How Justin Trudeau Applies China’s Communist SOCIAL ENGINEERING Tactics Within Canadian Society

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One fundamental difference within democratic and communist societies can be found within the spectrum of “demography”— the mix of ethnic and religious community populations within a particular society.

When observing historical dictatorships of modern history, we find a common phenomenon. For example, take the communist nation of China. In specious terms, if the government of China do not like a specific faction of society, they maintain an ability to decimate said community.

Likewise for individuals deemed “problem citizens” by government. Journalists who publish what the ruling politburo do not approve of will be thrown in jail. The European legal theory of “habeas corpus” —  right to a fair trial–does not exist in China.

“While these questions can devolve into morbid pedantry, they raise moral questions that deserve a fresh look, especially as these months mark the sixtieth anniversary of the launch of Mao’s most infamous experiment in social engineering, the Great Leap Forward.”

“It was this campaign that caused the deaths of tens of millions and catapulted Mao Zedong into the big league of twentieth-century murderers.”

So says CBC–not!  In a million years Canada’s state-owned media propaganda unit would never publish anything along these lines. Remember, China is arguably the favourite nation of the Trudeau family– Justin, brother Alexandre(wrote a book praising China), as well as father Pierre Trudeau before them.

Over the past five years, CAP has noticed a curious phenomenon worming its way into Canadian society–China-brand communism. This has manifested in a trans-ition of our mainstream media outlets from presenting relatively objective news to becoming a comprehensive propaganda outlet for our ruling government.

Here is what CBC and the rest are hiding from the people of Canada:

The Liberal government of Canada is emulating communist manipulation of Canadian demography for the purpose of stealing Canada from its rightful owners–the “people” as defined within a  democracy– and trans-fering our nation into a socialist dictatorship.

How is it done, you ask? CAP will summarize with one word– immigration. Did you know? The Trudeau government recently launched something called the “Rural Immigration Pilot Program.”

The “brainchild” of ex immigration minister and Somalian refugee MP Ahmed Hussen, the program ostensibly exists  as a “method” to fill employment positions within rural Canada.

Know what CAP have to say about this? It’s pure poppycock–that’s what. The true agenda is to overwhelm rural, Conservative-held ridings with so many migrants that the riding transitions from Conservative To Liberal forever.

Pretty sneaky, eh? Now, let CAP do what no media organization large or small ever does–project into the future of Canadian demography. Why does CBC never do this? Simple as pie–because English Canada is set-up to be destroyed, and media are hiding this from the general population of Canada

Trudeau’s Globalist Assignment From United Nations:

Import enough 3rd World Liberal voters to win all(or close to all) 338 seats in Parliament. Once this occurs, what is the point of elections? Why would “XYZ” Party spend countless millions on political campaigns when they do not have a hope in hell of forming a government, or even maintain any significant power within government?

Now, let’s expand upon these ideas. Justin Trudeau has created a giant case of social chaos in Canada via his oscillations regarding recent pipeline protests. For CAP, this consternation is calculated to help breakdown society in preparation for the coming “New Canadian Order.”

Add another component to the mix: Under King Justin, both the highest degree of federal deficit–as well as personal and family debt— in Canadian history has been established.

Put it all in a blender, mix it up, and pour into a tall glass. Here is the result:

A state of post-modern “anarchy” is being set-up as we speak. The purpose is found in something Justin Trudeau knows all too well– the dying Great White North will become a socialist dictatorship in due time.

Prepare ye the way of the globalist revolution! PM Trudeau is here to fulfill the globalist dreams of Papa Pierre–while media cover-up the agenda on behalf the United Nations.

CAP Skill-Testing Question Of The Moment: Which identifiable community has undergone the process of being demonized within society since the day King Justin donned his crown?

Another simple one–it is obviously the Anglophone-Canadian community. These people will never buy the communist social engineering program, will not buy Justin’s virtue-signalling deceptions, and are much less likely to vote Liberal.

Same thing for 3rd World Canada? Of course not–and this is very reason why our people are shunned by Trudeau, while the 3rd world is holistically embraced.

Getting with the program, fellow patriots? More painful questions: Please name the number of times when Justin Trudeau has made a verbal reference to English Canada, Anglophone Canada, or Christian Canada.

Of course, the answer is ZERO TIMES. Out of sight, out of mind?  Why is Trudeau silent about our people?

Because he doesn’t care about them is one obvious answer. CAP will take one step beyond– could it be because said community has no future within Trudeau’s vision for communist Canada?

Think about it–Canadians are drowning in taxes(calculated to destroy), while 3rd World birthrates are exploding. Media say nothing. White Canada in 2020 is a diminishing community within the spectrum of identifiable groups in society. Our populations are shrinking rapidly as a result of low birthrates and an aging demographic.

Think this to be macabre? Can’t believe it can get worse? Sorry, folks–hate to disappoint. By way of the Pierre Trudeau-founded abortion laws, 90,000 Canadian fetuses are destroyed every year. Do the math, and this equates with around 3 Million fetuses destroyed over three decades–95% of them “Old Stock” Canadian offspring.

What other nation maintains a “No-Term-Limit” abortion policy like Canada does? Surprise– the communist nation of China. Our population is 37.7 Million souls. China has a population of 1.3 Billion people.

And yet our abortion policies are identical–courtesy of Pierre Trudeau. What is spawn Justin’s attitude toward abortion in Canada? Why, it is identical to Pierre’s–if not more extreme.

Here we see how all this nefarious social engineering emulates that of Trudeau family hero-nation China. Justin Trudeau is Canada’s Chairman Mao. The CBC are Canada’s communist media propaganda machine.

This is the true state-of-affairs for the Anglophone peoples of Canada. Everything that government, media and our Marxist(Pierre Trudeau again) educational institutions inform Canadians regarding our dying democracy and demography are pre-meditated globalist lies.










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  1. I just can’t wait to see how the Democrats can follow this progressive policy in the USA! Imagine, Canada will once again be competitive with America. It will be a race to the bottom!!!!


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