How Covid-19 CONFIRMS Justin Trudeau Works For U.N., China, Islam

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CAP have a special word for the Trudeau government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic–“reluctance.”

Every decision–or non-decision--made by Trudeau, Health Minister Patty Hadju and the Liberal government make is one of reluctance to face the truth: China is infecting the nations of the world with  strategically-targeting biological warfare.

While other western nations take serious precautions against the former Coronavirus(beer sales were down) from consuming their nations, Justin Trudeau has not of yet closed the borders to Canada in any capacity.

Now, we turn to media. Please do tell, fellow patriots, why the CBC, CTV, Toronto Star and Globe & Mail have not expressed a single word about the idea of shutting Canadian doors to travellers.

Why is it that while Covid-19 rages, immigrants from Iran, Nigeria and dozens of other 3rd World nations are literally pouring into Canada as we speak? Did you know? At present, Nigeria is #4 on the list of source nations for immigration to Canada. Iran is # 6.

CBC say nothing of this, and rather than point out the inherent health dangers involved, Trudeau’s media puppets continue to tow the tired and tedious line regarding globalism.

Want a piece of truth? Here it is– globalism is resulting in the deaths of thousands from China’s latest disease export. Perhaps hundreds of thousands of deaths will occur before someone makes billions of dollars by producing an antidote–most likely the Trudeau family hero-nation of China itself.

Expanding our thoughts on media, CAP have come to a singular conclusion. Justin Trudeau and his Globalist media slaves work for shadowy international forces. So much so they are muzzled from any critical approach toward entities such as Communist China, and militant Islam.

Seems obvious, does it not? Did you know? It has now been revealed that a young toddler in Calgary, Alberta has the dreaded virus. Were this child to die, what would Justin Trudeau have to say about it?

Would this Canadian “King of Kings” in any way hold China responsible? Would a critical word be delivered regarding the hero-nation of Pierre, Justin and commie brother Alexandre Trudeau?

CAP guess no-emphatically. Pourquoi? Because it is obvious from the fall-out of Coronavirus that Justin Trudeau’s heart–not to mention pocketbook--resides with the success of China’s geo-political agenda.

Indeed, this Trudeau character is the king of working globalist agendas. Since the moment Trudeau took office, the man was hard at work–promoting 7th century religions, empowering  half-citizen 3rd World MP’s, funding “multicultural” non-profit organizations with alleged ties to militant Islam, advancing Sikh half-citizens into the Liberal Cabinet, and sending billions of our tax dollars to Middle Eastern and African nations.

Tell us, Mr, Trudeau–what ever happened to the role of a PM as outlined in the Canadian Constitution? Dedication to country, citizenship, and the health/welfare of these citizens.

For King Justin, that is all so “2014.” Mr. Trudeau has taken it upon himself to trans-form the role of a Canadian prime minister.

CAP’s Assessment Of The Trudeau Job Description:

1) Work the will of the United Nations. 2) Work the Carbon Tax agenda to extract extra billions from Canadian tax payers. 3) Throw these billions at 3rd World governments to buy their favour.

4) Import so many 3rd world migrants that every federal riding in Canada is trans-formed into a Liberal stronghold. Create massive federal deficits. Create the highest level of family and personal debt for Canadians.

5) Hand political control to U.N., China, Islamic Nations. 6) Render democracy meaningless by controlling all 338 ridings in Parliament. 7) Transform Canada into a socialist dictatorship.

8) Create a new class of oppressed Canadians– Anglophone-Canadians, as well as Christian-Canadians.

TRENDING UPWARD: 500,000 Canadian Children Living In POVERTY While Trudeau Finances 500,000 Rohingya Refugees

Fact is, Justin Trudeau has done a bang-up job of all this. Yes, perhaps his specious mind is not capable of comprehending the idea that this political cretin has been used and abused by those far more cagey than the commie-lover. United Nations–backed by the Saudis et all, has taken Trudeau–and therefore all Canadians–for the “ride of our lives.”

For CAP, Covid-19 is a strategic globalist weapon. In other words, it is built to destroy–and so is Justin Trudeau himself. CBC say nothing. National Post will not allude to even a crumb of pre-meditated germ warfare as the motivator for the virus.

Are we all today nothing more than slaves of communist China? CAP thinks we are. Clearly, the nation the commie Trudeau clan admire so much is a veritable nightmare for the dying Great White North.

Frankly, it always will be–the very reason why Justin, brother Alexandre and Pierre Trudeau before them have embraced the behemoth nation so vigorously over the past four decades.


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  1. Well said. I am very deep down this Rabbit hole as deep and beyond the Zionists history and deeper into the Jesuits. Do yourself a favor and go down historically to find your answers. Expose trudeaus connection with Frank Giustra and pedophilia. I feel you may know something already, but if true history as far back as the 1500’s is not on your agenda… then your agenda may not be complete.



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