Hidden: Trudeau Govt Funding American ANTI-PIPELINE Group Tides Foundation

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Tides Canada, a subsidiary of Tides International, has a noted history of financing anti-oil campaigns in Alberta.

Tides Canada, for instance, funded the Tsleil-Wauteuth First Nation so that they could “stop and oppose the Kinder Morgan pipeline and tanker project.”

Tides Canada has also funded and organized a campaign to save the Great Bear Rainforest, which led to Trudeau’s decision to kill the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

According to Post Millennial News, much of Alberta’s economic troubles derive from the federal government’s inaction in building pipelines. As a result of this, a deep discontent has grown amongst Albertans towards Ottawa—culminating in both a growing separatist movement (Wexit) and the new Buffalo Declaration.”

CAP Opinion: Justin Trudeau perpetually plays “both sides of the coin” for the purpose of fulfilling a political agenda not a single Canadian citizen has endorsed.

Truly, King Justin is “the great pretender”— ostensibly working for pipeline development, while secretly financing non-Canadian anti-pipeline activities in a clandestine manner.

You see, the simple truth is that PM Trudeau does not want these pipeline projects to be approved. At the same time, government are trying to fool the public by pretending there is federal government interest in pipeline approval.

Don’t believe the hype–it is stone-cold lie. How to verify? The concept is rather simple:

Justin Trudeau works for political entities which all reside outside of Canada. The reasons are manifold, although for CAP, one theory remains constant.

It goes like this: What is the most effective manner to create a one-party government?How does the Liberal government ensure they never lose a federal election again?

Previous to the government of Justin Trudeau, elections have been of  a binary “Conservative versus Liberal” dynamic. Those days are dead.

In post-modern Canada, elections roll in this manner:

The Conservative Party of Canada versus…Liberals, United Nations, Sikh Nationalism, Nation of Islam, Communist China, American environmentalists and international banking.

A formidable opponent for the struggling CPC, isn’t it? This is the real reason why Canada is at present a nascent dictatorship–and more is coming our way.

Any other patriots notice this disturbing trend? Although the Trudeau government has trans-itioned from majority to minority government, they hold more power than ever.

For CAP, this is a tell-tale sign of political corruption intended to decimate our nation’s fundamental institutions–  rule of law, democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

Speaking of the Canadian establishment media, where are they within this sordid social scenario? How about nowhere. CBC, CTV, Globe and Mail–these globalist-controlled media outlets have a job to do– hide everything herein expressed from 37.7 Million Canadians.

They are doing one hell of an effective job. Seems that at this point in Canadian history. every element is now aligned in a nefarious globalist agenda to trans-fer Canada from a democracy to a dictatorship.

As far as Canadian Oil production is concerned, many will be aware of Teck Resources decision to pull out of an Alberta mining project. Naturally, this indemnifies King Trudeau from responsibility–just as his string-pullers want it to be.

As far as the related coast-to-coast pipeline protests in Canada, once again Justin plays both sides of the fence. While pretending to have an interest in pipeline completion, behind-the-scenes Trudeau has financed powerful American environmentalist organization who are fighting to prevent the pipelines from coming to fruition.

End Game: CAP have said it before, and we will say it once again: Justin Trudeau does not work for Canada, or its citizenship. This man works exclusively for foreign entities.

Justin Trudeau is more of a globalist conduit than a proper prime minister. The man is consistently undermining national interests on behalf of the globalists who planted him in office.

Who actually benefits from the death of the Teck Mine, the success of Tides, and the pipeline opposition movement?

Try Saudi Arabia, for one. Fact is, the less Canadian oil production, the more oil our country imports from Saudi Arabia and other Islamic nations. This Mr. Trudeau likes– he directly benefits– as does his home-boy province of Quebec.

According to Statistics Canada,  oil imports from Saudi Arabia have been rising steadily for the past five years. The total volume of Canadian imports from Saudi Arabia has increased by 66 per cent since 2014, with imports rising EVERY YEAR during that period.

See what we mean? Away from the public eye, the Liberals are working for the benefit of Saudi Arabia— an oppressive, anti-female, militant Islamic regime.  Did you know? The Saudi’s draconian carbon tax regulations that apply to Canada do not apply to Trudeau’s “home-boy nation” in the Middle East.

READ MORE: Justin Trudeau Increases Oil Imports From Saudi Arabia 66% Since Taking Office

Benefit: Islamic theocracies. Detriment: Canadian economy, Canadian workers.

This, fellow patriots, is Justin Trudeau. This is the globalist agenda at its essence. Justin Trudeau–“Always Working For The Other.” Wouldn’t this be an appropriate name for a documentary on the real Justin–as opposed to the lies and distortion which emanate daily from CBC, Toronto Star, and the rest of the Liberal-Puppet media publications in Canada.

Without media obfuscation, there would be at least a chance that freedom and democracy in Canada would not become replaced with a pseudo-totalitarian political dictatorship at the hands of Trudeau and his global backers.










3 thoughts on “Hidden: Trudeau Govt Funding American ANTI-PIPELINE Group Tides Foundation”

  1. I wonder if and when all the secret agendas of this government will either end or get exposed to the people, it never seems to end, there is always something sneaky and underhanded with Trudeau and crew.

  2. lets not forget his family interest in the oil from saudi arabia he had to sign his personal interests over but hes still heavily invested and gets it all back when hes no longer PM but in the meantime his family still benefits from huge profits. and lets not forget his allies in Alberta who very much furthered his cause too the traitorous witch Notely she was throwing Albertan’s under the bus right from her first speech. Also it should be noted here too in the=is article who finances the Tides people,… its none other than 2 filthy rich oil baron brothers with the last name Rockefeller!!! doesnt get much more globalist than that !! and positive its not because they are such concerned environmentalists either. I think we need to start our own protests against the dirty human rights violators Saudis and the govts that support them like trudeau’s i mean really why would such a devout feminist like justin even dream of endorsing anything from them when women are not even considered “persons” they are horribly abused traded sold and beaten and mutilated and they cant even go to police for protection because they are considered as property. so maybe time to become human rights activists hey? also for our own missing and murdered indigenous women as well that he has done NOTHING to solve also hes so concerned why are literally thousands of native people in Canada without access to potable water supply (its wriitten right into our constitution our right to access potable water they are living in 3rd world conditions it is horrible they cant even bathe in their water!! so ya time to crack the protest whip i think he seems to respond very well to protestors after all!!

  3. also when you ask who benefits from his actions of destroying ouor country is the world govt which remember he already pledged Canadians to without our knowledge or consent, …also why hes so intent to get a seat on the UN council lately. so he increases our deficit to insane proportionjs borrowing from the world bank but doesnt use it in Canada (except for some strategically placed corporate welfare BS gives it all away in foreign aid so we are actually making and kind of return on the borrowed funds and then we cant make the interest payments and they walk in to “help” us i wouldnt doubt that Canada is there number one location for establishing their world govt because of our rich resource base and size and geological diversity. so Trudeau has been selling us out all along this has been his plan i was so confused as to what his agenda was because i couldnt make sense of why he would want to try to bankrupt our country….this is the only thing that makes any sense at all. now question is is …how do we stop him, like immediately? he has broken many laws and has displayed many traitorous subversive actions against the Canadian citizens so can we have him arrested?… can we get the governor general to force him to step down? a vote of non confidence doesnt seem to be an option because he seems to have a pretty firm grip on his liberal mps …..or do we all just sit around blogging about it bitching about it and wait for our country to fall to a dictatorship ? we need legal avenues and people researching the best way to get him out of govt. so any solutions because its now 100% known fact that he is up to no good, a child could see that, now lets talk solutions…..both extreme and immediate to get this shit under control here or we’re doomed. maybe this should be the subject of your next article what our options are…..?


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