How Establishment Media DESTROYED Anglophone Identity In Canada

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Culture. Identity. Pride. Community. For CAP, these words hold a key to the most critical issue within 2020 Canadian society.

For Canadian patriots, it is critical that we comprehend this situation in clear terms. Our communities are under serious social assault by way of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his team of communist-oriented team of media pundits.

In Trudeau’s post-modern Canada, privilege is tricky business. Media claim it is our nation’s Anglophone communities which maintain “white privilege.”

Is it these folks who are free to express pride in their community from an ethnic or cultural point-of-view? No, it is not– this privilege goes to, as an example, Canada’s Sikh Community. How about dedication to culture? No way Jose, this belongs to Chinese-Canada and their various Chinatowns.

How is Anglophone identity working out these days? Frankly, CAP is surprised that this is not illegal in Trudeau’s Canada. Meanwhile, Islamic identity is the “belle of the ball” over at CBC Corporation. Not a day goes by where this Trudeau-funded globalist media institution is not plugging the Nation of Islam in one form or another.

What then is media’s “weapon of mass destruction?” Simple as pie– an accusation of racism. This is the “silver bullet” in the globalist gun.

Within present-day society it is perfectly acceptable(paid for with Anglo tax-dollars) for the following identifiable communities to express community pride:

Sikh, Chinese, Muslim, LGBT, Transsexual, Pakistani, Iranian, Syrian, Somalian, African, Asian, First Nations, Lesbians, Feminist(hypocrites that they are), Nigerian Homosexuals, Sudanese Transexuals.

Communities who shall NOT express any element of pride in their identity:

Anglophone Canadians, Christian Canadians, Heterosexual Canadians.

How odd-ball this is! The “Old Stock” communities are the descendants of the European settlers who established Canada as a democratic society which values(read valued--past tense) democracy, rule-of-law, human rights based upon Magna Carta-rooted human rights legislation.

So why is it that the Anglo-Christian element of society is held back from a display of community pride? Because we are white? Yes–CAP believe this is the reason. This is important to Justin Trudeau for several reasons:

— Trudeau has been assigned the post-modern task of transforming Canada from democracy to dictatorship. Anglophones stand in the way of this goal, therefore our people have been branded a nemesis community by CBC. This way, we will be disempowered more expediently.

Combine this with government’s recent plan to limit hiring of white Canadians, as well as CBC’s dedication to the cause–like this:

BURIED BY MEDIA:  Government-Controlled CBC News RESTRICT HIRING Of Anglophone-Canadians

See how they run! CBC say nothing of the punitive agenda of the Liberal government toward our communities.

CAP Bottom Line: Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada is a post- Anglophone-Christian society. Whitey does not “fit”--so what to do? This community will be nothing but a pest over the decades or so it takes to trans-fer Canada into a full-on dictatorship.


We won’t buy what Trudeau has to sell. We recognize the game plan– and hate what we see. So Trudeau gathers with Gerald Butts and MP Ahmed Hussen to plan a strategy. “I know,” says one to the other. Destroy their dignity, marginalize their communities, brand them racist while trans-itioning them into a minority community.

For CAP, this is our nation in 2020. Every pseudo-communist or authentic totalitarian society MUST HAVE a “nemesis” community. Within Justin Trudeau’s “No Core Identity” nation, this distinction has been “awarded” to the Canada’s Anglophone community. 





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  1. So, call me racist. I don’t care. I’m anglophone and proud of it. All whites should do the same, however, they probably do not care either.


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