Hiring Of Anglophones Restricted Within Canada’s Largest Media Organization

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CBC Corporation, a government-funded news company, announced in a statement that it is working to accelerate progress on its “Diversity and Inclusion Plan.”

The directive sets out a hiring quota for senior positions, as well as a target to retain and promote more minorities and people with disabilities.

According to CBC’s statement, in 2021-2022: 

50% of all new hires for executive and senior management positions will be visible minorities, people with disabilities, and Indigenous Canadians.

— Retention and promotion rates for people from these three groups will be doubled.

Let Canadian patriots understand what CBC have not articulated: the “flip-side” to this agenda is a limitation on hiring Anglophones based in skin colour.

Within the realm of Woke Liberalism, this is called “equality.” In the real world, we call it “racism.”

It is impossible for an increase in “racialized” hiring quotas not to impede gaining employment for Canadians who fall outside the pale of political correctness.

In this we discover the meaning of post-modern Canada as founded by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The situation is a microcosm for his “new Canadian order.”

Government do it. Media do it. Academia has been at it for decades. What this amounts to is a social trend unprecedented in Canadian history– the systemic marginalization of an identifiable community: white Canadians.

Like all elements of  insidious “wokism,” the plan is rolled out in incremental fashion. It is a “slow creep” phenomenon, a process of disempowerment which presently allude general society.

“CBC says these changes have come about through the broadcaster’s task force established with a mandate to accelerate change in the areas of  representation and workplace culture.”

Welcome to the fine art of “Newspeak.” As extracted from George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, this is a code word for communist-infused propaganda.

What is really being communicated is that an inverted form of prejudice is today sanctioned by society’s controlling institutions. It is taboo– and potentially a crime– to offend or insult citizens of colour. At the same time Canadians of Anglophone heritage can be denied employment based on racial identity.

The outcome is quintessentially Liberal: we will fight racism by instilling racism. It is one thing to attempt to do so. It is quite another for it to be accepted within society.

Where does it lead? In this we discover the reason why media never dwell on such topics. Fascinating it is to recognize that in a country with the highest per-capita immigration rates in the world, media never speculate on its long-term impact upon society.

Let us consider two phenomenon. First, tangible prejudice exemplified by CBC’s anti-Anglophone hiring process as a social microcosm. Secondly, the transition of Anglophones into a minority community through immigration policy.

Put these two together and what do you have? For one thing, what government, media and academia never speak of: a potential  establishment of a post-modern second class community. CAP call them “Second Nations Canada.”

In no manner is the inverted prejudice trend limited to the CBC. Since the day Justin Trudeau became prime minister it has developed into a full-blown industry.

See where this is leading? Good thing a sliver of society may get the picture. It only leaves 98% of Canadians who are buying what CBC and mainstream media are selling them.

Namely, a media-perpetrated inversion of reality. Those whom media portray as sufferers of society are the power communities of tomorrow. No wonder media have nothing to say about the destiny of Canadian society.

5 thoughts on “Hiring Of Anglophones Restricted Within Canada’s Largest Media Organization”

  1. Does Castreau have the same plan for Air Canada flight crews? Good thing I’m not “permitted” to board their cramped; seriously overpriced flights. My my; what a bunch of busy little comrades. Only yesterday (December 11) Spencer Fernando reported this communist gem: “Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault (Gargoyle) says he wants a national mandate that would FORCE auto dealers to sell a certain number of electric vehicles to be in place by the end of next year.” (My bold type.) He continues….

    “This (mandate) will not come into effect in the next few months but it will come into effect very soon,” he said. “We’re at three, maybe four per cent. We have to get the 50 (per cent). It’s a lot of heavy lifting.”

    Tyrannical insects; the whole sorry lot. Trudeau thinks this country is his personal toy?? FORCE auto dealers to sell…up to fifty percent of their inventory as electric vehicles….” ?? Will no one with power stand against these humanoids? They’re not invincible; Trudeau’s delusions notwithstanding.

  2. Few even watch CBC s it is. I can see where Trudeau will get to the point where our TV viewing will be monitored and normal Canadian content will be blocked to the point where we can only watch the Liberal channel.


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