How Immigration Policy Results In A Justin Trudeau “DICTATORSHIP”

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Here’s a critical issue within contemporary Canadian politics media choose to ignore— the symbiotic relationship between immigration policy, and an accumulation of political power in Canada.

Sounds pretty darn vital for CAP. Looks entirely inconsequential for CBC, Globe & Mail, and the rest of establishment media in Canada.

Consider the following: Media often reference the changes to migration quotas in Canada. For example, National Post will published the fact that Justin Trudeau and his pit-bull MP Ahmed Hussen have raised immigration quotas from 305,000 in 2018, to 340,000 in 2012. Additionally, Toronto Star may make reference to the fact that these Liberal government quotas are the highest in the past 100 years or so– a pretty significant fact, to say the least.

Yet, what media never reference is the following: the bottom line impact of the highest per-capita migration quotas in the western world upon federal election outcomes.

Why does media refrain? CAP will explain. Once again, the actual premise is very simple– the more migrants from the Third World, the greater the percentage of Liberal Party voters.

Some little known information: Justin Trudeau and back-room schemer Gerald Butts are well aware that new immigrant arrivals tend to vote for the party in power at the time they enter the country. Also, Third World families tend to vote in unison for their party of choice. Finally, Third World families are generally larger than that of the Canadian-born. Another bonus.

As our immigration minister, a half -citizen from Somalia, Africa, informed Canadians, he will import approximately 1.5 million migrants-– ie voters-– during the next four year term in office. Let’s estimate this equates with one million new Liberal votes after the four year term passes.

What percentage of Canadian citizens failed to vote in the recent federal election?  This would be 31.5%.  Are Justin and Butts disappointed in this turn out? Of course not–in fact, they are darn pleased with this.

Pouquoi? Because the lower the percentage of Old Stock Canadian voters, the greater the impact of the Liberal-Third World vote. Bingo– there you have it. Now, add 2-3 DECADES of this dynamic, and there you have it:

Dictatorship-time for King Justin Globetrotter.  Mission accomplished. “Beam me up Scotty, I control your body.”

End Game: King Justin trans-sitions to Canada’s version of Fidel Castro. A pseudo-dictatorship is established. What a development! Yet, because we are dealing with a member of the Trudeau family–it gets worse.

This socialist power-grab would be be enough if it was not for one ominous piece of information. Rather than respect the tired, dinosaur Old Stock folks like Trudeau does with his precious Sikh, Muslim and other Third World communities, our PM takes tangible action to demonize Anglophone Canada.

This was manifest in Justin series of apologies to special interest communities during his first four-year term. And his choice of wording: “Canada failed the Jewish People,” Trudeau proclaims.

Frankly, CAP call bollocks on this one–and here’s why. We don’t believe “Canada failed the Jews.” To word the apology in this manner is to posit the absolute worst-case scenario possible–that our entire nation, and all Canadian citizens alive during WW2 are culpable in the regard is to paint a false portrait.

More accurate would be to suggest “the Canadian government of the time “failed” the St. Louis boatload of refugees.” It is not “all of Canada”— this is a deception invoked to absolutely maximize national culpability. In other words, this is the most extreme manner possible to frame this historical incident.

For CAP, this is Justin Trudeau. He was most obviously out to damage our national reputation, branding our entire nation and all its contents as racist bigots. Now, add to this apology to First Nations, Sikhs, Chinese, LGBT, and Muslims. Stir up in a large bowl and what do you have?

Simple as pie- a nation of Anglophone racists who hate all non-Anglophones. Why would Trudeau deliver this tacit message to our nation? Again, the answer is easy –to damage our reputation by painting whitey as permanently bigoted, racist and xenophobic.

This is what Gerald Butts achieved with his apology string-pulling shenanigans. Very clever, Butts-Boy. Do consider: What is hereby contained within this article has never, and will never, appear within any establishment media organization in Canada–the very reason why Trudeau is attempting to employ suppression of freedom of speech on the internet.

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Every four years government imports 1.5 million Third World voters. Just under one third of Old Stock Canadians do not vote(should be compulsory or receive a fine like they do in Australia).

Getting the picture? CAP is. This whole thing is a set-up for the transition of Canada from a democracy to a dictatorship.

A quote from the brother of our prime minister, Alexandre “Sascha” Trudeau, adds context:

“Combined with a Herculean physique and extraordinary personal courage, this monumental intellect makes Fidel the giant that he is. He is something of a superman…They (Cubans) do occasionally complain, often as an adolescent might complain about a too strict and demanding father…”

Hello CBC? Globe & Mail–cat got your tongue? The fact is the Trudeau family– Justin, Alexandre and Pierre before them– adore Fidel Castro. Can the erudite Andrew Coyne not add 2 + 2 together? Of course he can–he is simply not permitted to do so.

Communism 101? For certain, say CAP. Bottom Line: The Liberal-Globalists are strategically working to disempower and marginalize Old Stock Canada, while empowering the Third World with an ability to lock-in Justin Trudeau as dictator-for-life.

Result: Loss of democracy, freedom of speech. A trans-sition to a socialist political state. Justin Trudeau as ersatz communist dictator. Media say nothing-not a single word alluding to any aspect of what is being expressed within these lines.

Fidel Castro and Cuba. Venezuela and Hugo Chavez. Canada and Justin Trudeau. This is CAP Theory–we stand by this “till the cows come home on a cold day on the Canadian prairies.”






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