Hidden “Terrorist-Friendly” Visa Entry Program SPIKED Once Justin Trudeau Became PM

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Six months before he made a refugee claim in Toronto, Canadian security officials deemed retired Brig.-Gen. Khaled Saber Abdelhamed Zahw “inadmissible” to Canada because of national security concerns.

Zahw was a “high-ranking” member of Egypt’s military when it orchestrated a coup of President Mohamed Morsi’s government in 2013, according to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

An inadmissibility finding would keep most people out of Canada, but it didn’t stop Zahw and his wife from obtaining valid visitor visas from the Canadian embassy in Egypt in April 2015.

This is because, according to internal government documents obtained by Global News, Canada has a secret program that allows certain “high-profile” foreign nationals who would otherwise be barred from entering the country due to national security concerns, war crimes, human rights violations and organized crime to be granted special “public policy” entry visas.

How entirely fascinating. As it happens the number of these cases spiked in 2015–the year Justin Trudeau ascended to the throne of Canada as our nation’s “Sunny Ways” prime minister.

Isn’t it always the way? Seems just about every privilege and benefit for international terrorists, criminals and various other fundamentalist players spiked in Canada after King Justin donned his Canadian crown.

As CAP has posited ad nauseum, Mr. Trudeau really seems to be more of the Third World’s prime minister than anything else. How can one deny this? Throughout his  initial four-year term, Justin Trudeau made out like a bandit in terms of elevating Sikhism and Islam to the pinnacle of society.

Citizenship for terrorists was a big one. Admission of illegal Third World “refugees” was–and still is–high on government’s “globalist” charts. Aga Khan, Sikh Nationalism, free trade with China.

Decision after decision,  policy after policy revealed an open-border, terrorist friendly Canada— while CBC and establishment media wholly refused to make the connection in order for 37.5 Canadians to comprehend the true nature of the Trudeau government.

Now, we find Trudeau’s “openness” was resulting in a giant increase in Visas being issued to Egyptian military people being admitted to Canada.

In Zahw’s case, visitor visas were issued after a senior official from the Department of National Defence (DND) in Ottawa wrote a letter to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) saying Zahw and his wife should be given visas to avoid upsetting Canada’s relationship with Egypt’s military.

My, my–how enlightening. Please do tell– who did Justin Trudeau appoint as Immigration Minister following John MacCammon’s departure from the file? Was it not Somalian Refugee, MP Ahmed Hussen?

Of course it was. Let’s be realistic here– how much greater were the chances that Canada would ease-up on the Visa requirement  with Islamic fundamentalist Hussen holding the post?

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See what an absolute jack-ass Justin Trudeau is? CAP sure do. Talk about a loaded agenda! For CAP’s money, Canada has never had a Cabinet Member in history with an animus toward  western culture,Anglophone Canada, Christianity and all other elements of “English Canada” like Hussen does.

Based upon all this(and infinitely more) illicit and illegal government behaviour, what conclusion would a common sense–as in non-snowflake– Canadian draw? CAP will go first:

Justin Trudeau is not the prime minister of Canada in any form of traditional capacity. Trudeau is the PM of Third World Canada, as well as Sikh and Muslim Canada. Frankly, the rest can “bugger off.

Don’t you know? According to Justin, Anglophone Canada are a rabid gang of racists, bigots and xenophobes. Check his grovelling, pandering apologies to Canada’s Sikh, Muslim, First Nations, Jewish and Gay populations. After a run of this behaviour, what other conclusion can be drawn?

On the “flip-side,” Mr. Trudeau not only entrenched Sikhism and Islam into society in general– he fused these communities into government.

As it happens–and despite media obfuscation– Canada’s Liberal- Third World MP’s absolutely “rocked the house” in the 2019 federal election. What did Liberal media puppets have to say about this? Simple–nothing at all.

Trudeau Trans-parency, Open government:

“The government, meanwhile, will not provide any details about the visa policy or the criteria it uses to decide who is given this kind of special exemption.”

So can you hear it, brother and sister patriots.  Talk about “caught in a moment and you can’r get out of it.” Or can they?

Seems that every case of illegal, illicit, covert and overt Liberal government behaviour gets glossed over by media for the purpose of keeping the Liberals entrenched as Canada’s singular ruling party.

Now, try this little experiment: on your web browser, type in “Canada Visa Criminals.” If you find what CAP find, there is just one media outlet in Canada which published an article on this situation–Global News.

No Globe & Mail. No Toronto Star. No CBC, CTV or any other major media player. Surprised?  Only a snowflake would be. Fact: Establishment media in Canada has all but BURIED this story.

When media work for government, it is a signal that communist-oriented governance has arrive in our fading “Great White North.” What is the preferred form of governance of the Trudeau family–Justin, brother Alexandre, and father Pierre before them?

Why, their choice is communism. Can Canadians put “2 + 2” together? Perhaps 5-10% of us. The rest actually believe and accept what CBC and the rest tell them.

Pity, eh?




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