Hidden By Media: Justin Trudeau Quietly Builds ALLIANCE With Somalia

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The African nation of Somalia is in debt–big time. Carrying a fiscal deficit of $4.8 Billion Dollars, the government of Somalia is getting economic assistance from Canadian tax-payers.

Did you know? Each year, Justin Trudeau hands $43 Million Dollars to an Islamic theocracy where 99% of the citizens are Muslim. As in, no Christians permitted. If a Somalian family is discovered to have converted to the Christian faith–watch out–you could be six feet underground in no time flat.

What are some other interesting “tid-bits” about this backwater African nation? Somalia is consistently on the list of the top ten most dangerous countries on earth. International health organizations claim Somalia has the highest number of cases of female genital mutilation(illegal in Canada) on the planet.

Degree to which feminist PM Trudeau has called our Somalia regarding any of these facts? Zero percent–our PM has yet to make a public statement on any aspect of Sharia law– child marriage, FGM, and other archaic 7th century religious practices.

If not Trudeau, a Canadian could at least expect the Liberal government’s Minister of Status Of Women to make a statement condemning FGM practices. She has never done so. As it happened, Mr. Trudeau appointed a fundamentalist Muslim as Minister of Women–MP Maryam Monsef.

To this date, Monsef has not issued a single sentence regarding the mutilation of teenage Canadian girls, or any other aspect of the backward religious practices observed by fundamentalist Islam.

So why was Justin Trudeau recently running around Africa and meeting with African dictators– as well as recently hosting 200 African diplomats in Ottawa(buried by media) at the same time the Pipeline protests have created the greatest degree of social chaos in modern Canadian history?

Because Justin Trudeau is a “man with a mission.” Unfortunately for Old Stock Canadians, the duality of this mission strikes at the heart of Canadian society:

1)  Establish Old Stock, Anglophone, Francophone Canadians as malevolent racists, bigots and xenophobes. Ensure this dynamic penetrates deeply into the psyche of Canadian society. Brand Anglophones “genocidal” by way of First Nation oppression.

2) Import, finance and politically advance Third World Canada to create a coast-to-coast Liberal stronghold on all current non-Liberal ridings. Trans-form Parliament into a monolithic Liberal-Third World political powerhouse.

Result: Elections transition to an exercise in futility. All parties other than the Liberals die from a lack of funding. Third World MP’s are elected within these ridings, thereby establishing the true “post-modern” Canada.

What is this neo-Canada all about? Perhaps it is wise to speak of what it is not about– Old Stock Canada, Anglophone Canada, Christian Canada and Conservative Canada. These folks  have been rendered “dinosaur” communities by way of our ruling government.

In their stead comes King Justin’s globalist political “army”— Liberal snowflakes, Laurentian Mountain Elites, Nation of Islam, Leftist Media, Marxist Academia, and the rest of the globalist destroyers.

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Naturally, there is more. This comes in the form of a Somalian Refugee MP by the name of Ahmed Hussen. It is this man that PM Trudeau hired to integrate Somalia, Nigeria, Ethiopia and other African nations into the fabric of society.

Here’s how it worked: Trudeau planted this half- Canadian citizen as Immigration Minister from 2016-2019. During this period, Hussen flew back and forth to Africa dozens of times, setting up immigration, refugee and economic ties to various despotic, Christian-hating African nations.

Why Hussen? Because he is a living example of how a backward refugee from a hell hole in Africa can go on to become a Canadian cabinet minister. The Africans see him, and begin to believe they too can be a success in Canada.

In CAP’s opinion, this is exactly why Justin chose Ahmed for immigration minister– his plan was to import Africa to Canada all along– just without 37.7 million Canadians realizing this is what these cretinous Liberals are up to.

How it is that the globalists get away with this backhanded infringement upon Canadian society? Simple as pie–the CBC and establishment media BURY the entire charade.

This is how it is done, fellow patriots. These are the back room, off-camera machinations of Justin Trudeau, Ahmed Hussen and the rest of the Liberal cultural assassins.

Sad, but true. Want a dead Canada? Than just keep voting for Justin  Trudeau, and your wish will come true. Well, perhaps an “over-simplification.” With the rate at which Canada’s “King of Kings” is trans-forming our nation from democracy to dictatorship, it doesn’t even matter who votes for whom.

A one party state is now in effect in Canada–the public just do not know it–yet. One million Third World migrants(foreign workers, student et al) are arriving in Canada every two-to-three years. These new arrivals vote Liberal 90% of the time.

Keep this rolling indefinitely–as Justin will do– and Canada’s days as a free and democratic nation will be dead-in-the-water in no time.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.





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