Hindu Heritage Month Completes Trudeau’s “3rd World Privilege” Agenda

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Welcome to the world of ethnic heritage months in Canada. In PM Justin Trudeau’s post-modern nation, those who contribute marginally to society have been elevated to the top of our social totem pole.

Conversely, ethnicities whose forefathers forged Canada’s political traditions are treated like so much trash. CAP speak of the rub between Anglophone “Old Stock” Canadians, and Justin Trudeau much-preferred “racialized” communities.

A brief summary of Anglo-European contributions to our society:

Democracy, parliamentary governance, civil rights, Charter rights, freedom of expression, legal system, law, habeas corpus(right to fair trial), freedom of the press– to name a few.

Number of official days dedicated to Anglophone Heritage: Zero.

Members of the Hindu faith comprise 2.3% of Canada’s total population.

“One among the earliest Hindu temples in Canada was established in rural Nova Scotia  in 1971. Hindu Sanstha of Nova Scotia was formed by some 25 families living in the area at the time.”

In CAP’s neck-of-the-woods, 25 families in the early 1970’s doth not make a national heritage month. Of course, the numbers have grown over the years. Yet, at the end of the day, astute Canadians recognise the irony in this situation.

Anglophone “culture” served as the foundation for the creation of Canada. The privileges enjoyed by those who today degrade our communities is steeped in irony. Back in their original homelands, new arrivals can go to jail for publicly condemning their government. Based on our Canadian democratic way-of-life, in Canada they are free to brand the Canadian-born citizens racists, bigots and xenophobes.

If one believes Hindu Heritage Month to be tenuous, try looking at the details surrounding Islamic Heritage Month. Simply put–and this is no exaggeration– Canada has no Islamic heritage.

In the year 1938, there were approximately 700 European Muslims in the country. In terms the establishment of our nation, Islam had zero input. Does this by default render these people “bad” Canadians? This is not the point at all.

The real point to be made here is that Hindu, Muslim and other heritage months in Canada are a social construct. They do not exist based on historical fact. The cynical among us(count CAP in)) suggest that these “recognition months” exist purely for political purposes.

Ethnic community appeasement, 3rd World migrant vote accumulation,and the power that goes with it. In addition to the greatest love of all for Canada’s anti-Anglophone contingent:

Transitioning 3rd World Canada to the top of our social food chain; combined with the transfer of “Old Stock” Canadians to the back of the ethnic bus. Away from media obfuscation, this is the real Canada of Justin Trudeau and his gang of woke globalist warriors. But not to worry. At least not French Canada.

While English Canada falls, Trudeau the Frenchman will permit Quebecois culture to maintain its identity. Why not? Our PM is not an Anglophone. What does he care about the fate of our communities?

“Indian-origin MP Chandra Arya marked Canada’s first Hindu Heritage Month beginning from November to acknowledge and celebrate contributions made by Hindus to make the country strong and prosperous.”

Like communities within our pluralist society, Hindus have made contributions to Canada. But this is not heritage– it’s a contribution.

To claim the “heritage” marker is to indulge in fundamentals of Marxist and communist ideology. Historical Revisionism is the name of the game, and it is permeating our society in a transformative manner.

Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Chinese– top priority they are for Justin Trudeau. As for Anglophones, not only will these folks transfer to a minority community in thirty years time. Anglophones are set to become the singular minority community whose heritage is systemically degraded by government.

Do tell– where do we find  “privilege” and “supremacy” for Anglo-Europeans within this scenario?

Quick answer: We don’t– and that’s exactly what Trudeau and his neo-communist Liberal Cabinet do not want 38 million citizens to understand.

Under the dictatorial “leadership” style of Justin Trudeau, Canada has been transitioned to an anti-Anglophone society. How’s that for “sunny ways,” fellow patriots?

1 thought on “Hindu Heritage Month Completes Trudeau’s “3rd World Privilege” Agenda”

  1. “Indian-origin MP Chandra Arya marked Canada’s first Hindu Heritage Month beginning from November to acknowledge and celebrate contributions made by Hindus to make the country strong and prosperous.” HAHAHAHA!!! And a horse jumped over the moon. I saw it. That proves I speak factually. ‘Nuff said. You dare to challenge me? Are you against horses? “Contributions made by Hindus to make the country strong and prosperous.” Hey lady–Name two. Okay; I’ll go easy on you–Name just ONE bona fide Hindu “contribution” that made Canada “strong and prosperous.” BTW–Name these contributors. Give us their recorded; verifiable history. “Contributions?” Babies/Pagan temples/Indian cuisine don’t count. Sigh, It seems like our last hour. We’re done like dinner; the–ahem–overweight lady is starting to sing. Death by one thousand Trudopian cuts.

    Alas; lying; deluded immigrants like the “MP” Arya are tightening the noose around their own neck. She, and too many like her; are feasting on the fruit of our “White privilege.” Have they no understanding?Trudeau and his ilk are slowly strangling the goose that lays the golden eggs. At this rate; “Canada” will be an empty; impoverished shell. Then what? That’s a rhetorical question. Trudeau doesn’t care. Power–and the present–Are all that matter to this WEF created hellish psychopath. If he lives long enough; he’ll be far; far away from his pagan Frankenstein creation of Bananada. The Third world immigrants/Liberal voters? Most will likely have fled the looming misery–Gone back to where they came from. The handwriting is on the wall….For those with eyes to see.

    “Oh, and as I watched [the “Elites”/Trudeau] on the [world] stage
    [Our] hands were clenched in fists of rage
    No angel born in Hell
    Could break that Satan’s spell
    And as the flames climbed high into the night
    To light the sacrificial rite
    I saw Satan laughing with delight
    The day…[Western democracy]…died.

    [Euro-Canadians lamented] and [the Conservatives] dreamed
    But not a [healing] word was spoken
    The church bells all were broken.”

    (Stanzas from the 1971 song: “American Pie” by Don McClean.)


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