Hidden By Media: Why DEMOCRACY DIED The Day Justin Trudeau Became Prime Minister Of Canada

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Democracy died in Canada on October 21st, 2015. What kicked off the big event?  It was Justin Trudeau’s ascension to the throne of Canada.

Subsequent to this monumental development, our country underwent a covert, incremental transition from democracy to pseudo-dictatorship.

Taking many a cue from the Trudeau family’s favourite nation, media began to morph into a communist-facsimile. CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest transitioned from reasonably objective media reporters into a monolithic supporter of a Liberal-Globalist agenda of national decimation.

Suddenly, our ruling government ceased working on behalf of long-term Canadian citizens. Conversely, these folks—sometimes referred to as Old Stock Canada— became nothing more than a tax dollar resource for King Trudeau.

It is arguable that Mr. Trudeau was well acquainted with the concept of “free money.” Being what many describe as a “trust-fund” boy, Mr. Justin proceeded to transform our tax-dollar base into a form of personal “piggy-bank.”

And throw around the money he did. Giant, unprecedented international giveaways to Islamic and African governments ruled the roost. Full-on support for anti-democratic fundamentalist religions, as well as the highest increases in 3rd World immigration in Canadian history.

Truthfully, the Trudeau family as a whole have never admired democracy in Canada. The political preference of Justin Trudeau, as well as brother Alexandre Trudeau and Pierre Trudeau before them, is communism.

Based upon Justin Trudeau’s five-year run as PM, it is fair to state his preferred form of religion is that of Islam.

What Media Perpetually Eschew: The combination of mass 3rd World immigration, in tandem with Pierre Trudeau-founded “multiculturalism,” will in time bring about an end to Canada as a democratic nation.

How many Canadians voted for this as the destiny of our nation? No one. How many citizens approved this societal transformation? Not a single person.

Yet CBC inform us that Canada is, in fact, a democratic nation. How can this possibly be true if every fundamental social policy is devoid of even a modicum of public input?

Only our Liberal-pandering media–as well as our Marxist-infused academic world. For CAP, there is “democracy”–and then there is “Trudeau-democracy”— a virtual LIE of a political agenda.

After the Trudeau-family assault upon society, it was only a matter of time before true democracy would die an ugly death. Mass 3rd world immigration means mass voting blocks for the Liberals. Has Toronto Star ever alluded to this truism? Of course not!

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The Liberal-Globalist Agenda For The Destruction Of Canadian Democracy:

Import enough Liberal-voting immigrants to ensure every riding in Canada—all 338 of them at present— transition into permanent Liberal strongholds.

Please do tell— what is the point in maintaining democracy on this basis? What is the point of future federal elections? There is none!

This is the job the globalists have assigned to puppet-at-large, Justin Trudeau. All current Conservative-held ridings will disappear as Canada morphs into a One Party State.

What Trudeau, Immigration Minister Marco Medicino and 3rd World Refugee Bandit MP Ahmed Hussen are doing to your nation as we speak:

Importing hundreds of thousands of Africans, Asians, and Middle Eastern migrants to Canada— even while Covid-19 rages.

The goal is a replication of the political dynamics of the Greater Toronto Area(GTA). To accomplish this, our Liberal government has silently rolled out the “Rural Immigration Pilot Program.”

Ostensibly for the purpose of filling “job vacancies” in small town Canada, the true purpose is to capture all rural ridings currently held the the federal Conservative Party.

Once accomplished, ridings like Vernon B.C. — a prime Rural Migration Program target— will transition in time to the control of the Liberal-3rd World-Globalist Party of Canada.

Repeat until all 338 federal ridings are captured. Therefore—goodbye to democracy. Why maintain the cost of elections when a single party controls 98% of federal constituencies?

Makes some sense, doesn’t it– the very reason why CBC, CTV and Globe & Mail will hide this away “till the cows come home”–if there any left after Trudeau economically decimates the province of Alberta, and their beef.

Facing a dying nation. Or more accurately a dying democracy. This is what the installation of Justin Trudeau has brought to the former Great White North.

Meanwhile, CBC and media keep up their end of the bargain—to never let on— even for a micro-second—  the reality of the reign of King Justin Of Canada over the dying Great White North.


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  1. Wow – this is “sad” to behold in our Country, however this article “explains EXACTLY” what has AND IS happening in Canada. WAKE UP CITIZENS of this GREAT LAND ( because it will not be GREAT much longer.

  2. I admire you so much for your articles Brad. What can we do? Looks to me like the Wexit Movement will gain more members. Since we Christians will have no say, as well as no hope in having Conservatives getting in power.


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