How Covid-19 Helps Fulfill Trudeau’s Transition To A SOCIALIST CANADA

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Reliance on government. Among other fundamentals, one indication of an existence of a socialist state in when the majority of the citizenship rely on government for their every day lives.

In CAP’s opinion, a transformation in this direction is at the heart of the Trudeau-Liberal agenda of national seduction.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the federal government is looking at ways to get money directly into the pockets of Canadians so they can cover their bills should their lives be upended by COVID-19.”

“He says help would be targeted to vulnerable Canadians, as well as help to small businesses and workers who see disruptions in their earnings.”

Duplicity—  “contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action” tendency always lies at the core of any public statement Justin Trudeau makes regarding the social conditions of the dying Great White North.

See how on the surface it appears PM Trudeau is doing something good for Canadians? Witness how media offer no derivation from this seemingly benevolent statement?

But what does it mean when citizens of a nation become overly reliant on government? No surprise, CAP has some thoughts on this one:

Fact: Justin Tudeau and his hired gun Somalian MP Ahmed Hussen have created  the highest rates of migrant/refugee intake in Canadian history. Fair to say these folks degree of reliance on government– in tangible terms, nice-looking government welfare checks– is extremely high.

Therefore, new immigrants fit neatly into Trudeau and Hussen’s vision for the destiny of Canada as a socialist nation-state in the spirit of Trudeau family hero-nations China and Cuba.

So what comes next? How about the idea that the globalist brigade are moving to Stage 2 of the transformation of Canada from democracy to dictatorship.

Globalist Thinking: If we can get the Canadian-born to rely on government, then in time this should become the general state-of-affairs within all of Canadian society.

That is, except for…the RICH. When CAP think of these types, we are thinking of the following entities:

— Globalist Bankers,  George Soros’ “Open Border Foundation.”

— Liberal Laurentian Mountain Elites: Trudeau, Bill Morneau, Francois Philippe Champagne, Gerald Butts, Trudeau Foundation, Canada -China Business Council.

In other words, the set-up is, in fact, a socialist “prototype” for the future of Canadian society. Perhaps patriots have heard of Canada’s future, but if so it is certainly not by way of CBC and establishment media in Canada.

Interesting, eh? While Canada maintains the highest per-capita migrant intake rate on planet earth, CTV, Globe & Mail, National Post and Toronto Star never breath a word of what our nation’s demographic make-up will be in two or three decades time.

Therefore, let CAP inform you. Immigrants from India comprise 26% of overall migrants to Canada. They are #1. China is #2, Nigeria is #4, Iran is #6.

Media say nothing. Not even when Covid-19 comes to Canada, Trudeau will not lower immigration quotas by a single soul. 

Do tell, fellow patriots–is this indicative of a PM who does their job properly? The top priority of a Canadian PM is the health and safety of our citizenship–and Trudeau refuses to do the job.

Hidden By Media: Canadian Banking Holds $18 Billion In SHARIA MORTGAGES, Growing Rapidly

Ever get the feeling that every single thing King Justin does is pre-meditated, and includes a nefarious underside to the decision? CAP does- perpetually. Feigning concern for the “average Canadian”— who in reality Justin Trudeau couldn’t give a damn about– the underbelly of the beast is increased reliance on government–socialist style.

It is true that CAP are western Canadian-centric. We began as a “watchdog” style activist group focused upon the Canada-China Globalist Agenda. Turns out we were right, actually.

Considering western Canada, take a second to absorb this: Now, as Alberta continues to crawl out of a downturn, the province has been hit by a double-whammy of COVID-19 and a Russia-Saudi price war that caused oil prices to crash.

Lacking a crystal ball, Cultural Action Party took a wild guess at what would trans-pire within society as a result of Justin Trudeau’s egocentric, manipulative leadership style.

Basically, the thought was “Trudeau will eventually bring Canada to its knees”–socially as well as economically. Looking at the fate of the province of Alberta, we see this as the fissure which may break Canada apart.

One thing we will state with aplomb is that whatever occurs, the part of Canada which remains under control of the Liberal-3rd World government will become a socialist dictatorship.

This is the Canada of the GTA. This is MP Ahmed Hussen’s Canada– the nation who gets paid back for all the hatred this drop-in demographic assassin has toward English Canada.

It is Gerald Butts’ Canada-– and therefore George Soros and 3rd World Canada. It is a Canada where drop-in 3rd world MP’s from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Somalia maintain giant power within government.

Justin Trudeau brought all this to Canada. By way of immaturity, gullibility,  and inexperience, Mr. Trudeau ushered in his personal(non-democratic) form of governance:

He went to work on behalf of every nation except Canada. CBC say nothing. National Post write nothing. Therefore our dying nation continues along a pre-conceived trajectory which only the “elite”–and perhaps some actual patriots–truly understand.

Justin Trudeau is a destroyer. This should have been obvious from week one on the job. Due to CBC and establishment media, it is only coming to light after five years of cretinous political behaviour.

Too bad, so sad, eh?






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