How Did Canada Fall Under The Control of The Radical Left Anyway?

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“A leader also has to know that when their minister is going off in a direction that is harmful to the country, harmful to national unity.”

“When they’re creating that kind of division, it’s upon a leader to step in and say, hold on a minute, there might be something that I need to do some course correction on here,” stated Alberta Premier Danielle Smith in an article published this week in the Calgary Sun.

If a leader doesn’t step in, what kind of statement does this make regarding PM Justin Trudeau and his ideological positioning? For one thing, it’s arguable that our prime minister is in favour of national disunity. After all, a united national populous can be a mighty powerful force in society. Based on eight years of observation, it’s obvious PM Trudeau despises powerful social forces.

Trudeau wants nothing of the sort. For eight years, the Liberal government of Canada has been laying down an ideological blueprint for our nation derived from the desires of nefarious globalist entities.

World Economic Forum, China, United Nations, World Sikh Organization, World Health Organization, Middle Eastern governments, LGBT practitioners, and others of that ilk.

At a basic level, our prime minister functions as a form of political prostitute. He goes where the money is to be found. Why else would a situation exist whereby the Feds support political movements as incongruous as the Islamic community and the LGBT industry?

Premier Smith speaks of Liberal Minister of Environment Stephen Guilbeault, but he’s far from the only one. For certain, he’s an environmental radical. In Alberta, another example of fanaticism exists in the form of Edmonton MP Randy Boissionnault, whose vehemence regarding  transgenderism equals the environmental passion play administered by Guilbeault.

Just this week, a new form of fanaticism played out as the Feds introduce proposed legislation in the form of an “Online Harms” Bill. Leading with what is certain to be accepted throughout society–preventing children from online harm– a secondary feature focuses on the contentious topic of online hate.

“We cannot tolerate anarchy on the internet,” Justice Minister Arif Virani told a press conference this week.

Is anarchy the proper word to describe the condition of the internet in contemporary society? Sounds a bit radical to CAP.

Import from Uganda Virani can’t get through his messaging without conjuring up one out of myriad justifications for “online hate” control:

“I’m also a Muslim. The hatred that festers online is radicalizing people and that radicalization has real world impacts for my community, and for so many other communities,” added Virani.

Cultural Action Party[est.2016] retort with the following: show us an identifiable community, and we’ll show you a community that gets thrashed on the internet– inclusive of white Canadians, Christians, Anglophones, Jews, Blacks and others.

“Canada has introduced a new bill that aims to combat online abuse with steep penalties for hate crimes – including life in prison for inciting genocide.”

Canadian journalist Brian Lilley:

“Radical is a word that fits the Trudeau Liberals. They are no longer a party of the centre, trying to appeal to a wide array of Canadians, they are far-left, alt-left radicals.”

So what radicalism, anyway?

Radical, adjective

“(Especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something.”

Perhaps Mr. Lilley is on to something. From day one of the Trudeau regime, CAP has maintained that the current incarnation of the Liberal Party has diverged from all others that came before them.

Team Trudeau are gunning to “affect the fundamental nature” of Canada. In doing so, their agenda is wholly detached from basic tenets of democracy such as “will of the people.”

The “Woke Revolution” is a term that CAP has coined in regard to the manner in which leftist radicals like Trudeau, Guilbeault, Boissionnault, Freeland, Hussen, and other top Liberal brass operate.

Radical, noun

“A person who advocates thorough or complete political or social reform; a member of a political party or part of a party pursuing such aims.”

Beauty, eh? A bang-on assessment of Trudeau’s Liberals it is. When a government eschews public opinion, when they place an internally-developed(or adopted) agenda at the pinnacle of political activity, radicalism is what transpires.

Her[Premier Danielle Smith] dig at Guilbeault and his radical nature echoed comments made by Ontario Premier Doug Ford:

“Who’s running the country, Justin Trudeau or Guilbeault?” Ford asked on Global News Radio with John Oakley.

“Right now, I don’t know.”

After which CAP go out on a politically incorrect limb: “neither does anyone else, Premier Ford.” It’s as if Canada has spent the past eight years under the control of invisible international forces hell-bent on re-defining Canadian society for all-time.

Make that ten years, in all likelihood. Does this not come across like a pre-meditated agenda of cultural transformation intended from day one to exist for a full ten-year period?

Likely it is that it would be over by now, if not for a federal party that is ostensibly in direct competition with the Liberals. Or to be more, precise, one individual: New Democratic Party leader, Jagmeet Singh and his so-called “supply and confidence” agreement.

“Let’s just have an election so that this can be resolved one way or another,” Premier Smith said.

But it ain’t gonna happen, because Jagmeet Singh, whose party control less than 8% of seats in Parliament, says no.

As we said, a hijacked country. One in which leftist Liberal radicals, ethno-centrics and eco-warriors are in full control of society.

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  1. It has been a long slow process which formally began with the election of communist Pierre Trudeau , and culminating with the election of WEF proxy Justin (Castro) Trudeau.

    The level of Canadian naivety is astounding. Canadians have a bad case of leftist virtue signalling ( multiculturalism support , white guilt , denigrating Canadian history and achievements , more government is good ) while ignoring reality right under their nose.


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