Homosexuality, Transgenderism, Abortion: Justin Trudeau’s ATTACK On Heterosexual Canada

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Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made international headlines this week for conspicuously dropping in at a “gay” bar in the heart of Vancouver’s homosexual district.

The 15-minute photo-op was heralded by many as historic. “This is the first time a sitting Canadian PM has visited a gay bar, and may even be the first instance the leader of a country has done this,” tweeted Taran Parmar of 1130 News.

“Trudeau was Canada’s first sitting prime minister to march in a homosexual “Pride” parade in 2016. The following year, he delivered a tearful apology in the House of Commons for the government’s alleged past discrimination against homosexual individuals in the military or civil service, and his Liberal government agreed to a $145 million out-of-court settlement of a class-action lawsuit launched on their behalf.”

“Last June, the Liberals passed a bill to expunge records of individuals convicted under Canada’s past law prohibiting homosexual acts.  This June, the Liberals repealed Section 159 of the Criminal Code, which prohibited anal sex for individuals under age 18 (unless between husband and wife) under Bill C-75.” This has effectively lowered the age of consent for anal sex to 16.

Yes, Justin Trudeau has been hard at work making life easier for Canadians looking to have anal sex with 16-year-olds. What an accomplishment! Jonathan(Jessica) Yaniv must be thrilled. Mentally-healthy Canadians, not so much.

When it comes to insidious globalist agendas in Canada, establishment media have a nasty habit of ignoring the down-side, or “under-belly” of political agendas designed to WEAKEN our country’s traditional values, and TRANS-form them to Trudeau post-modern value-system.

The piece omitted regarding the LGBT movement in Canada is that a secondary impact of the entire affair is a reduction in birth-rates for Canadians. Not all of us, of course. It is more than fair to say that Third World Canada– Sikh, Chinese and Muslim in the main, indulge in the globalist-liberal-trudeau-homosexual love-affair  far less than Anglophones and secular Christians.Same dynamic regarding abortion.

The net effect of the Trudeau’s ubiquitous endorsement of all-things- LGBT is a net LOSS in birth-rates for Anglophone Canadians.

Abortion in Canada? 90,000 cases of fetus-destruction per year, going back at least three decades. Note how government never inform Canadians of which segments of society most indulge in abortion? Therefore, we must guess.

It certainly is not Canada’s Islamic community. Nor it is Chinese-Canadians in the main. It’s not First Nations, or Sikh Canadians( okay, a little due to sex-selective abortion tendencies).

No–in the main it is Anglophone Canadians. Next up, Homosexuality. In Vancouver, the community is mainly white. Not that Third World folk don’t indulge, but generally new arrival types are from traditional Third World communities, and therefore their homosexual demographics are lower than for the Canadian-born.

Result? A lower-birth rate than for heterosexuals. Same with abortion. Justin Trudeau pushes BOTH–in a nation with an aging demographic and workforce. Rather telling, no?

Naturally, the story is not told by mainstream media, and more than likely never will be told. Moving on to transgenderism, we find the same pattern. Sex change therapy and transition renders a male sterile. No children for them. Globalist mission accomplished.

Which segment of Canadian society indulges in transgenderism most? Lacking formal studies(no surprise), one can only base an opinion on what is seem in the streets. In the streets CAP walk down, the trans community is nearly 100% Anglophone. Result–less babies for this community.

Homosexuality. Abortion. Transgenderism. All effectively anti-Anglophone, and all backed to the HILT by Justin Trudeau.

He says:

“Vancouver is gearing up for weekend right now, but the spirit of pride and inclusivity is strong here all year long! Thanks to the folks at @fountainheadVAN for the warm welcome today.”

Trans-lation: Justin Trudeau wants Pride all year round, everywhere he goes. CAP question: Why is the current prime minister of Canada OBSESSED with homosexuality? Response: Because PM Trudeau is an individual with a manic personality. Whatever band-wagon he jumps on, he jumps all-the-way with little thought as to the repercussions

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As it happens, the repercussion in that millions of Canadians DESPISE this political opportunist. Enter establishment media– their job is to ensure Canadians are not informed of the degree of hatred toward this political miscreant. This way, Trudeau has a greater chance of being re-elected.

Ever heard of the concept of “population control?” CAP have. This is how it works:

— Raise immigration and refugee levels to their highest in history. Done. This overwhelms the host nation, trans-sitioning Third World Canada into a position of power, while disempowering our traditional communities.

— Claim “diversity is our strength” while the ideology actually disempowers specific Canadian communities– Conservatives, Christians, Anglophones, Francophones.

— Brand all dissenters to the globalist agenda racist, bigots and xenophobes to shut them up.

— Push homosexuality, transgenderism and abortion to reduce Anglophone population and minimize birth-rates among the Anglophone community.

Stir until goal is achieved. Justin Trudeau is not so much a prime minister as he is a globalist warrior. Same for MP Ahmed Hussen. Their goal is not social harmony, it is social ENGINEERING.

Now, let us add one other globalist ingredient to the mix- the Nation of Islam. The religious ideology contained in the Koran is in no manner pro-western, pro-Christian, or pro-Anglophone. What is Trudeau’s approach to the ideology of Islam? He supports it, funds it, and perhaps most tellingly, NEVER criticizes it.

As a result, the Islamic faith is growing by leaps and bounds with our society. Does this impact Anglo-Christianity in a positive, or negative manner? The answer is obvious. Also obvious–Mr. Trudeau boundless, endless support for all-things-Islamic.

CAP opinion: Every move Justin Trudeau makes has a by-product of eroding English Canada, its peoples, and its religion. To excelerate the process, Justin hired the best in the business– Somalian demographic assassin, Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen.

In Trudeau’s post-modern Canada, ulterior motives exist regarding every major political decision. Example: On abortion, Trudeau has just one thing to say: “Women must have control over their own bodies.” In other words, a virtue-signalling statement seemingly based upon individual rights.

Ulterior outcome: The impediment of birth rates among Anglophone and secular Christian communities. This is globalism, and it is Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts, and Ahmed Hussen.

Canadians must look BEYOND establishment media to comprehend the degree of social engineering and manipulation Trudeau and his globalist backers indulge in. If we don’t, the globalist agenda may succeed in the decimation of English Canada.






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