Homeless In Canada Apply For Trudeau’s Assisted Dying Program

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A Canadian man facing homelessness has decided to apply for medically-assisted suicide as a way of escaping poverty. 

“I don’t want to die but I don’t want to be homeless more than I don’t want to die,” a 54-year-old St. Catherines, Ontario man told CityNews in an interview on October 13, 2022. 

First, they came for the physically ill. I was not physically ill. Then they came for the mentally ill, followed by those with diabetes and depression. I was neither(challenged by Liberal snowflakes). Then, those over 18 years of age. Next came the homeless.

Some readers may recognize the source of our play-on-words:

“First they came” is the poetic form of a 1946 confessional prose from Christian   pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984). It deals with the  silence of intellectuals and certain clergy—including, by his own admission, Niemöller himself—following the Nazi rise to power subsequent incremental purging of their chosen targets, group after group.”

Sunny ways? Or dark days of the totalitarian variety? Whatever the designation, one can be certain we will not be hearing about it from Canadian media.

CAP speak of priorities. In 2021, there were more than 235,000 homeless people in Canada. Between 25,000 to 35,000 people experience homelessness on any given night.

Are we looking at a form of systemic purging of the unwanted? A nation in which government values and policy include an eradication of the homeless?

What a contrast this provides to a “flip-side” of the coin:

The Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) gives government-assisted refugees immediate and essential supports for their most basic needs.

Support services include:

  • greeting at the airport,
  • temporary housing,
  • help with finding permanent housing,
  • help with registering for mandatory federal and provincial programs,
  • orientation to the community

CAP compare apples to apples: the homeless of Canada and new arrival refugees share certain characteristics. For example, both are unemployed and live off federal government funding.

To compare the treatment of the two quickly degenerates into a sad joke. While the homeless are offered Euthanasia, the Feds provide refugees with all basic needs.

The refugees have paid a total of zero in personal taxes. Before the homeless experienced their fall, it’s possible they had paid tax to the government for decades.

We break it down into simple terms: our Liberal government treat poor Canadians like dirt, and non-Canadian refugees as if they are the salt of our prairie soil.

Media say nothing. Not in a light year would CBC elucidate these realities.

Now, for the bad news: this is our country. As shaped by Justin Trudeau, Canada has undergone its greatest social inversion in a century. Canadians can bet their last biscuit that more of this will be coming our way.

Through this scenario, we come to see how Trudeau’s Liberals are transitioning a free and democratic society into neo-communist nation state. An emulation of social policy in China is the piece d’ressitance of our ruling government.

Demographic manipulation, the demise of the poor, the rise of immigrant Canada. Every bit of it for a specific purpose– a re-definition of Canadian society as a quasi-communist nation. To be followed in due time by the real thing.

According to the homeless man, he “needs only one other doctor to sign off on his application before he can fully qualify for the life-ending procedure.’

While government position Euthanasia as a “compassionate remedy” for the terminally ill, the homeless Canadian man has stated  that “his choice stems from financial hardship.” 

From “Sunny Ways” To the Death of the Homeless. In Justin Trudeau’s neo-communist Canada, it’s the real thing.

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