Canadian Media BURY Justin Trudeau & Alexandre Trudeau’s Support Of IRANIAN REGIME

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Being an alternate media source in Canada, CAP has to shake our collective heads in reaction to a most ironic observation:

Canadian media describe our country as a “democratic” society. Why then do they never expose an unnatural reality such as this:

Current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau— along with younger brother Alexandre Trudeau— appear  far more dedicated to Iran than they are to Canada.

 Justin Trudeau stated in October 2015,  upon becoming Canada’s 23rd prime minister, that he had plans to restore relations between Canada and Iran in the wake of the Iranian nuclear deal, which the outgoing Conservative Harper government had strongly opposed.

“According to a 2012 BBC World Service poll, only 9% of Canadians view Iran’s influence positively, with 81% expressing a negative view.”

Shock of the century– Justin Trudeau defies majority opinion in favour of an advancement of Islam within Canadian society. And here CBC still describe the dying Great White North as a “democracy.”

“The Iranian regime is providing increasing military assistance to the Assad regime; it refuses to comply with UN resolutions pertaining to its nuclear program; it is among the world’s worst violators of human rights; and it shelters and materially supports terrorist groups.”

Yet, despite all of this, Justin Trudeau has been in favour of restoring ties with theocratic Islamic fundamentalist nation of Iran.

What of brother Alexandre Trudeau’s approach to this human rights -violating theocracy?

Listed in Alexandre Trudeau’s documentary “The New Great Game” as producers in association, unacknowledged by the CBC, was IRAN’S state-funded propaganda arm, along with the broadcaster Al-Jazeera Arabic.

So brother Alexandre Trudeau has worked as a film maker for the militant Iranian regime. Wonderbar. Kindly consider the following: when making a film financed by the government of Iran, to what extent would Alexandre Trudeau be permitted to criticize or condemn Iran’s political regime?

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There you go, fellow patriots. Is it fake news to state that the brother of our current PM, as well as a son of three-term PM Pierre Trudeau, is a card-carrying supporter of the government of Iran.

So that’s “two of them”– both Justin and Alexandre have proven themselves to be supporters of this militant regime.

Now, let CAP attempt to find two media outlets in Canada which have properly exposed this truism. Are you ready? Okay– we are done–because there ARE NONE.

What can be gleaned from this absurdist situation? How about the following: not only are the Trudeau Boys supporters of the Nation of Iran– so are CBC, CTV Globe & Mail, National Post and Toronto Star.

Therefore, kindly consider this conclusion: A democracy called Canada supports a theocracy called Iran.

Why? This media will never address–nor will they ever expose the Trudeau family’s dedication to fundamentalist Islam, and their source nations. Surely there is something gravely wrong with this picture.

Let CAP fill it out for you: Canada is a dying democracy.  Our country’s days as an authentic advocate of true democratic process are coming to an end. This sensible Canadians and patriots should be able to comprehend with clarity.

Unfortunately, they cannot. CBC and corporate media support theocratic Iran over democratic Canada. How sick and sad as our nation is lead by the nose by Justin Trudeau toward its definitive “post-modern” state:

As a non-democratic, socialist-infused supporter of militant religious fundamentalism in the Middle East.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Executor, Justin Trudeau. Spiritual Advisor, Alexandre Trudeau.








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