How Government & Media Use Racism As A Political Weapon In Canada

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Who knew that a donation of $133.00 dollars to a Conservative Party MP would create so much consternation within the realm of Canadian federal politics?

Such is the case regarding MP Derek Sloan, a self-admitted social conservative   representing the riding of Hastings—Lennox and Addington, Ontario.

The issue at hand is the identity of the donor. Paul Fromm of Toronto has for years been branded a neo-Nazi by government and media. This article is not about Mr. Fromm.

Rather, we speak of government and media’s utilization of the “racist tag” to demonize MP Derek Sloan. Looking into this matter, an element of hypocrisy emerges straight away.

While PM Justin Trudeau praises Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole on his vigilance regarding MP Sloan, establishment media has overlooked a giant piece of hypocrisy:

Published by CBC News:Anti-hate groups are urging the federal government to reconsider which employers can apply for the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) after self-described white nationalist Paul Fromm received COVID-19 relief funds for two of his groups.”

Fromm received money for the Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE) after the government published a searchable registry of companies that have accessed CEWS.”

Derek Sloan received his Fromm donation in the manner any MP would accept a financial donation. Presumably, Mr. Sloan has a base of supporters which would result in many similar donations, all received in the same manner.

The problem was that donation-gatherers did not recognize the notoriety of one specific donor. From this standard scenario, an issue of magnanimous proportions now permeates Canadian society.

Naturally, it would not be such if CBC, CTV, and Globe & Mail did not make it such. But they did, which in truth, speaks volumes about racism within contemporary Canada.

As Cultural Action Party has previously opined, we believe that the issue of racism today functions as a political weapon. Let patriots ask themselves– to what degree was a Liberal government or party member chastised for issuing the Trudeau government’s Covid Employment Relief funds to Paul Fromm’s not-for-profit organization?

The answer lies between zero and nothing. Yet, when observing a equivalent bureaucratic transaction, suddenly Derek Sloan is an evil racist who deserves to be fed to the wolves.

CAP call poppycock on this one. The situation is so obviously a biased, hateful Liberal/Media attack upon a Conservative MP.

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Enter PM Justin Trudeau, and his over-the-top brand of contrived righteousness. As mentioned, our illustrious PM is praising Conservative leader Erin O’Toole for his dedication to rooting out the racist.

What CBC, National Post and Toronto Star eschew is simple in concept. The real reason Trudeau is doing this is that when he speaks on the situation, the “Conservative as racists” theory will penetrate society so much deeper than if he kept his mouth shut.

Once Trudeau gets in the game, the demonization expands– and so do the “legs” of the media story.

CAP Opinion: The advent of Justin Trudeau as prime minister has established a transition of the issue of racism from a social condition to political weapon. Then again, “rooting out the undesirables” is primary totalitarian tactic.

This is, in fact, one major reason why Trudeau will win his 3rd term in a row as Canada’s prime minister. The branding of the only true contender to Trudeau’s pseudo-dictatorship as racist, bigoted and xenophobic is the most powerful element of campaign marketing in existence.

Common sense Canadians would be wise to ask themselves: when is the last time a Liberal MP was accused of racism? Try one step short of never.

Think that racist personalities do not exist among Trudeau’s “flock” of righteous Liberal MP’s? Not a chance. The difference is that these politicians direct their malevolence toward Canadians of the “Old Stock” variety.

In this instance, all is forgiven by CBC and corporate media. The hypocrisy remains palatable, and extreme. And yet, Canadians never hear of it, and likely never will.

In 2021, government and media function as a communist-style tag-team of news delivery. Such is the case regarding the blatant hypocrisy of Canada’s controlling institutions regarding a $113.00 dollar donation to MP Derek Sloan of Ontario.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016).







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