How CBC, Media Are Using Accusations Of “Racism” To CONTROL Canadian Society

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Some CAP readers may recall a certain pop hit by singer Chris Isaac, who had a hit single entitled “Wicked Game.”

CAP often think of this tune when considering how the Liberal government of Canada—along with their leftist media partners— approach the management of our nation from a social perspective.

“What a wicked game they play…”  goes the refrain. For CAP, this encapsulates so much of what Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government employ within 2020 Canada.

So too for CBC and mainstream corporate media in Canada. What is one elementary aspect of this agenda?

The branding of anyone who objects to a pre-conceived globalist plan of the erosion of Canadian democracy. More specifically, whenever a Canadian gets so “hot under the collar” regarding the lunacy of the Trudeau government, the “racist branding” begins to come out of the closet.

What is the purpose? To control Canadian society. There was a time when democratic fundamentals such as will of the majority held meaning within Canadian politics.

Those days are DEAD. Pourquoi? Because under PM Justin Trudeau, Canada in 2020 is a pseudo-socialist nation. What is the blueprint for our national destiny?

CAP say it is the communist nation of China—a heroic entity to PM Justin Trudeau, brother Alexandre Trudeau, as well as father Pierre Trudeau before them.

Perhaps the ultimate weapon of control, the accusation of racism is thrown around more than a  volley ball at Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver, B.C.

Justin Trudeau uses it—as he did when branding racist a lady who asked him about financial costs related to illegal border jumpers. Likewise for Mr. Trudeau’s hired-hand of cultural eradication, half-Somalian MP Ahmed Hussen.

Add Canadians academics, stir in Liberal-puppet media figures, and go from there.

Guess what, fellow patriots? Have you heard the news? Both Don Cherry and pop idol Bryan Adams are today racists. Not according to general society—who mean nothing under the spell of Trudeau-brand Liberal-Globalism.

Rather, it is according to 3rd World-derived Canada-bashers such as journalist Shree Paradkar, Senator Ratna Omidvar, and “multicultural” advocate, Ms. Amy Go.

How is it these people maintain such a powerful force within Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada? 

Simple as apple pie: CBC and corporate Canadian media. These folks have trans-itioned into the politically correct “police” of society.

Want the opinion of the “experts?”  How odd it is that every one of them are either Liberal government, Liberal media, or Liberal academics.

As for CAP, or any one like us, we are all racist as hell. Such effective weaponry, is it not?

Of course it is—an accusation of racism is what keeps general society in a socialist straight-jacket while government transition our nation from democracy to dictatorship.

Why CAP Say This: Because never(have never seen it in 30 years of political coverage) do these globalist practitioners reference the actual DEFINITION of racism accordion to Canadian law, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, or our criminal code.

What does this mean for millions of Canadian patriots? Try this on for size:

Racism is thereby defined as whatever Justin Trudeau says it is. Likewise for myriad so-called “multicultural” organizations(mono-cultural as heck).

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This way, the minority controls the majority. In truth, this is all so very “Trudeau Dynasty.”

It was Pierre Trudeau who turned Canada upside-down in this manner. Result? 5% of society can control 95% of society. This is what Justin and Alexandre Trudeau’s Canada is all about in the year 2020.

Degree to which our general populace comprehend this? Minimal at best—and there are good reasons for this social inversion:

Here are some:

Pierre Trudeau as the prototype. Liberal Party of Canada. “Multiculturalism.” Mass 3rd World immigration. Pseudo-Socialism. Media control. Globalist propaganda. CBC, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star. Mayors of Canada’s largest cities.

Truly, we could go on like this till the cows home on an Alberta Beef farm—if there are any remaining.

It’s all so twisted as a propped up puppet leads our nation down the road to the end of democracy in Canada. 

In its stead come the post-modern power players of society. Immigration “experts.” Multicultural non-profits funded by way of Old Stock Canadian tax-payers. Academic “experts.”

McGill University social sciences graduates. Law school graduates from University of Toronto. Armed with an intrinsic hatred of all that is Anglophone Canadian, the brainwashed individuals join the Canada-hating power-mongers upon graduation.

This is the true “post-modern” Canada of which PM Justin Trudeau speaks. All supporting propaganda from media, academia and social justice warriors are siding with China for the benefit of globalist forces who today control the destiny of the dying Great White North.


2 thoughts on “How CBC, Media Are Using Accusations Of “Racism” To CONTROL Canadian Society”

  1. (a) re: “There was a time when democratic fundamentals such as will of the majority held meaning within Canadian politics.” History shows that this was never the case outside of the single day of election every four years;

    (b) CBC and CTV are extremely racists as they attack one segment of society to improve the lot of another. In this case, they attack Canadians to benefit new ‘residents’; We need a campaign that encourages Canadians to call the CBC and CTV racits, even a campaign.

    (c) if we stopped complaining and regurgitating the same complaints ad nauseum and instead built a government to replace this corporatocracy, the last 225 years of complaining may not be a total waste.

    Only a Constitutional Republic can give us the tools needed, but rarely does any blog seek to educate the public about options — nope, the only thing that matters is complaining, as though that has ever changed anything.


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