trudeau’s job is to facilitate an incremental transition of Canada from a free and democratic western democracy into a socialist-nation state. The primary method to accomplish this is by way of mass immigration.  The more 3rd World migrants brought to Canada, the greater the reinforcement of long-term Liberal political power. This situation makes Justin Trudeau  “unique” as a so-called national leader. What has been buried is that our PM is leading Canada is toward an emulation of his hero-nation China’s societal structure.

An integral component is media control. Hence, CBC, CTV and Globe & Mail’s omission of Trudeau’s globalist agenda of assault upon 154 years of Canadian identity, culture and heritage. Beyond this, over time the 3rd World immigrant voter block will transition all Conservative Party held federal ridings into the hands of Trudeau’s Liberals.

This facilitates a political environment where one day it will make no sense to continue on as a true democracy. Do tell– if you were one of the few supporters of opposition parties in the year 2038,  how much money would you donate when 95% of all federal ridings are controlled by the Liberals?

End Game: Democracy becomes futile. Canada transitions to a socialist nation. This is the long-term agenda of Justin Trudeau and his international money men backers.

Establishment media are working for the  same “bossmen.”  How many times have you heard Canadian media  make reference to the morphing of Canada away from its historical form of governance? Never is the correct response.


Regardless of political affiliation, Canadians are aware that something in society is seriously amiss. Call it a gut-feeling, a premonition, a nagging at the back of the mind. Each day,  average Canadians are subjected to the “woke globalist hustle.”

For Cultural Action Party, the beginning of the end of Canadian democracy– in addition to English Canada— began when Liberal Pierre Trudeau became prime minister in 1968. If Canadian history was placed in proper historical context, it would be recognized that Pierre Trudeau was the prototype globalist of the western world. This is the man who got the woke globalist ball rolling in the first place.

Pierre Trudeau started this agenda, and Justin Trudeau exists to fulfill the mission. Both men are/were admitted admirers of China, Cuba and communism.

Note how media never add up 1 + 1 to find the sum of the equation? They are being paid not to do so. It is here that astute Canadians discover the original formula for a transition to an authoritarian state.


15 thoughts on “How Justin Trudeau Has Damaged Our Country More Than Any Canadian In History”

  1. I find it difficult to fathom how gullible and weak the Canadian voter has become. They must sit and gaze at the non news pumped out hourly by the biased and bought media. George Soros and the henchmen at the United Nations are winning the battle without lifting a hand. What a covey of fools our Nation has become.

    • The combination of government and media compliance is what is deceiving the people of Canada into believing that democracy in Canada is in a HEALTHY condition, when in truth we are in the final stages as a democratic society–Brad.

  2. Well we have known this for quite some time at least some of us ,let’s get moving to eradicate the vermin from Canada , what Brad is our best move ? The first move is to get the liberals out of power !

    • Liberals out of power is a tough call…I believe Canada is living under a dictatorship. Our nation is going to be completely transformed within a half-century. I think the era of “anti-white” society is being ushered in as we speak, and Justin Trudeau is a major worldwide leader of the movement.

  3. Fidel Castro’s b*stard is unrelenting in his Hate-Canada, Hate-Europeans, Hate-Colonial-Founders, Hate-Whites, Hate-Laws, Hate-Sovereignty, Hate-Western-Thought, Hate-Hetero, Hate-Penis, Hate-Gender, Hate-Democratic-Representation. In his psychotic haze of racist self-loathing, he is escalating his dictatorial reach. You have all known this for years. Vote him out or watch your once-glorious nation become the northernmost brown, black, yellow shit-hole polyglot of “diversity” savages to ever exist in the Western Hemisphere. Don’t believe it? Cuba was a majority White nation with a standard of living on par with Germany, Scandinavia and the U.S. And today it is Haiti Part 2…people are barefoot, hungry and destroyed psychologically.

  4. Thank you for what appears to be a lot of research into serious issues that more Canadians need to know about. I would be very curious to hear your thoughts of what is going to happen economically since it has become evident Trudeau’s objective is to drive us toward the same sort of social credit system China has. The contact tracing, the farcical “deadly COVID” pandemic, are giving him license to do so and this is merely the beginning. I am also concerned about 5G, which is going to support the facial recognition and control of the Canadian people.

    • My thoughts are that a combination of pre-meditated economic devastation and cultural assassination is the combined goal of Justin Trudeau and his Liberal-Globalist agenda of national transformation from first world democracy to 3rd world dictatorship.

      • And, do you believe “they” are going to be stopped? There is already talk about a second wave, which will ramp up the actions up to the point of no one leaving their homes without a vaccine. I am curious to know who made Bill Gates the ruler of all things in terms of dictating what actions the world must take to fight this plandemic. Trudeau has echoed Gates’ words.

        • No, I don’t believe they are going to be stopped, but I do believe in political organization and representation for Anglophone, Francophone and European-derived Canadian communities– ALL OF THEM. Brad

  5. I agree with you 100% Let’s get that j trudeau out of our government NOW and the entire corrupt liberal leadership in OUR COUNTRY NOW!!!!!! We can not allow a communist to head our country.. That pierre trudeau shoved metric down our throats without even voting on it remember. Enough is enough of communism in OUR country. Get him out of our parliament before all these immigrants liberal followers take over OUR country NOW !! I want to puke every time I see that smugg face of j trudeau on my tv screen.


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