How Trudeau’s $10 BILLION To Middle East Could Have SAVED The Canadian Economy

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In the wake of China’s strategic germ warfare campaigns, a most glaring vacuum exists in terms of Canadian media output on the pandemic.

Since the day Justin Trudeau gained the Canadian crown, approximately $10 Billion Dollars of tax payer funds have been shipped to the following nations:

Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Jordan, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Bangladesh, Haiti, Cuba, Mozambique, Ivory Coast, Chad and Burkino Faso.

Ostensibly for the purpose of feeding the poor of Africa, multiple reports inform that much of the billions never reach the intended recipients. In other words, these funds, labelled “Phantom Aid” by global watchdog organizations, are actually “appropriated” by the government’s of said nations.

Think Trudeau and his side-kick demographic assassin MP Ahmed Hussen are unaware of this phenomenon? Yet, they still send the money regardless. Media say nothing–not a single peep about any of this nefarious globalist activity.

Now, it is blatantly obvious that even $5 Billion Big Ones would go a long way to assist the Canadian economy at present. As all Canadians understand, manifold elements of our economy are presently being ransacked in a major way by Coronavirus.

Obviously, Trudeau does not understand the concept of “saving for a rainy day.” No worries about rainy days in Somalia–so patriots can sort of understand why Justin is like this.

From the day this man became PM, he has been throwing money at Middle Eastern nations. In all truth, it is fair to label this “manic behaviour.”

CAP Speculation: As Mr. Trudeau was in the bull-pen awaiting his political ascendency, the purveyors of geo-political Islam were whispering “sweet nothings” into his ear. As a result, Justin came out of the gate like some form of globalist race horse, throwing Canadian tax dollar at despotic 3rd World governments left, right and centre.

You see, Trudeau wanted to cultivate an international image as some form of “globalist messiah”— so he used billions of your dollars to accomplish his personal goal.

Hidden By Media: Why Justin Trudeau Retains “Open Border Canada”– Despite A GLOBAL PANDEMIC

Fair to say everything Justin Trudeau has now back-fired. These billions would have been a major shot-in-the-arm to revitalize the economy during the “CoronaCrisis.”

Instead, Trudeau gave the money to Somalia and Afghanistan. But you know what is nearly as wicked? The fact that CBC and establishment media do not have the moxy to put this together, and expose these ideas to 37.7 Million Canadian citizens.

What can a sensible, non-snowflake Canadian learn from this? How about the idea that not only does King Justin work for the United Nations, Nation of Islam, and George Soros “Open Border Foundation”— so does CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star.

More mind-opening thoughts: As it happens, this George Soros fellow owns a giant number of media publications. One is thought to be Canada’s Toronto Star. Does this publication not “tow the globalist line” in no uncertain terms?

Damn right they do– and so do all those local “Metro” newspapers across Canada–also said to be controlled by the Soros banking/media empire.

Obviously, what we have here is Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada in full effect. This means that not only is government controlled by international puppet-string pullers–so is mainstream Canadian media.

Therefore, logically speaking( how anti-Liberal this is), Government and media are joined at the hip. Please do tell, fellow patriots, under which form of governance is this dynamic a default standard? Right–under a socialist or communist government.

What form of governance is the preferred choice of Justin and brother Alexandre Trudeau, along with deceased Papa Pierre Trudeau?

Why, the answer is…communism. So simple, so obvious–yet CBC and the rest have not once alluded to any aspect of the contents of this article.

Amazing, eh? Canada has been totally seduced by the globalist agenda. Justin Trudeau is the designated agent of decimation, and Canadian media are part of his malevolent team of democracy destroyers.

This, fellow patriots, is your Canada under the pseudo-dictatorship Justin Trudeau has established within the dying Great White North.



3 thoughts on “How Trudeau’s $10 BILLION To Middle East Could Have SAVED The Canadian Economy”

  1. I can never understand why I have to hear this from some website I have never heard of before. If this were truthful, and I fear there is some crumbs of truth, why are we not hearing this message from right wing politicians. I’m sure if they got on this bandwagon they would be elected to parliament and Liberals and Democrats alike would be relegated to mere minorities. Help me understand!

    • I suppose you hear here because the author has some insight into Canadian politics that will never be expressed by mainstream media. This is what “alternate” news by way of the internet has brought to society.

      While some complain of internet censorship, without this medium Canadians could only receive one perspective on Covid, globalism, et al–that of CBC, CTV and the rest of Justin Trudeau’s socialist-puppet media.

      — Brad, the author.

  2. 5 billion is the amount of bond the government is selling central bank ever week in Canada right now, with no end in sight.


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