How Jagmeet Singh Holds 40 Million Canadians Hostage

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Subterfuge, noun:

“An artifice or expedient used to evade a rule, escape a consequence, hide something.”

If media in Canada were not being paid-in-full by our federal government, a pertinent fact regarding the state of democracy in our country would by now have been exposed.

PM Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have little, if any respect for the institution of democracy in Canada. Rather than adhere to western political principles, the Liberals love to dance around the law. Throughout the eight-year period the Feds have maintained iron-clad control of society, circumvention of democratic process has remained a specialty.

A most blatant example comes in the form of subterfuge exercised by PM Trudeau and his current political partner, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh.

What it pretends to be:

‘The Liberals And NDP Are Learning To Work Together. Is That A Model For The Future?’

The “Justin-Jagmeet Circumvention Of Democracy Road Show” certainly hope so. This way, while 40 million Canadians call for a federal election to take place, the Liberals and NDP can snub them all while continuing on with a culture-decimating agenda. It’s an absolute disgrace, but you won’t be hearing that from legacy media.

“The primary takeaway from the experience to date might be merely that such a thing is possible — that two competing parties can find agreement on a set of ideas and work together to implement those policies.”

“For the parties involved, the greatest lesson might be the value of communication and building personal relationships.”

CAP would be hard-pressed to find a greater farce than this piece of pablum.

In no manner is this the purpose of the Liberal-NDP pact. The true reason is to maintain a federal government status quo for as long as humanly possible.

Neither Justin nor Jagmeet give a flying fig about democracy. Trudeau has proven so with his comments of admiration for China, communism, Fidel Castro and the like.

Mr. Singh, on the other hand, does have a concern for nationalism. In the Punjab, that is. Evangelist for Khalistan national independence back in the homeland of his parents, the government in India responded by labelling him a terrorist.

As for Canada, both politicians are chock full of scorn toward our society. According to the mighty duo, our citizenship is racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic and genocidal.

Quite the laundry list of complementary feelings it is. Yet, no thinking Canadian should expect otherwise. It’s what occurs when a hidden goal supersedes the traditional role of government leaders.

Cultural Action Party [est.2016] need not provide links to prove that every poll for month’s shows Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives way out in front of the Liberals.

So, for the purpose of buying time for Trudeau’s team to mount a comeback, Jagmeet Singh is currently delaying a federal election. Meanwhile, he rants about healthcare, as if this is his primary motivation.

Bollocks to that– it’s a falsehood. Under the circumstances, what Trudeau-Singh have engaged in is circumvention of democratic process.

Here’s thing about democracy– facts which establishment media refuse to project on to the minds of 40 million Canadian voters.

Four pillars of Democracy in Canada: Representation, Justice, Equity and Freedoms.

“Citizen participation in government is more than just a right – it is a responsibility.”

Please. Don’t make CAP cough on our Tim Horton’s donuts. The Justin-Jagmeet pact is in every way antithetical to this fundamental of democracy.

Citizens want an election. Momentum is such that if Jagmeet Singh stopped holding democracy hostage, it’s just about guaranteed that a federal election  would be soon to follow.

Singh doesn’t care, because like Trudeau, the NDP leader is more interested in “soft revolution” than sound fiscal policy. Beneath the surface lies what media refuse to expose: a globalist-oriented ideological agenda.

This agenda includes systemic inversion of Canada’s social order. Being a Sikh, Singh wants his people elevated to top-rung social status. PM Trudeau want the same for Muslims.

As alluded to by both men, neither think much of Anglophone-Canadians. Justin is Quebecois, therefore they escape his wrath. In order to continue with their covert form of socio-political revolution, the two men are keeping the pact in place.

What percentage of seats in the House are held by Jagmeet Singh’s NDP Party? Why, that would be a flaccid 7%. On this basis,  Jagmeet Singh now holds the keys to the kingdom of democracy in Canada.

It should not be this way, but it is. Pourquoi? Because behind the backs of millions of democracy-respecting citizens we find Trudeau and Singh pulling Canada’s political strings.

It’s a disgrace, but what can citizens do about it? Try nothing at all. While media say nothing of the sort, Canada remains a hi-jacked democracy.

2 thoughts on “How Jagmeet Singh Holds 40 Million Canadians Hostage”

  1. what can canadians do? 40 million canadians, 1 jagmeet singh. its not hard to figure out. the canadians are docile due to medications and recreational drugs and alcohol. stupefied to a point of permanent coma from ever taking action. drooling all over their shirts while starring at the tell-a-vision which force feeds that no other country is greater than canada.

    ya… you need a cattle prod to move a canadian off his sofa. otherwise its numb.

  2. Get rid of both these knuckleheads. They are destroying the fabric of Canada by having an open ended immigration program that’s being taken advantage by criminals, terrorists, money launderers, thieves, gangsters, etc etc. All of this to boost their support which also requires them to support the agenda of these misfits who have immigrated here.


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