How Justin Trudeau Destroyed Social Harmony In Canada

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“In religion, a false prophet is a person who falsely claims the gift of prophecy or divine inspiration, or to speak for God, or who makes such claims for evil ends.”

PM Justin Trudeau’s psyche may not be as far gone as to believe himself to be a “god” of woke liberalism. Psychologically speaking, that would be a condition emblematic of  schizophrenia.

One step below the rung are found conditions such as delusions of grandeur. More and more, it’s become obvious that Mr. Trudeau qualifies for another turn of phrase, a “false prophet.”

For millions of Canadians, this situation has been inherent from day one of Trudeau’s run as prime minister. For others, not the least of which are new arrivals and immigrants from 3rd World countries, our Liberal government represented  a belief that Multiculturalism really was what government and media claim it to be.

Even with a purchasing of mainstream media, the charade could only last for so long. Today, the political tide pushing the current of Trudeau-brand “wokism” is beginning to ebb.

In other words, “special interest” non-profit organizations may be beginning to comprehend what “Old Stock” citizens have understood all along. Justin Trudeau uses– or misuses– all identifiable communities in Canada, no matter who they are.

Front-and-centre in government campaigns is our Muslim-Canadian community. Never before has a political leader so blatantly pandered toward– to the point of embarrassment– one specific community within our pluralist society.

An article appearing this month offers an indication of how foreign-born communities may over time adapt to local culture:

“Substance Abuse and Alcoholism Increasing Within Canada’s Muslim Communities”

“As the country’s Muslim numbers grow, one Ontario-based charity says they are facing the same risks of addiction-related mental health challenges and alcoholism as the rest of Canada’s population.”

At the risk of being facetious, one could say that Muslims are now learning what it really means to be Canadian.  CAP fully understand how our Liberal government can “drive you to drink.”

As new arrivals adopt bad habits inherent in Canadian society, perhaps the time has come to join the rest of us in recognition of a salient fact:

Justin Trudeau only magnifies social discord; he does not, and never will, solve the strife experienced by Canada’s identifiable communities.

Why Trudeau chose the route he did is difficult to nail down. It feels like his decisions come from an entity beyond the borders of the Liberal Party of Canada. For eight-years running, the Feds approach to social issues has remained stagnant. Trudeau never changes. Our entire socio-political structure can do an about-face all around him, and our PM would still be playing on the exact same course.

That the playing field has resulted in a diffusion of inter-community harmony among Canadians has never been verbalized by media. Not once has CBC reported something along this line:

“Justin Trudeau came on to the political scene advocating ‘sunny ways’ for Canadian society. Unfortunately, his diversity-is-our-strength mantra has become a giant failure. In 2023, social discord in Canada is at its most extreme point in decades.”

Upon which we recognize a vital truth:

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are so locked-in to woke globalist politics that it’s impossible to transition to a different ideological approach. It’s what occurs within the structure of globalist agenda crafted by forces beyond Canadian borders.

Bringing about an obvious question: Can an alternative government– the only potential alternative– reverse the process of inter-community animosity?

Unlikely it is that a Conservative government can provide the necessary alchemy to transfer societal dirt into gold. That said, party leader Pierre Poilievre may be able to stop a bad problem from getting worse.

Of myriad elements involved, government’s relationship with media could serve as a transitional point. In the opinion of Cultural Action Party, mainstream media, like Trudeau himself, have spent eight years making a bad problem worse.

As with the Liberals, legacy media orientation in Canada has morphed toward globalist orientation. CBC, BBC, CNN, and the rest of the big international media guns maintain a common theme in their political rhetoric.

Everything that isn’t leftist in orientation is “far-right.” Doesn’t matter if its Pierre Poilievre, Donald Trump, or recent winner in an election in the Netherlands, “hard-line” politician Geert Wilders.

Something must change, including a re-orientation of federal funding for Canadian media. A fraction of citizens have likely heard about a recent development in the government-media relationship:

“The federal government will now cover 35% of journalists’ salaries up to $85,000 per year, which is equivalent to $29,750 per newsroom employee.”

Otherwise known as “code red” danger. Make no mistake, this move is communist in orientation. It’s the structure of government-media relations in China. In order to circumvent its novel structure, as well as preventing inevitable incremental increases, the Liberals must lose in a future federal election.

If not, sure as you’re born, that 35% will over time transition to 100%. Authentic-style Chinese communism, here we come.

Unless the Liberals are removed from office. Democracy hangs in the balance. No matter what transpires, Trudeau will always be Trudeau; the Liberals will always be Liberals.

CAP cannot imagine a more damaging political structure for the future of our nation.

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  1. Can a Poilievre government stop us from careening into oblivion? Exaggerating the mess in which we find ourselves; That conjures up images of the film *Unstoppable*; a runaway train movie starring (locomotive engineer) Denzel Washington. In our case; Social engineer Trudeau has Canadas’ throttle in “run8”; full power. He’s rendered the braking system inoperable. If elected; Poilievre will be chasing the heavy train in a low-horsepower yard engine; trying to couple onto the last car. Success! Will he bring it to a stop; or at least reduce speed? Alas; the runaway’s momentum is orders of magnitude too great. The brakes are going up in smoke on Poilievre’s locomotive, and the front-end coupler finally snaps under the tremendous draft (pulling) forces. End of chase. In Denzel’s chase; it was a freight. This is a loaded passenger train. Will Canada end with a wreck? Will it end with a horrendous bang; or a toothless whimper? Stay tuned. Many passengers jumped–While they had a chance. Meanwhile; The world watches with bemusement.


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