How Canada Has Been Seduced By A Neo-Communist Agenda

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In terms of politics, Canada’s social environment can be broken down categorically. Some imagine the Liberal government are working for the best interest of the general public. Others believe PM Justin Trudeau and the Liberals work for themselves, in addition to specific communities. Those of us who don’t believe in the Liberals at all are believed by government to be right-wing racists.

Many Canadians buy the woke mantra evinced by Trudeau and Cabinet. Their decisions are made for the purpose of public safety. Internet censorship is being enforced for the protection of citizens. Government will always protect the vulnerable– racialized, homosexual, “minority” communities. Decisions made by government are natural and organic. They appear in order to deal with issues as they spontaneously arise.

Others have a different take on society. For example, the idea that the path taken by government is conceptual in origin. Collectively, it amounts to a long term agenda of social and political transformation. For these types, no thinking Canadian should trust government, let alone their partners in media.

Few readers will be surprised that Cultural Action Party adhere to the idea that Canada is being led by the nose toward a predetermined destination. We base our conclusion on six-plus years of scrutinous Trudeau government observation– in addition to decades of historical political analysis.

What we see is ominous in nature: step-by-step, with full intention, our country is undergoing a process of social and political transition. Preconceived in nature, the transformation is novel– Canada is to become the first neo-communist country in the western world.

The program unfolds on a continuum of social seduction. Eschewing multicultural history  instigated by former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau, the first post-modern indication came with PM Justin Trudeau’s intake of 35,000 Syrian refugees in 2015. In retrospect, it can be seen as a launching pad for the reorientation of our country.

The new Canada exists not for the benefit of Canadians– but rather non-Canadians. Ours is a nation whose purpose is to provide a better life for new arrivals. Devoid of public consent, new arrivals became government’s top priority. Through processes of vilification–  racism, bigotry and homophobia– “Old Stock” citizens are sent on their way to eventual second class status.

With unimagined fervour– better known as borderline mental mania–  PM Trudeau began to apply every tenet of “woke globalist ethos” to our society. Unknown to the public, nearly all of it was extracted from World Economic Forum policy. Western countries are racist. Within these nations, homosexuals are oppressed, transgenderism is good, Muslims are persecuted, and climate change is evil.

All of it advanced by PM Trudeau in evangelical fashion– none more so than “systemic racism theory.” The result was a degradation of society. Those responsible– unmentioned as the vilified are– were hustled down a path toward demonized status.

From a cultural perspective, Justin Trudeau  had successfully ground down our nation to near-pulp. Pride in country disappeared, to be replaced by national shame. Self-flagellation became the order of the day. As Anglophones carried this burden of shame, Canada was now primed for cultural downfall.

Enter stage leftist– phase two. With ideological seduction in place, the time had arrived to implement the pragmatic– economic degeneration. With unprecedented fiscal deficit as a foundation, Trudeau and his backers moved onward to the “financial plan.”

A January, 2022 report stated that Canadians’ confidence in their personal finances and ability to repay their debt hit a record low, with roughly half the country worried about how they will pay their next round of bills.

“Only 27 per cent of those surveyed said they felt they could cope with life-changing events without increasing their debt burden, while nearly half reported they are just $200 or less away from not being able to meet all of their financial obligations.”

How about that for a lack of confidence. With our self-image as Canadians in tatters, personal debt hits an all-time high. As if the Liberals were ready to leave well-enough alone.

Next, inflation began to affect Canadian families. Products skyrocketed in price. As an outgrowth of carbon reduction, gas prices went through the car roof. Not to mention food to feed our families. All the while, the Liberals continued to put the squeeze on the public through increased carbon taxation.

A side-effect of inflation delivers a benefit to government. It functions in a covert manner for drawing more dollars out of a taxpayer base. Despite the Covid pandemic, housing prices continued to rise– an oddity in itself– making home ownership more difficult than ever for average Canadians.

To be followed by increases in interest rates. In terms of timing and structure, all this couldn’t have unfolded in a more strategic manner if created on a World Economic Forum drawing board. Decimate the nation culturally. Next, replicate on a financial basis.

After all, if one has a goal of, let’s say, transitioning a country from a democracy to a dictatorship, you couldn’t unfurl a more effective plan. Unless you added a worldwide pandemic to the mix.

Covid comes along to cripples individual rights– the hallmark of Canadian democracy. The pandemic conditions our population to accept draconian social measures without a second thought. Witness as we walk in line to receive Dr. Theresa Tam’s life-affirming jab. Next up– the freezing of protestor bank accounts in emulation of China’s social credit system. Speaking of China, one might pick up on parallels with the structure of society in the “Motherland.”

Didn’t Justin Trudeau mention something about admiration for China? Does he admire them so much that a decision was made to replicate their style of governance? We turn our thoughts to the Liberals relationship with media. Has their funding of the press not moved the inter-relationship toward emulation of “basic dictatorship” status? Has Covid— as sourced from China– not contributed to a form of neo-communist social structure?

So many questions– not a word of analysis from media. What’s up with our country? Can it be that Canada is subtly, or not so subtly, being shifted to what Justin Trudeau alluded to when branding us a “post-modern” society? He didn’t elaborate in any way. Leaving 38 million Canadians to speculate– if they care — on the future condition of our country.

We speak of Canada in the year 2038, or 2050. When we do, we reflect on something media never touch: Canada’s future. Is our destiny being mapped out for us as we speak? Is fulfillment of a predetermined agenda the fuel which drives Trudeau, Marco Mendicino, Chrystia Freeland, Omar Alghabra, Pablo Rodriguez and the Liberal-Davos jet-set?

CAP has preached this non-gospel since the day King Justin attained his federal crown. It is the reason why one day our internet presence may disappear, as directed by government.

Discovering the source of the agenda is not a laborious task. It does, however, involve some effort. One must come to understand the tenets of Marxist theory, and the application of communist political seduction. Don’t bother with guns and tanks– win the battle from within.

Apply community division based on race, religion and ethnicity. Work toward public reliance on socialist programs(guaranteed basic income) for citizen’s daily bread. Undermine the family unit(LGBT). Denigrate the Christian religion– a speciality in China. Work the abortion and euthanasia angle. Continue on a slow boil until primed for consumption.

One day, Canadians will wake up to a brand new country–one in which government is everything, and individual freedoms are nothing.

5 thoughts on “How Canada Has Been Seduced By A Neo-Communist Agenda”

  1. Canada is just a public rest area for third world immigrants. It used to be a nice place when it still had a civilized population.

    There is no appetite for national pride among these folks.

    The globalists have corrupted what remains of Canada’s old stock population (youth especially) so what we see is the natural result.

  2. In all this, there is one common factor in how our once wonderful country is collapsing, the Liberals, headed by J. Trudeau, the current PM. One way or another, it is critical that his influence be modified, removed, limited, or eliminated. I leave it up to the reader’s imagination as to how that could be done.


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