How Justin Trudeau Empowered Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen To Dominate Anglophone Canada

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Within a process to transition Canada into a self-depricating society, Justin Trudeau employed the “best in the business.” Not just anyone can successfully seduce Canada into hating itself like  Liberal 3rd World GTA politician, MP Ahmed Hussen.

Such appears to be the entire purpose for the political career of Mr. Hussen, half-citizen from Somalia. Despite residing in Canada for the past 40 years– as well as rising to the pinnacle of political power in Canada– Somalian national MP Ahmed Hussen refuses to surrender his precious Somalian passport.

What Canadians do not know is what CBC buries in the sediment of domestic politics— Justin Trudeau has hereby employed a Canada-disparaging 3rd World refugee to transform our society.

 If CAP didn’t know better, we would believe Ahmed Hussen Superstar  is being groomed to become the first Anglophone-hating prime minister of Canada.

Well, perhaps not quite the first. In all fairness, this designation must be assigned to the founder of English Canada’s decimation— Liberal ex-prime minister, Pierre Trudeau.

Yet, as much as Trudeau Sr. was driven to destroy English Canada, his vitriol pales in comparison to son Justin Trudeau. This man hates the European element of Canada so much he employed a social engineer from Africa to trans-ition Anglophone-Canada into a second class community.

It was Justin Trudeau himself who elevated this steadfast Somalian to the top of the Canadian political totem pole. Once duly positioned, Justin And Ahmed together established the highest immigration and refugee intake quotas in Canadian history. 

How fortunate for both of them that the Liberal- 3rd World government of Canada has every mainstream media organization in Canada supporting their agenda of national seduction.

Just think— if CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star were not hiding the truth from 38.8 Million Canadians, the disparagement of European-Canadians would so much less successful.

In this government-media dynamic resides the key to the transformation of Canadian society into that which has hereby established Anglophone Canada as an official “nemesis community” of post-modern Canada.

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Next to Justin Trudeau himself, the individual political figure who most craves the decimation of “traditional” Canada is Liberal  MP Ahmed Hussen. 

Witness as the man from Somalia praises boss-man Justin for “taking a knee” regarding the murder of American George Floyd. A despicable act of murder indeed. Yet–truth be told– no Canadian citizens have leveraged this to disparage white Canada more than the prime minister of Canada, and his Somalian side-kick.

As far as CAP is concerned, Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen is only happy when “traditional” Canadians are prostrating themselves before his precious 3rd World Canada.

Yes— the murder of George Floyd is a gruesome spectacle. But someone—anyone— tell CAP why the murder of a black American should result in a comprehensive branding of all white Canadians as those compelled toward “systemic racism.”

It makes no sense, and contains no logic—the exact reason Canadian media “experts” such as Sheema Khan from the Globe & Mail and Shanifa Nasser from CBC are given license by their media bosses to brand every living Canadian of European origin as  irrepressible racists.

What a wicked game they play. Seems to CAP that Old Stock Canada’s “goose has been cooked”  by way of Anglo-haters PM Justin Trudeau, and MP Ahmed Hussen.

CAP often utilize the word “unprecedented” in our writing. In no manner is this more applicable than regarding the post-modern phenomenon of the empowerment of Justin Trudeau’s crew of Canada-bashing MP’s into power positions within the Liberal government.

Seems to CAP that Trudeau’s definition of Canada can only be found in a condemnation of Canada– a country far less racist than China, Pakistan, Iran, Nigeria--or any other leading source nation for immigration to Canadian shores.

To fool Canadians into believing there is something unique regarding Canadian-brand racism, PM Trudeau  has employed Somalian citizen MP Ahmed Hussen. Did you know? While the Anglo-bashers denigrate Canada for being racist as hell, the nation of Somalia maintains:

No immigration. No multiculturalism. No diversity. No refugee in-take. No Christianity. If a Somalian is caught converting to the Christian faith, they will most likely find themselves in prison for their efforts.

In the meantime–according to Justin Trudeau and  Ahmed Hussen, Canada is forever and a day a racist, immigrant-hating society.

MP Hussen’s final act as immigration minister? The RURAL Immigration Pilot Program–one designed to emulate the 3rd World political powerhouse which currently serves as a prototype within the 3rd World-dominated Greater Toronto Area(GTA).


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