Hidden By Media- Over 80% Canadians SUPPORT BOYCOTT Of Chinese Goods: POLL

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“As many as 91% [Canadians polled] consider the state of affairs between the two nations “serious,” while 93% felt that “China cannot be trusted to uphold human rights.”

How incredibly damning are Canadians in their attitude toward the behemoth nation of China.

Degree to which this impacts the foreign policy-making of PM Trudeau Trudeau and pint-sized Justin replica MP Francois Philippe- Champagne?

You got it, CAP supporters– zero percent.

What does this say about the state-of-democracy in Canada? Simple as Nova Scotia apple pie– the message is the same as it has been everyday Justin Trudeau has remained prime minister: our ruling government does not give a FLYING FIG about democracy, the will of the people, or majority opinion.

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Conversely, Mr. Trudeau & Co. have rewritten the “rules of the game.”

Here are a few:

Public opinion as a whole is meaningless. Will of the majority of citizens–a fundamental of democratic governance, is also meaningless. What is not meaningless for Justin Trudeau is the following:

– Pursuing a covert dictatorship within Canadian society. Advancing Islam, Africa, Sikhism and China–while demonizing Canadians of European heritage.

— Transitioning Islam to Canada’s dominant religion, while pitching Christianity to the periphery of society.

In other words, a formation of a post-modern Canadian dictatorship powered by the will of the United Nations and their “globalism-centric” cabal of democracy-haters.

In Canada, the designated kingpin is Justin Trudeau. He has lots of help, of course– for example, GTA 3rd World-Pushing Powerhouse MP Ahmed Hussen–a citizen of Somalia, no less.

So 80-90% of Canadians want China “out of our lives” and gone. Know what this means within the Trudeau/Hussen Globalist Road Show of 2020?

You got it– not a damn thing. China will continue to worm its way into the fabric of Canada as it has done ever since Justin’s father Pierre Trudeau pushed the communist nation upon Canadian society in the early 1970’s.

From father to son– the connection being  100% BURIED by way of CBC and corporate establishment media puppets.

It’s all in a day’s work as our ruling Liberal government utilize mainstream Canadian media to cover-up the dying Great White North’s trans-formation into a socialist nation-state not a single Canadian citizen asked for, or approved of.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Executor, Justin Trudeau. Media breathe not a word about any of this. Blimey–they must be pseudo-communists along with the prime minister of Canada.


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